Pringles Speaker in a Can Review


No matter where this summer takes you, you’ll always have plenty of flavors and sounds to savor right from your Pringles® can.

Pringles, America’s favorite stacked potato crisp, is giving consumers another reason to love its crisps.  From April 15 through October 31, 2011, consumers can send in the original receipt from any four Super Stack cans to receive a free Pringles-branded speaker device by mail.

The speaker device is designed to fit onto the top of any can of Pringles, and uses the empty can to amplify sound when attached to a personal MP3 player or similar music device.  With the speaker attached to a can of Pringles, listeners can get that summertime feeling whenever and wherever.  Summer is all about enjoying warm weather, being on the go and impromptu get-togethers, so purchasers can enjoy time outdoors with friends and family with Pringles, the official on-the-go snack of summer.

Here’s how to Get your Speaker:

  1. Buy (4)  Super Stack Pringles Cans and keep your original receipt(s).
  2. Print the form here & fill out
  3. Mail the completed form along with your original receipt(s)
  4. Products must be clearly described on the receipt(s) and identified by circling.
  5. Multiple receipts are eligible

It may take up to 12 weeks to receive your speaker. Offer valid on products purchased between 4/15/11 and 10/31/11. Form must be postmarked by 11/31/11. Limit one speaker per household or address.


Everyone in my family loves Pringles – they don’t last long in our house!  We were intrigued to try out the new Pringles Portable Speaker and wasted no time emptying our can of crisps.

The speaker is small – the same size as the end of the Pringles can – and we weren’t sure what to expect from it.  My husband attached the speaker to his phone and we were all surprised by the sound it produced.  It was loud and very clear.  Our entire living room was filled with music!  My husband, who is not easily impressed, deemed it “awesome” and says he can’t wait to take it out on our boat.  We tried the speaker off of the can as well.  It produced a nice, loud sound that would work well alone but the best sound came while it was attached to the empty Pringles can.  It added a depth to the music that isn’t heard when using it by itself.

My children enjoyed our Pringles Portable Speaker party as much as we did.  My daughter held the can and sang directly into the speaker as if it were a microphone.  Both of the kids danced so much, I could hardly get them to hold still to take a picture!

The Pringles Portable Speaker works well and is incredibly entertaining.  I think this is a wonderful giveaway for anyone in the mood for summertime fun!

This review was written by Emilie for The Mama Report.

I received the above mention product for review, purposes all opinions are my own.



  1. steve howard says

    I love pringles, i kept seeing the speaker deal and saved up 4 cans, one at a time prior to looking up how to get a speaker. dumb me, what was i thinking ? they would take the cans? or a bar code or proof of purchase off the can?
    no you have to have to original recepts from each visit clear…(fat chance) darn it.

    So i was not going to let them beat me like that! So i know ill eat them, so i ran to the store and just bought 4 can’s (i like BBQ one’s) .So now i have the receipt and pringles are the only thing on it! circled it in Blue.

    Next it keep same print “the form” and fill out “the form” dont alter it or the receipts. the form is just your name and address thats it? not even a phone number or anything..but i printed to whole page in color.
    (that cost something)

    Then I had a box of plain envelops luckly and stamps even already Hey.. (like anybody uses snail mail anymore) they should cut it to 3 days a week and help the budget.

    hand wrote the address of the site on the envelope.
    walked it to the mail box. its gone just now.
    i am waiting , but was wondering if it was a crap speaker ? so i found your site and see its cool!

    I’m a 52 year old man, i have two kids like yours only mine our 26 and 22 and in college.
    my daughter is here and we are eating pringles and laughing, knowing
    They are banking on the fact they can run the promotion and get flashy attention on every can.
    But the number of people who would save each receipt,
    look up the site.
    follow the instuctions
    have a working printer to send it to, with ink ready.
    have envelops handy.
    have the correct postage ready.
    To go throw the steps of coping from a site and putting on an envelope correctly (although not hard think of the general public out there) they arent doing it.
    to put it all together and in the mail.
    I’m guessing the response is alot lower than you would expect, because people are going through the steps,
    not teenagers.
    not adults
    not old people
    not poor people who buy the chips but dont work the internet
    not people who would not mess with postage or mailing, or driveing to get suplies to do it.

    I’m thinking only Stay at home mom’s with little kids who home school maybe would have the time and everything to do it almost like a fun little project.
    Or perhaps the Tech, nerd who is still living at home, playing video games all day and looks it up and call’s down “Mom, do we have stammps?”
    Or me, an unEmployeed design engineer, who worked for 30 plus years, and 15years at the last job before they closed it down and build two facilities one in china and a facility in Mexico.for super cheap labor.

    So i have time and did not want them to beat me, I jumped all the hoops and want my speaker LOL
    like your site dear.-kids are cute -Steve

    • Wow, Steve! I’ve never had a comment quite like yours before! Holy shit! I’m speechless:)
      I agree with you, I think this is geared for stay-at-home moms, as it is a lot of work for a freebie.
      Sorry that you had trouble getting everything together. I have messed up on rebates before only
      to have them not come in because of a stupid little mistake. That sort of thing is so annoying!
      As for your job, I’m so sorry that you were laid off. It is a scary world in technology these days.
      My husband works for IBM and I always hold my breath when the cuts are announced. I hope
      you get a great job doing something you love.
      Hope you enjoy the speaker!! And thanks so much for the comment:)
      Take care,

