Parenting Differently the Second Time Around with Luvs & a Giveaway


As the mom of three boys, I consider myself a fairly experienced mother.  I do have a number of years under my belt so to speak.  But there was a time when I was a new mother.   When my oldest was little, everything was new.  I distinctly remember a number of moments when my inexperience got that best of me.  My now matured self has a good eye roll remembering those early years.

For instance I remember naively believing that by four months my baby ought to be sleeping through the night.  Surely, when he was crying in the middle of the night I shouldn’t nurse him.  He must learn that nighttime was not feeding time.  For a number of nights, I steadfastidly cradled my crying baby to my bosom and tried in vain to get him to go to sleep.  HE WAS NOT HAVING ANY OF IT.  The poor kid!  He just wanted to eat!  And there I was holding him right where he wanted to be, without any gratification.  After several nights of an extreme lack of sleep, I finally gave in and just let him eat when he cried.  I felt like a failure.  Surely, he ought to be sleeping through the night by now!

By the time my second son entered our lives, I was much more confident.  I knew he would sleep through the night eventually.  I knew that if he wanted to eat, I was going to feed him- no matter what time it was.  As a much more confident mom, I thrived with co-sleeping and so did my son.  And of course by the time my third son came around, I was almost an expert:)

Luvs has taken the simple truth, that as moms we are much more confident the second time around and created a humorous video.  Check it out below.

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  1. Jessica Beard says

    I only have one child right now, but the second time around I think I’ll be a little less worried (maybe). Feeding solids is an area I think I’ll be a little less concerned about.

  2. I’m getting ready to find out the difference. I’m due with my second right now.

  3. Sarah Davis says

    I cant relate yet because I only have one baby but we’ll see if things are easier or harder the second time.

  4. I have two daughters that are grown, and I can relate even more so because I help raise my two young grandsons that are 15 months apart. When my 2nd grandson came I think we were a lot more adventurous and more open to eating out more and not getting too stressed when out in public.

  5. i can relate- my son is so much different than my daughter- he’s much more adventurous and into everything!!! lol thankfully this is my 2nd time around!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  6. Melissa Belle says

    Yes I can totally relate, although my 4th baby (surprise one) is due this November.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  7. Oh yes, the second time around was a lot easier. Nursing, letting them cry or not, going with the flow instead of what-they-are-supposed-to-do mentality.

  8. with my 1st I remember trying to dress him to carefully. by the 2nd, I realized they bend lol

  9. I can relate to the temperature video! When we had our oldest son we rushed out to get the most expensive thermometer and with our second son I have noticed we tend to just feel his head. I need to work on this.;..

  10. I only have one so I don’t REALLY know yet but I have plenty of nieces and nephews so I have a good idea. I think it is difficult for mothers to pay attention to the 1st child right when baby #2 is born. I know how much attention I give my little guy…it will be hard when I have one walking around and a new one I have to nurse. EEK!

  11. I’m about to have my first, but I can definitely relate because I’m the oldest of five children – watching how my parents dealt with my younger siblings definitely highlighted some major differences!

  12. i think the second one is easier

  13. with me it is photos. Boy #1 had 2 complete baby books…boy 3 1 very incomplete book!

  14. 2nd & each was easier just in how I relaxed so much!

  15. The second time was so much easier. With an infant AND a 3 year old I no time to be a perfectionist as I had been the first time. I learned to relax and go with the flow.

  16. I can’t quite yet… we’re only considering pregnancy at this point with our son being 7 months.

  17. I can relate to being more confident. I knew she would do everything in her own time and not to worry about it.

  18. sharon gullikson says

    I was also more confident, but also much less judgmental of other moms!

  19. I can’t really relate because I only have one child.

  20. Christy Anderson says

    I my past, bc I was a first child.

  21. definitely as we have 2 boys

  22. Heidi Daily says

    I’m still fairly new to the second, I feel much more comfortable this time, the first time I was constantly looking in books to see what to expect and what was normal and second guessing myself a lot. I am still very protective of him though

  23. My boys were 12 years apart. I was alot more relaxed with the second one.

  24. jessica todd says

    i’ve only got one right now!

  25. Ashley Sifers says

    I’m glad my second.. came second! He is a wild child and don’t know if could have handled as a new mom!

  26. Jamie Hoffman says

    I only have one but my sister has three. So interesting to see the difference in parenting styles. You calm down after the second one 🙂

  27. I can say from experience that I chilled out significantly from my first to my second to my third child. Motherhood gives you a good dose of reality once you get past the first new baby stuff.

