Power Up & Read this Summer with Scholastic!


This post was sponsored by Scholastic to encourage children to read during the summer months, all opinions are my own. 


School is officially out for the summer. My boys were super happy to end another successful year of school. No more homework. No more worksheets. No more early mornings. But this relaxed time of year can onset the “summer slide”. No, it’s not an amusement park ride. The “summer slide” is learning loss that kids experience when they don’t stay in school continually. Essentially some of that valuable information they learn gets tossed out of their brains during this funs summer season.  

Other than keeping your kids in school during the summer, it’s nearly impossible to stop the “summer slide”. However, a big key in keeping kids mentally active during the summer is reading. It sounds so simple, and truly it is. Last month I provided simple tips to keep your kids reading. And this month my kids are reading, helping to prevent the “summer slide”, and having fun in the process. 


This summer we are taking on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. {We did this last year too.} This free program is a great way to challenge kids to read more during the summer months and it’s full of great information for parents. 


This year’s challenge theme is “Power Up & Read,” powered by ENERGIZER® and it took my oldest son just a few minutes to sign up. The longest part of the sign up process was determining his login name. Scholastic has very carefully as set up this program not to record any actual children’s names. Kids pick a variety of generic words to create their screen name, they don’t even have the ability to include their actual names. For my son the process takes extra time to determine exactly which animal he wants to be:) 

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Now through September 4th my boys can log their reading minutes to achieve badges and earn digital rewards. There are even monthly sweepstakes to enter for awesome prizes. This year there are even some new features to enhance the challenge experience. 

For Kids 

  • Kids can unlock 12 original short stories (created especially for the Scholastic Reading Challenge) by Blue Balliett, Patrik Henry Bass, Varian Johnson, Gordon Korman, Michael Northtrop, Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pierce, Roland Smith, R.L. Stine, Tui T. Sutherland, Lauren Tarshis, Wendy Wan-Long Shang and Jude Watson and access never-before-seen videos from the authors! 
  • Each of these stories also has an audio featuring allowing kids to read along with the story. 
  • New cool contest “innovation machine” game which encourages kids to create their own stories to win prizes. 

For Parents 

  • Lots of great resources for your kids! Receive daily tips and learn how to build the best home library for your kids. 
  • Enter weekly sweepstakes to win a “Power Up & Read Kit” and watch videos about summer reading activities to keep you “innovative” all summer long. 
  • Parents can download free resources, including printables and booklists for kids of all ages.

Here are some of my little fellas favorite books at the moment. 









  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    My kids get assigned summer reading from the school, but once that is completed and their book reports are done – it will be time for FUN reading 😉

  2. I love that Pokemon was featured and I think this is such a great idea for the summer! We always had reading challenges that we had to do, but it seems like things go much better when parents are as excited about reading as the kids are supposed to be.

  3. I love summer time. This summer, I finally have an independent reader. This is so much fun. Hes been reading on his own, listening to me read and reading to his sibling! I love it!

  4. As a reading teacher, I know how important it is to keep reading going all summer long. I love to hear about programs like this one from Scholastic.

  5. I love that you make a reading spot. We are still too young for independent reading, but we love to carve out space to snuggle and read, especially on rainy summer afternoons!

  6. Scholastic is great. Reading is so important, especially for kids and I encourage mine to read as much as possible!

  7. Elizabeth O. says

    This will easily get boys to read. My son loved Pokemon when he was younger.

  8. We’re doing something very similar with math. We’ll definitely check this out.

  9. During the school year I purchased multiple books from Scholastic on a monthly basis. We have more than enough books to last us throughout the summer. However, I love that Scholastic is always updating their selection.

  10. Catherine C. says

    This is really so much fun!! I wish I have kids, scholastic is very awesome. I love seeing kids reading books like this.

  11. I just read about this program. Sounds like a great one. My kids and I have been spending so much time at the library to keep them moving on their reading goals.

  12. Fariha N. says

    Not much gets my kids excited about reading during the summer. This would be an exception to that rule. I love this and I think so many parents will love it as well as the kids.

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