      • steve howard says

        Yeah, I had fun “venting” on your site.
        I remember just yesterday when my kids were running around just like yours, Then I looked away and look back and they are of legal drinking age! And its like, How did that happen when i dont feel any older?
        I’m trying to stay away from the cliche’ that they grow so fast. but you have know idea. Just wait till you get where im at and look back.
        I really recommed Boy Scouting for the Boy. Its not the same for the girls, which is mainly a cookie mill where mothers try to out do each other.
        the Boys dont even have a product really and its not about that.
        It will pay off Huge, when he gets older and they get harder to control. Ive seen it all.
        bottom line is it builds It builds Character, and they draw on it to make good decisions later (when you’re not around). They won’t join later because they will consider it Not cool. It’s always been like that. So your put them in early as you can and they stay in. most the time, guys are scouts all the way in high school and tell nobody, ha-ha
        But eagle scouts get registered with the state and government.
        He’ll get a stack of scholarships and acceptance letters just for being a eagle scout.
        It’s like 8 or of 10 senators and congressmen, most the presidents almost all the astronoghts and who’s who in business leaders but nobody realizes it.
        Just a tip (get him in cup scouts and then boys scouts)If he is not already and it will make your husband a better Man and dad, with support of other dads.
        And the bonding awesome-steve
        not pushing anything just looking back.

        • Hey Steve,

          Good to hear from you again. This Pringles speaker review was actually written by a friend of mine and those are her children. I actually have three boys- ages 21 months, 4 years, and almost 7 years old. It is so funny that you should mention Scouts, because my husband is actually an Eagle scout. He has some of the fondest memories of being a part of the program during his childhood. My eldest is just going to be starting in the fall and my husband is very excited. He is going to be their den leader and the assistant pack leader. It is our hope that all three of our boys will continue with the program throughout their education and I’m fairly confident they will (at least at this point) as their dad is so involved and excited about it. He is even a member of the Order of the Arrow. I’m a little lost. Being a girl (obviously) and not having any brothers this is my first experience with Scouts. But based on my husbands experience and his brothers’ I’m definitely excited for my own boys to have their turn.
          Ultimately what I”m saying again, is I completely agree with you;)
          I already feel like time is going so fast. I can’t imagine what it is like when all three are in school. My head is spinning some days now, it is hard to imagine it will be even faster. It does make me sad to just think about them moving on. Luckily they are so sweet and young still that they swear they will never leave me:)

  2. the mama, steve,

    i was moved by your discussion. i came here hoping to find some details about a strange promotional offer and discovered something i never would have expected. the internet never fails to surprise you!

    i’m an eagle scout and vigil honor order of the arrow. i’m far from a politician though, and i recommend staying away from that sector. i know a lot of eagles that went their own way: three of us made up the imaginary band The Eagle Scouts. as a musician and lo-tech enthusiast i’m curious about the properties of the speaker, not sure i’m sold on the product here – the promotional page lacks any significant details.

    3″ speakers are easy to get ahold of – first google result: tq322 anarchy speakers run ten dollars; others for less. how do these compare to retail speakers? are they made abroad in mexico or china or via european cartel, or are these made in strongsville, ohio?

    instead of sending all of our mail to the midwest interested individuals should be able to submit requests via an online form (and with sale confirmation required, a product UPC/receipt code or scan can be entered/attached). this would help minimize carbon footprint and provide a more efficient and rewarding experience for participant and employee alike.

    going beyond that: having an actual speaker embedded in the product would be absolutely incredible. if that were the case this promotion would make the news and history. you don’t see kids walking down the streets with ipods plugged in to snack cans every day – any day – no advertiser could pay enough for that kind of attention. the mail away format defeats this on many levels as steve howard illustrated in great detail. many proctor & gamble products could participate in some capacity. ideas:

    embed a lo-fi contact microphone+speaker that picks up sound as you clean – this would get kids to wipe up for you

    George Harrison’s toilet played Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. you get so many tubes with each purchase you could have 1.5″ speaker surround sound before you have to restock

    toothbrush bristles are connected to an audio controller that emits sound relevant to your brushing patterns – tone “tips” guide you toward optimal brushing technique & duration

    a lo-tech circuit board in the packaging could run off minimal voltage to produce a variety of interesting results

    the trigger on this and like devices could power a “turn the page”-esque sparkling sound when used

    if razors had “stud finders” we wouldn’t cut ourselves as much

    when the food is poured the bag emits a friendly pets-only frequency calling them over automatically – frequencies can be assigned per pet

    this was my grandpa’s preferred soap for carving (as if it were wood) – a lot of possibilities

    when floss is pulled from the dispenser the action could power a pleasant sound encouraging regular flossing

    box could be used as a speaker – a sensor could detect sneezing and say “Salut!”

    not really connected but i think all clothes washing related containers should be glow in the dark – a lot of folks do laundry in the basement

    they have many more products and possibilities. doing this product line research i found Pringles was sold to Diamond in April, but the promotional website does not mention this and has branding otherwise. i’m curious who put this together – if it is Diamond, they could add this to their Emerald nuts line (similar packaging) for different acoustic results. Pop Secret has some interesting possibilities, too.

    the most interesting results could be to take multiple pringles cans and create more interesting sounds – it reminds me of the pipe/toy that made “outer space” sounds when you shook it. or rain sticks for an older audience.

    i also agree about girl scouts: i have so many female friends who are jealous of my outdoor experiences while they were stuck indoors – at least before they quit. my sister went to school in Salem, Oregon (where Diamond’s Kettle chips are based) and i’ve met a designer who worked on Charmin. my dad was our cub and scout master at points, and my girlfriend’s grandpa is a retired IBM executive. small world!

    have a good one,

    ben kelley

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