  28. Amanda Hoffman says

    i only have one so the first kid

  29. with my first one, I learned all about being a new mommy… of course I made some mistakes along the way, but nothing major. Then 9 years went by… and I had another 🙂 had to learn a few things (she was a C-section) that were new, but it’s like riding a bicycle you never forget how to do it once you’ve learned, it all just comes back to you and you remember what needs to be done

  30. Jl Johnson says

    I can totally see it with my students and their siblings.
    I’m a teacher
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  31. not sure bc i don’t have any children… but the second is probably more of a follower

  32. as a mother to two children, I can definitley relate.

  33. I was much more confident the second time around too.

  34. The videos were hilarious! I could relate.
    Baby #1: I didn’t take a shower for 3 days because “What if she cries while I’m in the shower and I can’t hear her?”
    Baby #2: The odds are that my baby won’t die while I’m in the shower.

  35. After the first I became a lot more laid back…by the fourth, piece of cake!

  36. Natalie Finch says

    I have one child but I’m working on my 2nd. I think I’ll be more relaxed and a little more confident. I had never even put a diaper on a baby before my son!

  37. Keisa Rogers says

    I have 3 girls and a boy i can totally relate.Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I expected the second one need pattern to be the same but the second one was a little more needy of mebor spoiled if that is what you call it

  39. I can relate to being more confident and relaxed with age and practice 🙂 I have four now and it just gets easier in some ways while tougher in others. Mostly I don’t stress over the little stuff anymore 🙂

  40. Tara Liebing says

    I only have one child but I was the youngest of 3 And I feel the 1st child gets more attention and more clothes and toys etc because it’s exciting to become a parent but by the time the 2nd comes around that excitment dimishes a little and you pass down the everything to the next child

  41. tam childers says

    I found the videos very funny and I can only hope its true. Im prgnant now with number 2 and I feel more at ease and confident already this time round as I was entering the unknown with number one.

  42. Janet Vickers says

    I’m getting ready to find out. #2 is expected anytime now!

  43. i only have one child

  44. Candice Maudsley says

    The second was a lot easier in some ways, but in others not so easy!

  45. It is kind of hard for me to relate as my first and second came just 21 minutes apart!

  46. I hovered over my first child afraid of everything around her. With 4 kids I’ve learned to relax while keeping a watchful eye.
    Thanks for the chance.

  47. Andrea Liss says

    i can’t actually… i dont have children yet! but i assume the second follows the first a lot

  48. I totally did all that stuff with the 1st kid, hid while I nursed, didnt want him to leave me ever. The second is really difficult, more so than the 1st so Im ready to get him out of the house at any chance I can, and just nursed when and where he wanted.

  49. Kathy Davis says

    The second one is always so much easier in everyway. .. even into adulthood. Don’t tell my kids I said that.

  50. Kathy Davis says

    FB fan of The Mama Report as Kathy Newsom Davis

  51. Kortney Picker says

    I am still on my first one, but I can relate because I am already more laid back as she gets older 🙂

  52. Christina Oddy says

    It amazing how relaxed I am with my second one!

  53. With my first child I wouldn’t even lay her down to take a nap 😉 I just let her fall asleep on me and let her nap for 2-3 hours on my lap. With my 2nd I definitely put her in bed for naps!

  54. susan hartman says

    I was so much calmer the second time. Then again baby girl # 2 was so much calmer!

  55. Well I have only one as of now.

  56. We had our first baby almost 8 months ago. I think we were both really scared with her, and the next time around we will relax and enjoy it more.

  57. With my second child I was a lot more relaxed about everything.

  58. Natosha Zachary says

    I only have one, but hope to have another soon. Your insight will be filed away for when I need it. 😉

  59. Kristy thiel says

    I only have one right now but I’ve definitely bookmarked this!

  60. I was so much more relaxed with my second. I didn’t worry about every sniffle or bump on the knee.

  61. With my first I worried way too much about germs etc. With the second one we are more laid back, I dont freak out as much if she accidently puts something dirty in her mouth lol.

  62. I can’t relate. I only have one baby so far! 🙂

  63. Oh my gosh, I was horribly incompetent with my poor first baby. We were in the military and stationed overseas during those long ago pre-internet days. All I had to rely on was my tattered paperback copy of Dr. Spock’s book. My second was a breeze in comparison.

  64. I was so much more relaxed with the second one.

  65. I love LUVS! They are the best at leakage control, soft, smell great and the cost is below other brands.
    We could really use these diapers because my daughter has 3 boys and one is in a size 4. Thanks for the chance!

  66. Things are so much easier the 2nd time around. You don’t sweat the little things as much as before. Third is even more fun.

  67. ELIZA ELLIOTT says

    it’s nice to know what to expect with the second one..your not so clueless!

  68. None of my kids ever slept through the night when they were babies. I haven’t got a full nights sleep in almost 9 years!

