Power Rangers Super Samauri: The Super Powered Black Box (Vol. 1) & Super Showdown (Vol. 2) DVD Review



Join the Samurai Power Rangers as their ongoing conflict with Master Xandred reaches epic proportions when he sends the dangerous Nighlok monsters to defeat the heroes. It’s up to Mentor Ji and Gold Ranger Antonio to uncover the secrets of a legendary black box that will morph the Rangers into Super Samurai! By combining the Rangers’ extraordinary power symbols and Megazords to create new and incredible combinations, the Samurai Rangers soon become better and stronger. Yet when a new villain surfaces determined to defeat the Rangers once and for all, will their new Super Samurai powers be enough?


Get ready for more Super Samurai showdowns with Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily, Antonio and Mike in their ongoing quest to keep the world safe from Master Xandred, Serrator and the menacing Nighloks! When a young guardian accidentally releases the ancient and dangerous Bull Zord, the Rangers must work together to tame the Bull into becoming a powerful new MegaZord! Plus after Antonio and Mentor Ji get kidnapped, the Rangers must also face a daunting army of Moogers to save their friends. Jump aboard the Samurai Battlewing for these four adventures morphing with unstoppable action and mega mayhem!


As I’ve mentioned before my sons are huge Power Rangers fans, especially my five year old.  Since we don’t have cable television they had only heard of, but not actually seen the new series Power Rangers:  Super Samurai.   This new twist on the classic, was my boys idea of awesomeness.  They were highly thrilled to actually have a chance to watch this new show.

The basics of the Power Rangers are the same throughout all the seasons, though the theme and colors vary along with the villains.  With each new series the special effects improve, as the technology enables.  Yes, there is violence in Power Rangers, a lot of kung fu action.  If you don’t want your children to watch this sort of thing, then this probably isn’t for you.  Trying to keep fighting away from boys is like trying to stop a bird from building a nest.  It’s just what they do.  However, it is important that this degree of violence is tempered and controlled.

I personally find Power Rangers to be the perfect mix.  The boys still get the action they crave, but they see goodness as well.  Case in point,  as they were watching the show, my two older boys each picked a particularly colored Ranger to represent them.  My eldest was red and my youngest was blue.  As the Red Ranger was being overcome by the villain my younger son the Blue Ranger stated as his character appeared, “I’ll help you Red Ranger”.  Then as a team they both helped to defeat the bad guy.  After the scene was over my boys high-fived each other and said, “Good job, we did it together with team work”.   How sweet is that?!

It might be unexpected, but truly Power Rangers has reenforced to my boys the power of working as  team.  What mother wouldn’t love that?!

Power Rangers Super Samurai: Super Powered Black Box (Vol.1) DVD is available for purchase for $13.72 and Power Rangers Super Samurai: Super Showdown (Vol. 2) DVD is available for $9.99.



I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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