Pirate Brands Review


Smart Puffs- Deliciously baked cheese puffs
+All Natural
+Trans Fat Free
+Gluten Free

Pirate’s Booty – Deliciously baked rice and corn puffs.
+All Natural
+Trans Fat Free
+Gluten Free
+5 Delicious Varieties
-Aged White Cheddar
-Veggie (Vegan)
-Barrrrrbeque (Vegan)
-Sour Cream and Onion
-New York Pizza
-Chocolate (Vegan)

My family likes snacks.  Don’t most?  When my eldest son gets home from school one of the first things he asks for is a snack.  I loathe to give him junk.  He would love to eat sugary treats, but as a mom I feel it is my job to make sure he eats foods that are good for him.  Its a balancing act.  He is allowed to have treats occasionally, but I’m always trying to find snacks that are healthy and he finds exciting.

One of the products that maintains that balance is Pirate Brands snacks.  My kids think their getting a treat and yet I know that I’m not giving them junk.  I like to think of Pirate Booty as the healthy alternative to Cheeto-like products.

Pirate Brand snacks are  all-natural, baked, trans fat and gluten free treasures.  

We recently received two bags of snacks to sample- Pirate Booty and Smart Puffs.  Both were a hit.  The products were light and tasty.  The kids loved them and felt like they were receiving a special treat.  I felt good knowing they liked their snack and it was not junk. Here are my two of my little snackers!

An apple and a bowl of Pirate Booty- my kids favorite snack!

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Thank you to  Pirate Brands for send my family some snacks to review, all opinions are my own.


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