Prep Your Yard for Spring with Scotts Florida Select Mulch!


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This is the current condition of my lawn.  I'm not joking.  This is the currrent state of May in Minnesota.  You wouldn't know it, but next week it will be seventy degrees again just like it was last week.  Yes, we've gone from seventy degree weather (suppers on the patio), to ten inches of snow, and next week we are predicted to be back on track with warm, sunny temperatures again.  

At some point we will need to take care of our lawn again, though given my current status it seems odd to be  discussing landscaping:) For all my Florida readers,  my current sitatuion will not be problem for you, obviously:) I'll have to dream longingly of beautiful, green and lush lawns.  For those of you in Florida there is Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch which is made in Florida and is for Floridians. This sustainable, Cypress alternative is a great way to spruce up your landscape. 

 photo 6d50af2c-aba7-44e2-b0ed-d3510804d726_zps3aae88a5.jpg

When trying to inject a little beauty back into you yard it is essential to have the proper gardening supplies to adequately accomplish your goal.  Tools, beautiful plants and mulch are a necessity.  Many are looking for ways to use sustainable gardening techniques. Eucalyptus mulch is a great way to adhere to this practice, because it is sustainable, natural, effective, and local (for those living in Florida).  For thos who are from Florida there is always Scotts Nature Scapes mulch which comes in a variety of textures and is a no waste wood. (Available in 3 different colors- Classic Black, Sierra Red, and Deep Forest Brown).  

 While most of you can take action on the current state of your yard, I'll just have to dream by reminiscing about what my yard did look like! 

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  1. Beautiful yard! Ours is very hilly and shaded so we don’t have grass and use a LOT of mulch and pine straw.

  2. My yard is in need of some serious landscaping. I especially need to put some mulch down along the edges of my house because weeds just love to grow there. I’d prefer not to have to use chemicals. So putting down some of this mulch would be an excellent alternative.

  3. Karen Glatt says

    I need to get this mulch to spruce up my yard for Spring. This is a very good product to use. Scotts always makes the best products for the yard.

  4. Lisa Brown says

    We have mulch in our front, and side yards. It is great ground cover and does help reduce weeds, and helps with water retention.

  5. Jessie C. says

    Hubby is working on our front yard this Spring, I would forward this for his reference.

  6. Janet W. says

    You have a beautiful yard! We’ve been working out in the yard these past few weekends putting down rubber mulch and trying to get rid of weeds!

  7. TINA MERCADO says

    always use Scotts

  8. I’ll have to tell my step dad about this mulch so he can use it for the front yard, btw your yard looks amazingly perfect

  9. Vicki Hale says

    I live in an apt. complex, I have nothing to landscape. It’s a bummer! Thank you Vicki

  10. sharon gullikson says

    I’ve never heard of using Eucalyptus before. I’m so glad that I found this! I need to find out if they sell it in So Cal.

  11. Maria Iemma says

    What a gorgeous yard. The Scott products are fabulous and we have used them for many years, however I did not know about the Eucaluptus…

  12. Amy Orvin says

    I would love to try this mulch. I was just thinking the other day I need to remulch my flower beds this spring. What an amazing product.

  13. we like to use Scotts products for our backyard

  14. This looks like great mulch! I’ve never tried it but will keep it in mind next time I need something like it.

  15. Margot C says

    Is that your yard! It’s beautiful. Ours in Southern California is a little smaller and a lot more scorched. I do have a spot that could use the mulch around the base of a tree and eucalyptus always smells nice.

  16. Marti Parks says

    My yard is a nightmare, I can never get rid of the weeds. It’s an ongoing battle. I’ve never heard of eucalyptus mulch before, definitely something to try. Thanks!

  17. Sacha Schroeder says

    We mulch every year but I am running behind this year.

  18. Christy Anderson says

    We need to redo our flower beds.

  19. My parents are hard at work on their garden- I am helping move dirt into their newly-redone garden plots. Next step (probably next weekend, as it is supposed to frost over the next few days) we will do mulch. I know my parents have used Scotts brand before too! It will be a project for sure, but it will be fun to enjoy the weather. Hope you see nicer weather soon!

  20. We had the same snow before it got to you. Monday it’s supposed to get above 80 degrees. I have a town house and other people take care of the lawn.

  21. Olivia Rubin says

    I live in south Florida and one if the many things I miss about NY is the grass. It was one of the first differences I noticed when I moved down here. The grass here is sharp and uncomfortable to walk on. I think it is called Crab Grass or something like that. Yeah it is a beautiful lush green, but even my dog had to get used to running on it. When I head up to RI and visit my sister I take my shoes off and feel the grass! Lawn care is a huge business here and many homes have landscapers come to tend to their homes. It is rare that you see an unkept house because so many places force you into a homeowners association. I have used Scott’s products before, but not this mulch yet.

  22. mrsshukra says

    Have not heard of Scott’s before, wonder if they are n Hawaii?

  23. samantha s says

    Beautiful yard. I’m not much of a gardener/lawn taker but I’m just starting this summer and getting my hands on all the helpful tips and products to help me.

  24. shelly peterson says

    Nice pictures, even the one with snow, even though I dont care for the snow it is beautiful to look at. Luckily where I live I donthave to worry about taking care of the yard.

  25. Charlene S says

    My front yard needs some new mulch.

  26. You have a lot of land and it looks great! We had hurricane Sandy come thru in the fall and a lot of the neighborhood is dealing with tree damage, continued removal and some serious landscaping revisions. We do use scott’s on the grass though – it makes such a difference

  27. jamie braun says

    im so glad the snow is gone! my butt stuck to my leather car seats it was so hot in st. cloud today!

  28. I have a lawn which doesn’t respond well to much of anything! i will, however give this mulch a try!

  29. Amy Tolley says

    i like mulch makes your yard look so much neater and stands out thanks for sharing this name brand one i have never heard of it before thanks

  30. All that snow in May! At least you can look forward to a greener summer with Scott.

  31. Peggy Greco says

    I haven’t had to use product before, but have known others liked using it.

  32. Jennifer Dysart says

    Awesome! We finally moved from a condo to a home and I am so overwhelmed with the possibilities for our yard!

  33. Those yards look amazing, can’t wait to work on ours!

  34. Betsy Barnes says

    Our yard needs some help, especially after this winter. Hopefully, we can get to it soon 🙂

  35. makes me homesick…was born in Minnesota but left many years ago….live in California and have a green yard…the hills are turning brown!

  36. Susan Smith says

    Beautiful yard. We have spots in our yard that will not grow grass. So frustrating.

  37. Mulch would be excellent out back.

  38. Sandy V. says

    You have a nice looking yard. I like Scotts products.

  39. my yard needs some help with have put out mulch but not enough we need more

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