  69. my second is 5 months old and she’s much harder to sleep train than my first. she likes to eat all the time… like right now as I type this and have her in my arms in between bottle feedings. she’s so demanding!

    each is TRULY different 🙂

  70. ironside99 says

    Unfortunately could only have one child but have been very helpful to other new moms and I agree the second time around is easier and you are more confident and just helping out a new mom makes me feel like i am useful and helpful to another person.

  71. I can relate but I have 3 so its a little different.

  72. I was much more relaxed with my second!

  73. I have three boys 5 and under. I can relate. It gets easier, except that now they out-number me.

  74. This would be perfect for my almost 2-yr old…she’s in size 4’s now. Thanks.

  75. Definitely! Especially about breastfeeding


  76. Samantha Broadway says

    We have one in diapers and one on the way, this would be awesome!

  77. I totally remember those times of uncertainty but with each baby i cbecale a much more confidant momma! We just need to follow our instincts, we know what is best for our babies. 6 kids later I am a pro.

  78. I can relate b/c I am a second child

  79. I definitely pack lighter when going on outings. No need for 100 things in the diaper bag..

  80. I love this! With my first son, I wanted to be able to leave him with a babysitter from time to time so my husband and I could go out once in awhile. I also thought it would be easier (Easier!? HAHAHA) to bring a bottle of breastmilk to feed him while I was out and about. So I pumped. And pumped and pumped and pumped. While his being used to taking a bottle came in handy a couple of times, I totally gave up on the idea the second (and third…and forth…) time around. 🙂

  81. def. the pure fear I felt with my first is long gone. the thought of a second one is much more calming.

  82. Cassandra Eastman says

    My 3 year old has always been very laid back, content, doesn’t like to get in trouble! My 12 month old on the other hand is going to be a handful , she’s already a little stinker and doesn’t care if she’s in trouble!

  83. more relaxed with # 2

  84. Our first is just 5 months old, but I remember those first few weeks of uncertainty with him, especially when we were in public. We’re pretty laid back now, but it will be interesting to see how we interact with #2!

  85. just more relaxed and knowing it does get easier with time

  86. I was much more relaxed with #2!

  87. I’m a much bigger sucker for my second child. My first I was so eager for her to walk, talk, etc. With him I’m all like STOP! DON’T GET BIGGER! I’m pregnant with #3 and I can only imagine what I will be like!

  88. With my first child I didn’t like the idea of anyone else touching him or caring for him. I loosened up quite a bit with my second child.

  89. Jennifer P says

    One child seemed SO easy compared to two!! Of course, mine are close together (21 months), so that may be making it more difficult.

  90. Shirley Hicks says

    with the second child i was more relaxed and more to juggle every thing and do anything i want even with kids in tow

  91. We’re expecting our frist so I’ll let you know!

  92. I only have one child so far, but I can already feel myself relaxing about all the little things I initially worried about. Can’t wait for #2!

  93. I definitely think our 2nd baby will be easier. If our 2nd baby doesn’t have health problems that’ll be so much easier to start with!

  94. No, I only have one son, but maybe someday.

  95. I can’t relate quite yet…but I think every parent gets more confident with their second child.

  96. Raymon Sherrell says

    I can relate because my son was born in Dec 2008 and my daughter was born in Nov 2010, so they are about two years apart. That gave me just enough time to start potty training my son before I had to work on the newborn baby. Being different genders I can see how potty training from one to the other is different. I was told girls are easier then boys, but to be honest they are both hard. Though I have just started with my daughter, she is prone to not telling me she has to potty. With my son, he just like to go whenever and wherever. Though there are two kids they are completely different and at the same time completely a handful.

  97. Susan in St. Louis says

    My second is MUCH quieter than my first!

  98. kelsey little says

    I can’t relate yet as I only have one child, but I am due with my second this coming december.

    shopditzydiva@yahoo dot com

  99. I feel like the 1st child tends to be fussed over more than the 2nd and so on. This is because mom’s feel like they know what they are doing, and have a general idea of what to expect.

  100. I only have child that just turned a year

  101. Kid #1 ended up having special needs, although we didn’t know it until later. But it explained a lot since Kid#2 is pretty different! Although I will say there were differences between Kid #2 and Kid #3, both of whom are typically developing.

  102. I will find out when my second is due in march!!

  103. Marla Bland says

    I can relate. With the first, we were so cautious about everything – not so much with the second and third.

  104. Laura Proctor Unger says

    I think I”m definitely more confident the second time around, things that I used to worry about with my first I now know are normal. I’ve learned to just trust my instincts and relax, and it makes for a happier baby and mama.

