PetSmart’s Amazing Aquatic Sweepstakes



If soft and cuddly pets aren’t your thing, you might want to check out this awesome giveaway!

Aquatic animals are easy to care for and less expensive than a typical dog or cat, these qualities make a great first pet and new addition to a family! Right now on PetSmart’s Facebook page, viewers can enter a Sweepstakes and take a quiz to see what aquatic animal fits their personality. It’s really fun and great for kids to get excited about a new animal!

If you are looking for a low-maintenance place to start, a fish is a great first pet. Fish are generally easy to care for so kids can be involved with the responsibilities, relatively inexpensive and there are a variety to choose from.

 PetSmart is making it easy for you and your readers to bring home a finned pet. PetSmart’s Amazing Aquatics Sweepstakes gives one lucky winner a FREE TopFin fish tank, up to a $450 value.

Those who already have fish, can visit PetSmart’s Amazing Aquatics Pinterest board and upload their tank and fish photos.

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