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Rachel Weisz is the epitome of elegant grace.  I had this impression of her prior to our interview and certainly this perspective was enhanced by my experience.  With a delicate British accent she answered our questions surrounding her character Evanora from the film Oz The Great and Powerful.  Her costumes within the movie are elaborate and beautiful, a stark contrast to the gown she wore at the premiere.  This orange dress was sleek and sexy and was magnificent to see in person.


photo courtesy of Disney

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Here is the scoop on our interview with Rachel Weisz.

Question- You were so deliciously evil. What did you like slipping into more, the costumes or the character?

Rachel Weisz– She’s bad, isn’t she? It’s weird.  They were kind of like — the same the thing. When I put that costume on I became that character.  I couldn’t have played her without that corset, and sequence, and feathers, and lashes, and lips, and pushed up boobs [LAUGHS], and the whole thing.

Yeah, the costume was huge, huge part of the character, and it was very fun to be so nasty.  [CHUCKLES]

Question– Because you were so nasty, how did you feel knowing this is a children’s film and yet you’ve gotta be pretty badass?

Rachel Weisz–  I think fairy tales traditionally have really, really evil characters.  All the Grimm’s fairy tales  have bad people in them, so I think kids are used to evil characters.  And I think she’s dark, but she’s having a lot of fun being bad.  I think it’s Disney bad.  I don’t think it’s really, really bad. [LAUGHS]

gallery_poster_evanoraQuestion– What was your most memorable moment while filming?  What was your favorite part?

Rachel Weisz– Evanora really enjoyed torturing Glinda, when she was chained in the Emerald City, but I do, too. It was just really fun.  We get along brilliantly.  Michelle is a fellow mom, and she’s a lovely lady, but that was just a really fun scene, being that bad.  And then just pure fun without being evil was flying.  Flying is really fun, — a little scary and quite exciting, like having a really good rollercoaster ride.

Question- Speaking of flying, how much flying and stunt work did you actually perform?

Rachel Weisz– All of it.  I don’t think there was any flying that isn’t me.  It’s me all the way.

Question-  What helped you prepare the most for your role in the film?

Rachel Weisz– There was nothing that could help me prepare.  Obviously, there’s no witches I could interview or talk to, it’s just pure fantasy.  The costume, as I said, was a huge part of finding the character. It’s just pure make belief.  There was absolutely no research, just make believe.

Question- Did you feel nervous at all accepting this role, and embracing the Oz legacy?  

Rachel Weisz- I’m nervous at any role that I do, because there’s the fear that you might suck.  [LAUGHS] I wouldn’t really do a role unless I was nervous about it, because that’s what’s exciting is trying something new, and I’ve never done anything like this.  I’ve never played a fantasy character.  Of late I’ve been doing very kind of gritty, earth-bounds,  gals with no makeup. 

Question- What was your reaction to the film the very first time you read the script?

Rachel Weisz– I loved it.  I loved that Frank L. Baum wrote ten books, and the Wizard of Oz film is just one-tenth of the whole cycle of stories. I loved it.  We all know the Wizard of Oz so well, and this is the story of how the Wizard came to be the Wizard. I loved the character of Evanora, and I loved how mercilessly horrible she is [LAUGHS].  It was really fun, really, really fun.


Question– Now, that you’ve played an evil, magical, make believe character  did you enjoy it enough that we can hope to see you in similar roles?

Rachel Weisz– I don’t know.  I’m not planning on it, but I’m open to other bad girls.

Question– What was your favorite part of making the movie?

Rachel Weisz– I guess flying in terms of just sheer, silly fun.  It was just really fun being hoisted up really high on a wire and being on a zip line.

Question- What’s your personal relationship with Oz?  Did you watch it as a kid?  Did your kid watch it?  

Rachel Weisz- I remember going to the cinema to see it when I was about five,  and I vividly remember the seat in front of me — trying to see over and hiding. I mean witches really terrified me.  They seared into my mind as properly terrifying.  Fairy tales, like Grimm’s fairy tales are really, really dark. I think it’s to teach children about good and evil and morality, and I think there’s a  reason why there’s been for hundreds of years the tradition of children seeing scary things.  I don’t think fairytales are damaging.  I think they’re kind of like important, archetypal stories, but I remember vividly seeing it.  And it’s one of those movies you never forget. 

Question- Which character was your favorite besides Evanora?

Rachel Weisz– It’s really hard for me to pick.  I just think it’s a big family of characters.  I thought Theodora was just delicious, and the Wizard is great. And I guess the most surprising for me was the China Girl and the Monkey, because I never got  to work with them since they are animated. I had no idea, they’re really delightful characters.

Question- How was working with the rest of the cast?

Rachel Weisz– Really great.  I did most of my scenes with Mila, my sister, and a few scenes with James, and then a few scenes with Glinda, and then, of course, with my monkeys, my army of monkeys, that was really fun.  I really got scream orders at them.
They’re my soldiers.  It was really fun with all of them.

If you love Rachel Weisz check out her arrival on the red carpet for the Oz premiere!

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My trip to the #DisneyOzEvent was funded entirely by Disney, however all opinions are my own.


  1. sharon gullikson says

    I think that it would be fun to slip into characters as I slip into costumes like she does!!!

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    Cant wait to see this movie!

  3. Mia Dentice Carey says

    VERY COOL! CONGRATS on your interview!!!! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experience & interviews! =)

  4. Mia Dentice Carey says

    VERY COOL! CONGRATS on your interview!!!!
    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experience & interviews!
    Thanks again for sharing!

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