Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set Review


Playmobil is a staple at our house.  When my eldest son was little my husband and I picked out the large and very cool Playmobil pirate ship for him with his Christmas gift card from family.   We were super excited.  Yes, my husband and I played with that ship almost as much as our son at first.  Obviously two additional sons later the pirate ship officially belongs to the boys, but if my husband and I were kids again that is what we would want.

Playmobil toys are amazing.  They are truly unlike any other toys that we own.  The detailed work truly sets them apart.  All the different sets come with accessories galore.  And for me, a former history teacher, the historical aspect is giddy worthy.  I think my eyeballs grew unbelievably wide the first time I saw the Egyptian set.    Frankly I didn’t care if my children wanted it, I wanted it.  The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx!  Well, unfortunately we don’t own the Egyptian play set, but thats probably okay since we do have many pieces from the pirate, knights, and Colosseum sets!

Playmobil’s newest toy is the Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set.  No history this time, darn! But this new toy does have all the traditional aspects that make Playmobil so great.

The play set includes a robber and two brief cases that open to hold little play money.  Playmobil characters are designed to be able to hold items.  Unlike other toys which never can successfully attach, these characters actually do what there intended to.

The toy does require some set up.

This isn’t anything too strenuous, but it will take a few minutes to get all the details just right.  If you are purchasing any Playmobil product this Christmas, I recommend putting it together before you wrap it.  My children waited with crazed anticipated while I built this vehicle.

After  a few minutes my boys were ready to give it a test run.

My eldest bargained with my middle son for the vehicle portion.  Luckily both boys were happy as my middle son loves characters more anyway!

All the little bits and pieces do come off.   Something to keep in mind if you have a little person around.  My littlest guy is good about not putting them in his mouth, but instead he will take them all off!

I don’t know that I’m terribly excited by the “robber” aspect, but I guess I played cops and robbers as a kid.  Perhaps this is how children learn right from wrong?

My boys love this play set (no surprise).  Frankly anything Playmobil makes is golden in our eyes!

Playmobil Robbers Amphibious Vehicle Play Set is available for purchase at Growing Tree Toys for $21.95

I received this product for review purposes through Growing Tree Toys and Blogtricity, all opinions are my own.

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