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Mila Kunis is the real deal.  What do I mean by this?  She isn’t fake in anyway.  What you see is what you get.  Mila Kunis is a woman who is clearly comfortable in her own skin and handles life in a direct manner.  Upon entering our room (full of 25 mommy bloggers) she was immediately aware that she was in a room full of fans and “real” women.  Unlike other parts of her day dealing with traditional journalists trying to pry the latest gossip from her lips, we were just happy to see her.  What followed was a delightful and fun interview for all.  (I have confirmation from a reliable source- that she thought all the mommy bloggers were fabulous:)


First of all, she is very petite and slim.  Certainly based upon looks alone, there is a reason she is a movie star:) But her vibrant personality clearly dominated the room in a good way.

Here is the scoop.  NOTICE– this interview includes spoilers from the movie!   Please don’t read if you don’t want inside information!!

Question- Which witch do you like playing more?

Mila Kunis– Truth is I do find that it’s the same character, I really do.  I think it’s just a woman scorned and it’s a character that goes through a transformation, an emotional transformation of a heartache and just so happens to transform in color, but I think that the deep rooted aspect of it is just, a broken heart.  So I think it’s the same thing.  It was fun to play both, for sure.

mila kunis close up

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Question- How was the makeup? 

Mila Kunis–  I think the beginning process was four hours and by the end a little under two. Putting the makeup on, not a problem.  Taking the makeup off, every night it makes your face swell. It legitimately puffs it up.  If you imagine whipping your skin every day, that’s what it does and it’s a full prosthetic piece.  I had two pieces and it’s the bottom part and then the nose and the eyebrows.  And it doesn’t matter how gently they did it, you rip the skin. You’re constantly pulling at your skin every single night. It’s awful. It’s awful. It’s not even pleasant and the smell of something called Snappy G which is the gluing adhesive.  They glue it with like a cement type glue to your face. I think that if I had to smell it today,  it would probably make me cry.  That would be my natural reaction.  It’s not pleasant.

oz milaQuestion- What was your experience as a kid? (with The Wizard of Oz) 

Mila Kunis- The first book — I came to America when I was seven and a half in ’91.  When I was nine years old, the first full length book in English that I read was Return to Oz.  And I’ve spoken about this completely independent of this movie prior to ever being attached to this film, that as a kid the first movie that I remember seeing that, resonated with me was The Wizard of Oz.  I think just visually the color, the spectrum of it and how fantastical it was and how much you wanted to live in that world, for a nine year old was so magical and so grand so I have the greatest, fondest memories of it.

Question- You’re known for your comedies.

Mila Kunis– Am I really known for my comedies?  I’ve done two, two.  Let’s be clear.

Question- How did you feel getting into this evil character?

Mila Kunis– Nothing different.  I mean, she’s a young, naive girl who gets her heart broken and then grows a nose.  Everything kind of happens independent of me, just adds on to the fantastical element of it.  I think truthfully it’s just a girl who gets her heart broken. I really don’t find her to be any different. You can put her in a romantic movie, you can put her in a non-romantic film.  A girl gets her heat broken.  This one has a negative side effect. She takes a bite of an apple and things go wrong.

Question- How is your experience in the family genre?

Mila Kunis- Well, I’m in a room full of mommies, so let’s be clear, this is new.

Question- Do you feel a different response?

Mila Kunis- Yeah, I can’t curse.  No truthfully — the mouse is gonna get so mad, you guys, you don’t even know.   Here’s what I realized.  I thought the questions would be a little bit more demure, not from you guys,  but from others and they’re not. They’re just as obnoxious and awful as when you do an R rated film, so I learned nothing changes.  You can do a movie for Disney or not.  People will still ask you inappropriate questions.  So in order to answer it, do I feel like there’s a difference in promoting it?  Apparently not.  They still put you in a room with these people that apparently have no difference whether you’re making a family driven show or otherwise.  But I do realize it’s very sad to me.  This is the first film that I’ve done that’s not R rated.

Question- What was your favorite scene? it was an extra ten days to shoot. It was a long day.  Hindsight 20-20 it was really fun.  If you asked me while I was there, I probably would have been miserable, but it was really fun to do.  Michelle and I never had anything to do other than that one scene and we really wanted to work with one another and that was our one and only opportunity to do it.


Question- At the beginning of the movie did you think she was good?

Mila Kunis– I think she had to have or the movie doesn’t make sense. I think that — did you see the film? (We had seen the movie at this point) It’s interesting you ask that question.  Yes, I do think that she had to have or it doesn’t make sense as to why she would trust her sister.  And I can’t believe I’m talking about this, in biting the apple.  Uh, yes, so I think she had to have, but there were many drafts where it wasn’t clear and I wonder if it’s not clear at a place.  But, yes, I do think that she had to think that her sister was a good witch and that Glinda the good witch, is theoretically the wicked witch.

MY QUESTION!! Did you like the technical aspects of the film?

