Party City Gruesome Group Ultimate Halloween Party Kit Review


My family loves Halloween.  Why?  It is difficult to put into words, as it is not one particular thing, but rather a collection.  The cool autumn weather is our favorite time of year.  School has just started a month earlier and the year still seems full of possibilities and opportunities.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, as Halloween marks the beginning of the holidays for us.  And of course there is the spook factor too.   The entire family loves a good ghost story anytime of the year, my husband loves zombies, and my older sons have a fascination with vampires.  It is fun to be scared a little.  To wonder about the unknown and the possibilities that are beyond our abilities.

Since my oldest son, now seven, was a baby I have been decorating the house for the holidays.  And I mean decorate.  I love it!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter….I have boxes downstairs in my basement dedicated to each particular holiday.  The boys and I have such fun decorating the house and rediscovering our holiday treasures that have been packaged away for the year.

I have dreamed of having a Halloween party since my eldest was a baby.  Why not take the fun, magic, and mystery of this holiday and make it even better with a party?  Would you think less of me if I tell you that we actually planned my youngest son’s birthday to fall in the month of October?  It’s true.  I wanted an October baby so I could have a Halloween party year after year.  He better like Halloween!  I was due on October 22, but he was born two weeks early on October 8th.  No biggie, as it still fits into my October Halloween party timeline!  He will be two years old this year and is a tad young for full blown party, but I am ready.  When he hits school age, look out baby!  He is going to have some awesome Halloween/birthday parties!

Needless to say I was more than thrilled to review a Gruesome Group Ultimate Party kit from Party City.  Frankly I don’t think the company quite understood how excited we get about Halloween around my house!  My boys were super excited as they kept pulling treasure after treasure from the box. This is what is included-

16 Gruesome Group Lunch Plates
32 Gruesome Group Lunch Napkins
16 Gruesome Group Paper Cups
2 Gruesome Group Table Covers 54×102
16 Plastic New Purple Forks
16 Plastic New Purple Spoons
16 Plastic New Purple Knives
20 Cheery Pumpkin Halloween Invitations
2 Orange and Black Plastic Bowls
2 Haunted House Table Decorating Kits
1 Purple Mini Star Confetti 1/4oz
1 Happy Halloween Fringe Letter Banner
1 Orange Crepe Streamer 81ft
1 Purple Crepe Streamer 81ft
20 Kiwi Green Latex Balloons
1 White Curling Ribbon 66ft
2 Halloween Party Favor Mega Mix 48ct
1 Jack O’ Lantern Pinata
1 Pinata Bat
1 Pinata Blindfold
1 Pinata Filler Candy and Toys 2 lbs.


Now that you know what is included in this awesome party kit let me tell you that you can NOT get this in stores.  It is only available online at Party City.   Do you want to see what it looks like at my house?  Of course you do!  The company picture doesn’t do this kit justice.  Check out my pictures below!

This kit literally has EVERYTHING I need to throw an awesome Halloween party!

How much does a kit like this cost?  The price is $99.99.  I realize this doesn’t sound inexpensive, but if you were to purchase everything that is included separately it would cost a lot more.

Plus if you don’t want the ultimate kit they do sell kits that have fewer decorations and therefore are cheaper.

the basic party kit is $16.99

the super party kit is $29.99

the deluxe party kit is $49.99

Check out the Halloween Party Kit page at Party City to see the components of each different kit.  You can also start planning your Halloween Costumes!

They have a wide selection of Boy Costumes and Girl Costumes.

As I have mentioned we received the Gruesome Group kit, however there are many other designs to choose from.  This particular design has a powerful name, but as you can see it is actually very cute and non-scary. They have many more cute Halloween designs and also have some that are a little bit edgier like this Fangtastic kit.  Wow!  That is a lot of red!

My kiddos were all ready to go to town on our pinata too!  I placed the 2lb package of treats that are included in the kit in the decorative bowl instead of the pinata, as I actually didn’t want our pinata destroyed, yet!

If you are hosting a Halloween party this year or are in charge of planning a party at your local school, I highly recommend the Halloween Party kits from Party City.  With different packages and designs they have just what you need to make this Halloween a festive occasion!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Party City. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. This is great. I like to have small get togethers, and sometimes it’s more trouble to purchase everything individually!

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