Ritz Crackerfuls Pick Me Up Snack Review


Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain is a great pick me up snack between meals – help curb hunger with real food!

Crackerfuls is the delicious snack that fills you up in the afternoon and helps keep you satisfied until your next meal.

The new Ritz Crackerfuls multigrain offers

  • 6 grams of whole grains per serving
  • Rich, creamy real-cheese filling
  • Individually wrapped sandwiches convenient for on-the-go

Now available in these fab flavor varieties

  • Multi Grain Sharp Cheddar
  • Multi Grain Garden Vegetable
  • Multi Grain Garlic Herb
For more info on coupons and promotions from Ritz Crackerfuls, visit their Facebook page. Currently they are offering a coupon for -$.75 off a Crackerful product.
My thoughts?
I am a snacker.  I wish I wasn’t, but sometimes (with all the million things I need to get done during the day) I can’t find the time to sit down for a real meal.  My lunch is usually consumed standing in kitchen perhaps reading a bit of news or a recipe after my two youngest have been fed.  All too soon my meal is interrupted by something or other.  Needless to say a few hours later I am hungry for a little pick me up.  My favorite “pick me up” snack is chocolate.  Let’s just be honest.  It isn’t a cracker of any sort.  It’s chocolate.   I’m a sweets gal.  Perhaps if you prefer salty foods you would reach for a cracker first, but for me its chocolate.
Where does that leave my Ritz Crackerfuls box?  In the hands of my children, of course.  I was all too happy to give them these whole grain snacks.  The regular equivalent to Crackerfuls is quite unhealthy.  Cheese that isn’t even a dairy product stuck between two buttery crackers.  Crackerfuls are different.  They are the healthy alternative to cheese snack crackers.  What did my kids think? They loved them!  They thought of them as a special treat since, obviously I don’t purchase regular cheese snacks.  All three of my children were happy Ritz Crackerful snackers.  They definitely provided a ‘pick me up” for them.  I am inclined to purchase these crackers.  The kids enjoyed them and I felt good giving them a snack that is a bit healthier than the rest.
Here is my middle child enjoying his “treat”.
What is YOUR “pick me up” snack of choice?

I received this  product from One2One Network to faciliate my review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I love these ritz crackerfuls also, ive been buying them for about a year and a half or so now, i just recently stocked up at giant eagle when they were on sale, and i had a bunch of coupons. I am big on salty foods, any kinds of crackers, chips, etc. Id rather have salty over sweet any day!

    • The Mama says

      I guess you are definitely in the salt lover group, Kristin! That’s leaves more chocolate for me:)

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