Rockboard Scooter of Awesomeness Review


When my eldest son turned six he “discovered” his scooter.  He had, had one for about a year prior, but wasn’t entirely interested in riding it.  Then almost overnight something “clicked” and he basically quit riding his bike and instead traveled by scooter.

I did not have a scooter as a child.  Did children have scooters back then?  I’m guessing some did, but no one I knew had one.  Perhaps it wasn’t a girl thing.  They have certainly become much more popular in the last number of years.  I am sad to say I have tried to ride my sons scooter.  The key word being- try.  My basic thought is “you’ve got to be kidding me!”.  Balance and coordination are not skills I possess.

We recently received a Rockboard Scooter.

My oldest son, age seven, was delighted.  But my husband and I were also.  Why?  What is a Rockboard Scooter and how is it different from a regular scooter?

A Rockboard scooter is essentially a board you rock back and forth on to gain speed.  By pushing down in the front and then down in the back continuously you gain speed on the scooter.  The scooter is propelled by this “rock board” motion.  There is no need to put your foot down and it does not use batteries or gas.

The scooter comes assembled so there is no building involved.  My husband was able to pull it out of the box and have it ready to ride in minutes.  Here is a short video demonstrating what is necessary to prepare the scooter for play.

Once it was assembled my husband hopped right on and started riding.  He made it look so easy and fun!  I HAD to try!

Yes, that’s me in the middle with the wind blowing my hair all about.  I will admit the first time I tried to get on I was scared and intimidated.  But after watching my husband easily cruise around our driveway, I became determined.  It looked like too much fun!  My second attempt had me sailing around our cul-de-sac.  I did it!  And I love it!  My eldest son did not need a second attempt as he had it all figured out right from the start.

Honestly, the Rockboard Scooter is a lot of fun.  I haven’t been this excited about a wheeled toy for myself since I was a kid.  Perhaps being the mom of three boys has made me more open to such adventures?  Whatever the case, my son and I now take turns on the scooter!



Check out this video to see my son and husband in action!

First let me address all criticism.  Yes, we should be wearing a helmet ourselves.  We are careless, reckless, and out of control.  This is about as wild and crazy as I get, truly.

Are we all riding the same scooter?  Yep, it can hold up to 200 lbs and the front handle bar is adjustable.  This is a scooter that will last a lifetime.  My seven year old son, who can use it now, will be able to use it all though junior high and high school.  Even potentially the rest of his life, if he doesn’t become a giant, which he might because he is tall.

There is a smaller “mini” Rockboard scooter that is ideal for younger children, however it only holds up to 90lbs.  This model is also cheaper at $160, but I would not purchase the mini.  Buy the regular sized Rockboard Scooter and get your money’s worth.  At $200 this scooter isn’t inexpensive, however I feel the price accurately reflects the value and long term use available with this toy.

My son calls this his surf board.  And for a Minnesota boy I guess it is:)

M.Y. Products LLC Rockboard Scooter is available for purchase at Amazon.  Check out Rockboard Scooters via Facebook or Twitter.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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