Repurposing Coffee Creamer Bottles Easter Themed Kid’s Craft


I have gone through a lot of coffee creamer bottles in my day.  I cringe to think about it.  A little while ago it suddenly occurred to me that I might alleviate some of my guilt if I re-purposed some of these bottles.   Keep in mind I didn’t vow to drink less coffee or use less creamer.  I just vowed to put the bottles to good use!

My idea?  A simple kid friendly Easter decoration.  Obviously if you are using a coffee creamer bottle you are not making something with a lot of classic style:)  Instead my objective was building self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment in my four year old.

Using a simple Easter bunny cut-out that I found in my scrapbooking supplies I pasted the entire images on the cleaned bottle.  Cutting skills and gluing skills will be put to the test with this fun project!

Ultimately it was really simple and fun and can be completed in about 15 minutes, which is perfect for a short attention span!

Can’t forget the classic cotton ball tail!

What will we use this creation for other than decoration?  It makes a great jelly bean holder, of course!  Happy Easter!


If you don’t happen to have a template for a simple Easter bunny on hand I found a useable one here.


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