Pass the Purple Purse during Domestic Violence Awareness Month


 ” This post is part of a sponsored campaign with The Allstate Foundation and MomSelect. Allthoughts and opinions are my own.”

PurplePurseLogo_vertHistory has not been kind to women.  For thousands of years women have been beaten, raped, and degraded in all ways.  While I would like these facts to be ancient history, the reality is that this abuse is still happening.  Fortunately we live in a time period were help is possible.  Changes can occur.  Women are not alone.

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but this cause is an important one year round.  Women need to be empowered.  Women need to be supported.  Sometimes it is a simple helping hand that can change a woman’s life.  This month Allstate is donating $5 for each Purple Purse that is passed virtually or physically.  What is a purple purse? Quite simply it is small purple purse with information regarding how to receive help if you are the victim of domestic violence.  For many women it might seem impossible to reach out for help or discuss their abuse situation.  Encouraging women and providing them with the necessary information they need can save a life.

Purple Purse

Participating in the Pass the Purple Purse campaign does not cost YOU anything.  Instead a few simple clicks on the computer can help others.  I love campaigns that make it easy to give.  Not everyone can give their time or money to a cause, but it is wonderful when a few moments online can help.

Visit and enter your purse code (codes are provided) and your zip code, then track to see where your purse has traveled. You can also connect via Facebook.

All State Pass the Purse

Domestic violence isn’t shameful or something to be kept quiet.  Domestic violence is deadly and the message of empowerment to women needs to spread.

Join the Purple Purse campaign to lend your voice to the millions of nameless women who have gone before us and could not help themselves.

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