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I have mentioned before, that it is rare for my family to actually see a movie in the theater.  I imagine this is a difficult task for anyone with three young children.  Instead we prefer to watch movies from the comfort of our own home.  Isn’t it much more fun to make your own tasty treats and get all cozy on a sofa together?  It certainly is convenient to be able to pause the movie to visit the restroom.

The other day while I was visiting Walmart I picked up The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-Ray+DVD+UltraViolet Limited Edition Mask gift set via pre-order.   What is that exactly, you’re probably wondering?  And how was I able to purchase a movie that will not be released on DVD until November 9th?

Here’s the scoop.

I purchased this Blu-Ray Disc holder at Walmart.  There was actually no DVD or Blu-Ray disc inside.

Inside is a code to watch the movie via starting on October 30th (notice that this is 10 days before the movie will be available for purchase in stores)

How do I watch a movie via VUDU?  You can stream on any of the following devices!

Plus the Blu-Ray+DVD+UltraViolet Combo Pack and the Bonus DVD and Limited Edition Mask DVD case will be mailed directly to my home!

This is the perfect fit for those Spiderman fans who are aching to watch the movie at home as soon as possible.  It feels like being in the know about a secret way to watch the movie before everyone else.  But of course anyone who purchases the set at Walmart can have the exact same experience:)

If you are not interested in purchasing the Bonus DVD & Limited Edition Mask DVD Case, you can simply purchase the DVD version.  This also includes the ability to watch via VUDU and the DVD is mailed directly to your home.

Prior to this recent purchase I did not have a account.  But by merely using the directions on the disc I purchased, I was easily able to set up an account in a few minutes.  Let me show you!

Everything I need is right on this disc.  Notice that I have blacked out my code.  This the singular information I needed to be able to view the actual Spiderman movie.  You’ll all have to get your own:)

After visiting, I can easily enter my code.

The entire process is stream-lined and easy to follow.

Notice that at this point I needed to create a Vudu account, as I did not have one.

I also have the option to create an Ultraviolet account.

I set up this account as well, as I have been meaning to do this for some time.

At this point in the process I received this message.  Woo hoo!

If I want to purchase another movie, I will need to include my payment information.  But since I already purchased The Amazing Spider-Man I don’t need to add this information at this time.

Success!  I am ready!

Now I can view my Vudu account with The Amazing Spider-Man in my queue ready for October 30th.  Plus I can now also view  additional featurettes!

Do you have Spider-Man fans in your house, like me?  If so, I highly recommend purchasing this set at Walmart so your family is ready.  Now that I have the movie taken care of, I can start planning our viewing party:)

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for The Amazing Spiderman for a brief view of this Super Hero film

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