You know what? It actually wasn’t so hard. I think people prepared me for a lot of green screen.  I didn’t have a lot of green screen.  They build most sets.  When this castle was tangible, Emerald City was tangible, the forest, the woods was tangible, the cemetery, everything was there. So it’s not like I had to imagine things and as far as wire work goes, I had fun with it.  The next project that I’m doing is a lot more wire work so I’ll let you know after that one, but in this one it was really fun.

Question- Do you have the doll?

Mila Kunis- I do.  I just got it two days ago.  It’s still in his box. I won’t lie.  I’ve shown it to everybody that walks into the house, because let me be clear. It’s not just a doll, it’s a Disney doll.  That’s a whole lot of me, not of me green, of me the early part.  I’m like hey you guys, have you seen this? Check this out?  See this.  Everybody that walks into the house.  I don’t even care.  I’m like bring the doll, because it’s a Disney doll. It’s insane. It’s insane. Oh, yeah.  But no it’s still in its box.  I think you can buy it at Target.  Not to say that I know these things, but I think you may.

Question- Tell me about the cast.

Mila Kunis–  James and I counted — it’s our eight movie together, eight project together so he doesn’t count.  We’re stuck with one another.  Rachel and I had a fantastic time. we had so much fun. And Michelle and I literally get to do one thing together and we are dying to work more, so we all had a great time and Detroit was really fun.  FYI, in case anybody wants to go to Detroit.  I love it.

Question- Do you think the movie is appropriate for children? 

Mila Kunis– Oh, I don’t know.  I think that what kids now watch now a days is different than what kids watch when I was young, so I don’t know.  I think that it’s up to the parents to decided.  That’s the truth.  I’m not a parent. I have no idea.  The green thing I don’t think frightens kids.  it frightened me when I was  little, because  I didn’t have the internet and didn’t have all these other things that were in front of me at all times and accessible.  Now a days, I don’t think these things scare kids.  I think that kids are so desensitized to violence, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, what so ever, but I just think it’s the reality, that I think that it’s just all changing.

Hopefully this interview didn’t spoil the movie for anyone:)  But ultimately certain discussion were unavoidable during our interview.  

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL lands in theaters on March 8th!

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My trip to the #DisneyOzEvent was funded entirely by Disney, however all opinions are my own.


  1. How awesome to get to meet Mila Kunis 🙂 I have watched her in “The 70’s Show” but I don’t think I’ve seen any other movies she’s been in. I didn’t know she wasn’t from America! I definitely want to see this movie, I’m a huge Oz fan 🙂

  2. Megan Parsons says

    What an awesome experience this must have been!!!!

  3. Wonderful – how great a experience to have with Mila. Shes the kind of person I like – real -not fake.
    Thanks so much for all interesting information in your review. Sounds like the make up was horrid to have to take off . Ouch .

  4. That’s so great that y’all got to meet her! How neat is it that she read the Wizard of Oz after coming to this country! Very cool experience!

  5. Megan Cromes says

    mila kunis looks like a nice person.!;)

  6. That’s so cool that you got to meet her! She’s one of my favorite actresses 🙂

  7. Christy Anderson says

    Big fan of hers! Loved her on That 70s Show! I’d be psyched if I got to meet/interview her! Lucky you!

  8. jamie braun says

    so jealous you got to meet her!

  9. This was such a Great Interview! I enjoyed reading it all, and you can tell just by the way she responds she’s really a down-to-earth person. I can’t wait to see her as a the bad witch in this movie, I just think she’s so pretty and to see her that way, would be something really new & different!

  10. Kassie Harris says

    I really like Mila Kunis and I really want to see this movie!

  11. Julie Wood says

    Mila Kunis is a very good actress that I have always enjoyed watching on TV and in the movies! I know that she is brilliant in the Oz the Great and Powerful. I can not wait to see this movie!

  12. I think she is beautiful and i love her dress. She has been in a lot of movies the past couple of years

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  13. Sue Hull says

    Awesome interview! I think she’s such a great actress. This movie is going to be fabulous! 🙂

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    Can’t wait to see the movie!! 😀

  15. Austin Baroudi says

    I love Mila Kunis!!! I can’t wait to see this movie! Thanks for the post!

  16. She is so pretty! Jealous you get to meet her! 🙂

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  18. natalie nichols says

    I love Mila Kunis! Im so jealous.

  19. Donna George says

    I loved her in the 70’s Show also. Did you know she was only 14 when she got the part. She lied about her age 🙂 My kind of gal

  20. I haven’t Seen the new oz movie yet. I’ll wait till DVD to watch this one….I have heard very mixed opinions about it, most saying it was a great looking movie, the graphics and all made it very eye catching but about half said that there wasnt enough of a story and there should have been more to the plot…I am interested in seeing it as I loved wizard of oz and am interested in seeing what they did with this movie….

  21. april yedinak says

    I think she is adorable and this movie is a must see for my family.

  22. Charlene S says

    How exciting this experience must have been.

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    She plays a very good “evil” character although her looks are too pretty.

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