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I love movies that help children and adults discover more about the world we live in.  Similar in style of the famous BBC hit Planet Earth, this new DVD Planet Ocean (not created by the BBC) explores only the world under the sea.  As is quite evident from the pictures I’ve shared in this post, the images are beautiful and amazing.

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My boys were transfixed for about the first 30 minutes.  Ultimately the movie (one hour and 33 minutes) proved to be a bit too long for my three and five year old, but my eight year old watched the entire film.

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The film starts in a discovery, informative manner, but progresses throughout the movie as a call to action to protect our Earth’s oceans.  If you are looking to teach your children about the importance of protecting our planet- specifically our oceans- on Earth Day or really any day, this film is a great teaching resource.

I love films like this.  Obviously the learning experience is enhanced with such visually appealing images.

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Synopsis of the film

Through dazzling aerial and underwater imagery captured in extreme geographical conditions worldwide, Planet Ocean delivers an unprecedented journey into the least known regions of our planet. The stunning documentary aims to captivate as well as provide understanding of humankind’s relationship to the ocean and stress the urgency of making sustainable change. Brought to life with dynamic and relatable narration, this groundbreaking film can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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    • IN THE SKIES ABOVE RIO: Breathtaking images of Rio de Janeiro’s magnificent shores will inspire you with wonder and delight.
    • UNDERWATER: Uncover the natural mysteries of marine life with Planet Ocean’s team of underwater cinematographers.  
    • SHANGHAI: Extraordinary aerial photography of Shanghai’s busy harbor underscores the significance of ocean commerce.

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Planet Ocean is available for purchase TODAY!

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. My kids would love this DVD!!

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