Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent Review


With six people in our house I wash a lot of laundry.  If I let too many days go by the pile gets out of control.  And unfortunately for me our pile is located right next to our backdoor.  Talk about at an awful idea!

Purex is not a new brand in our home.  I have been using their various products for quite some time.  I decided to give this new Triple Action laundry detergent a test using my sofa pillows.  This new formula is designed to leave my clothes bright, white, and clean, and that is exactly what my pillows need.

Let me show you the before pictures.

They are not horribly stained, but they could sure use a little brightening!

I prefer the free and clear variety.

But they do offer a wide selection.

After a standard cycle on my old, not high energy efficient washer, my pillows looked like this!

I’m going to have to fluff them a bit to get the wrinkles out from being in the washing machine, but notice the nice white lift the pillows received.

Purex works hard to offer quality detergent at half the cost of other brands.  I must admit I am convinced.   Certain high priced detergents don’t overly impress me and with results like this I certainly don’t see the need to start using them!

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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