  105. jessica grigsby says

    I can relate, with our first I was racing to the doctor for any and everything, now I’m more at ease and can care for my little one more without losing my mind.

  106. i know alot more after having my first

  107. thanks for the sweeps!

  108. I worry a lot less and let him be more independent.

  109. I can definitely relate…the second seems to be less stressful!

  110. renee walters says

    The second one was a whole lot easier than the first. Less paranoia.

  111. Lisa Garner says

    With my 1st child I called my mother and dr office constantly anytime my daughter so much as coughed. With my second child I was much more confident in knowing what was normal for babies and what was not.

  112. It’s true. I was WAY more modest with my first. I still covered up with my son but, I would at least nurse in public when needed instead of hiding in the bathroom like I did with my first

  113. Stephanie Larison says

    When it comes to anything, the second time is much easier than the first! Even with children. My first I was so worried I would forget something so important or that I’d need everything with me at all times. Now I’m a bit more realistic, and I don’t care what others think. I know what works for my family, things are a lot easier the second time around.

  114. caitlin tate says

    no kids yet!

  115. I think it is a completely different experience with the second since you have experience to draw on.

  116. i can relate because i know that with your first child you’re so nervous and worried about everything but by the time you get the the second you’re a pro

  117. susan varney says

    i was more apprehensive with my first learning on the go in some aspects used the knowledge i gained then to make things eaiser the second time around

  118. I have 5 children. When I was a first time mom and panicking about taking care of my new baby and everything having to be perfect and sterile, a friend of mine (who was an OB Nurse) said “With your first baby you sterilize everything, your second you wash things, your third could eat out of the dog dish and you don’t care” . . . while it is not exactly like that, you do gain confidence the more babies you have.

  119. susan smoaks says

    our 1st child has a very elaborate baby book, our 2nd child has an incomplete baby book!

  120. Angela Neynaber says

    Its kinda hard to say. I have 4 children and what worked with one didnt with the other. It was always trial and error for me as a parent.

  121. I think when the second comes you realize that those not so perfect things you feel bad you did with the first didnt ruin them and you relax more realizing that going with the flow is much better for everyone

  122. My first baby was easier as far as demeanor but my parenting level of stress is definitely lower with this second baby.

  123. We were so anal the first time around…charting and mapping out every little thing….Now, with our FOURTH, we are MUCH more relaxed and easy-going…about everything!

  124. I only have one so I cant completely relate but I have heard plenty of stories from friends and family that can relate, such as with the freaking out about temperature!

  125. I am due with our second baby in March, so I guess I’ll find out then!

  126. I am so much more laid back with #2 (and I use Luvs this time around too because they are great quality and cheaper price!)

  127. first child everything was new to me, second child seven years later it came easier to deal with

  128. I only have one child and do not expect any more so I can only relate with respect to the fact that I knew I only wanted one after the first one came along :o)

  129. mary gardner says

    i think you are much more relaxed, easy going and organized with the second child

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  130. jessica schueler says

    I only have one child so I cant relate right now

  131. Gina Ferrell says

    I can relate that I know what to expect more and what to do more after the thrid child.

  132. Casey Everidge says

    im pregnant with my first baby, so i would relate to number 1 🙂

  133. vikki Billings says

    The difference is huge, my kids are 7 yrs apart and they are so different. I was much more ready for child #2

  134. Sarah Yurga says

    There are 12 years between my kids – I am definitely more mellow the second time around. And more tired, too!

  135. Rachel Ellis says

    With my second I was much more relaxed about things, I enjoyed his early days much more because I wasn’t scared to death like I was the first time.

  136. This is my first time around…Im 6 months preggers

  137. Adrienne Snyder says

    My first is almost 9 months old and I’m 3 mos pregnant with my second 😮 So…I’m already looking ahead to doing it all over again with the lessons I’ve learned (and am still learning!!)

  138. Saver Sara says

    I only have one but hope to have another soon and do feel much differently. I know each baby is different but I feel much more confident

  139. the second time around and so much more easy. less worrying for sure.

  140. No children yet but I bet its going to happen.

  141. Laurie Emerson says

    I am so much less stressed with my second child than my first. It took us so long to be able to have a baby that when our daughter was born I admit I probably overreacted to every temperature, scraped knee and cough. With the second, my son I am so much more relaxed and though I still worry a lot, I am getting the hang out of what to worry about and what not to worry about.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot cocm

  142. Sarah Harding says

    My daughter is 12 and my son is daughter was so much easier than my on is.

  143. My first child was SO much easier than the second one. I thought I knew everything because she was so “perfect”. Then #2 came along, and things were 100% differen from day 1! I decided I’d better stop at two, ha ha.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  144. We shall see I am currently pregnant with our second 🙂


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