Reading Time! #TheAvengersEvent


My eldest son loves the days I visit our local bookmobile. Whenever he comes home he scans the living room looking for traces of anything new or amiss. On bookmobile days our living room is scattered with “new” books. On these days and quite a few in between I hardly get a “hello- how as your day?” before he is plopped down immersed in a book.

It does make a Mama proud to see my son so excited about reading.  He has been a long time lover of books, but his reading skills have only become strong this year.

I guess perhaps I had an idea he would like books when at eleven months old he used to do this. (Check out the video below)  He probably accidentally ripped a part of a page a couple of times, sometimes to hysterical tears.

How can this even be the same child!   I am officially old.


  1. I love it!! Who doesn’t want to read about Captain America?!!

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