Preparing for Winter Driving with The Headlight Restoration Kit from Pep Boys


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The harsh winds that blew across the land today, were an obvious reminder of winter storms to come.  Frankly snow is possible any day at this point.  The next six months will hopefully bring a number of hardy snowstorms.  I love winter.  Nothing is better than being cozy inside a warm house with my family, watching the snow lightly hit the ground.

But what I don’t like about this time of year are the driving conditions.  I am a fairly good driver under normal conditions.  Though I do have a tendency to speed most of the time.  But all my confidence quickly evaporates once the snow and ice falls on the roads.  I turn into an “old lady driver”.  My husband likes to make fun of me, but I instincively lean forward and drive extra slow.  Peeking over the driivng wheel I gingerly drive around town.  Hey, ice is wicked stuff.  And I like to remain in control as much as possible, therefore a slower speed helps insure a degree of safety.

The 3M™ Headlight Lens Restoration Kit is a great way to help prepare my car for the perils of driving during this time of year.  This kit requires no tools, and is something the kids and I can do together to help our van’s headlights.

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Headlight restoration can be expensive and labor intensive, but the 3M™ Headlight Lens Restoration Kit restores the clarity of yellowed, hazed, or dull headlight lenses for a fraction of the cost.

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With Daylights Savings Time and Halloween rapidly approaching it is imperative that my headlights be in excellent working condition.  The darkness comes early this time of year.  And while I don’t typically drive in the night during the summer months, its almost impossible not to drive in the dark once fall arrives.

Here is the skivvy on the kit-

Works easily on most plastic lenses, including taillights, trailers, snowmobiles, emergency vehicle light bars, plastic motorcycle lights and more

-This portable kit affords you the ability to do the work yourself in the comfort of your own garage and comes with the peace of mind knowing that the potential for cracked headlights or damaged paint is drastically diminished compared to tool-based systems.

-The Headlight Restoration Kit – No Tools Required comes at a fraction of the cost of professional cleanings and is one example how 3M, a staple in automotive solutions for more than 90 years, is constantly seeking simple ways to improve, restore and protect your vehicle.

Are your headlights prepared for the winter weather?  Visit a local Pep Boys stores to purchase a Headlight Restoration Kit for your car!

And also save some money by using the mail in rebate!  You can save an extra $5!


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