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“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Moms Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”

verizon reception & service

As my final post on behalf of my time with Verizon I’m ready to tackle the controversial topic of cell phone reception.  I can’t deny the perks of being part of the Mom Voices program with Verizon.  I’ve received a tablet and a cell phone for participating, each with service.  But to be honest, I didn’t need a phone and I didn’t need a tablet.  What I really needed was cell phone reception.  I’ve had Sprint.  I currently pay for AT&T.  But I had not yet tried Verizon.  Let me start from the beginning. 

My husband and I were happy Sprint customers until the emergence of the iPhone.  At that time Sprint didn’t have the “in” on this on hot item.  While cell phone reception with Sprint was not ideal, it was okay.  But the allure of an iPhone made us switch to AT&T.  I rue that day!

I begrudgingly switched from Sprint to AT&T- inadvertently increasing our cell phone bill by leaps and bounds as our Sprint plan was an honored old plan and an awesome deal.   Our long days of AT&T service were just beginning.  At the heart of our cell phone reception problems is the fact that we live in the middle of nowhere with lots of big, beautiful red oak trees surrounding us.  Our well built home and lovely shaded exterior have proved to be detrimental to our cell phone coverage.  But when you are paying large monthly amounts for a service, obviously one expects it to work.  But from the beginning our service with AT&T was painful.  It quickly became apparent that my calls were dropping all the time

I also need to inform you that for many years our cell phones have been our only phones.  We ditched our landlines ages ago.  Therefore cell phone reception isn’t a luxury for us on-the-go, but rather a necessity for us at home.  You can see how this would be very annoying.  Yes, we could have had a landline created for our home, but ultimately that would have been another $40-$50 per month.  It seemed irrational to me that I would need to spend additional money for old-fashioned technology when supposedly had the best modern device/service around.  

verizon phone rug

Let me introduce you to my rug.  This is one of my kitchen rugs.  It’s right by the door to our deck.  This is the spot where I talked on the phone for months.  The only spot. I couldn’t move for fear of losing reception.  And actually about a third of the time my call would drop anyway.  During the summer I could actually step outside and increase my cell phone reception success rate, but I live in Minnesota.  Hanging out on my deck is really only an option for about five months of the year.  

While I like my rug and my kitchen, I can’t deny I was annoyed not to have the ability to move around.  Talking on my phone became painful.  I realize this is a first world problem, but when you are paying over a thousand dollars a year for cell phone service it would be advantageous if it actually worked.  

I had been a devotee of my kitchen rug for over well over a year (damn contracts!) when I was contacted by Verizon to join their Moms Voice program.  I’m sure many bloggers were excited at the prospect of tablets and shiny tech devices, but I was very eager to try Verizon reception in my home, to me it’s the ultimate test.  Half way through our program I received my Galaxy Note 3 and had the ability to test cell phone reception.  I was hopeful, because frankly it couldn’t really get any worse.  Imagine my surprise when I could suddenly talk on my phone ANYWHERE within my house.  Honestly, I had no idea it could be this good.  I can walk around and talk.  I can sit in a comfy chair and talk.  I can go into the depths of my office…..and talk (a place that had absolutely zero reception with AT&T).  Why is there such different between the two companies?  I have no idea.  Clearly, our gorgeous trees and solid constructed home (an excuse for bad reception from AT&T) were not a deterrent for Verizon. 

I could not have found my Verizon service at a better time.  In November my job situation took a pleasant turn to manager status and of course my phone meeting requirements also increased (I work from home).  My cell phone and adequate service are now a necessity not only for home life, but also for my work.  My Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with Google Chat and is synced with my work calendar making it easy to stay connected with my job even when I’m picking up my little guys from school.  


My complimentary service with Verizon is literally days away from ending and I can’t deny I’m a little panicked.  The thought of not having Verizon service isn’t a reality I am willing to embrace.  There is no going back to the rug.  I’m going to be rushing to my local Verizon store to set up an account and service of my own.  Yes, I’m officially ditching my iPhone 5 and AT&T.  I’m starting a new plan with Verizon and my Galaxy Note 3.  My rug days are officially over.  Hallelujah! 


  1. It is amazing to me how different cell reception can be. Around here, AT&T is awful, but Sprint isn’t all that much better. Verizon rocks, but … we switched away because (at least 2 years ago), their plans were ridiculously – in the AT&T range – expensive. We are T-Mobile now, which is (or was at the time) rock bottom cheap and reception isn’t horrible. I don’t drop calls though I don’t get the same reception in some places that others do. Our plan is up in April, and you can bet that I’ll be looking VERY carefully at all the options out there! But the Note 3? That one has my name on it.

  2. Hi! You commented above me at Dirty Floor Diaries today and boy am I happy I stopped by your blog. I have been going back and forth on what to do for months. I had Sprint. Hated it. I have AT&T. My reception is actually decent but their prices are anything but. We have the smallest package available (two lines, shared minutes, unlimited texting) and still manage to pay somewhere around $150/month. It’s insane. I’ll have to look into what Verizon offers in our area. Thanks for the information, greatly appreciated!

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