Rumba Time Watch Review


Best friends from college, Joe Anto, Drew Deters and Jay Hartington shared a love of adventure, discovery, and living life to its fullest. And so RumbaTime began with the simple idea of making time keep up with your life, instead of the other way around. We make time weightless with silicone watches that feel like a second skin. Smooth, bright, water-resistant & durable – in styles and colors as diverse as personalities.

My Rumba Time watch came in a neat clear tube.  I’ve never seen a watch packaged this way before and I thought it was unique.  My kids enjoyed playing with this interesting shape once I took the watch out.

The first thing that needed to be done was to set the time, of course.  There are two little buttons underneath the watch face.  Using a pencil it is easy to set the current time and date.  Like most modern time pieces be it an alarm clock, digital watch, or even my digital coffeemaker you simply wait until the numbers are flashing and then press the button again to set the correct time.  Easy.  Then the Rumba Watch is ready to be worn. Here is the particular model I have except mine is in Cotton Candy.

Made out of silicon the Rumba Watch is meant to be stretched and depending on the size of your hands it might need to be stretched a bit to put on.  My watch was a size small and fit perfectly.  The watch band only required a small bit of stretching to fit onto my wrist.  I found the watch to be sporty looking.  I can definitely see myself wearing it outside in the summer with my three boys.  It is durable and lightweight.  Here is fashion designer Carolina Herrera adding a designer look to the watch.

I was curious if the watch would rub my wrist and cause irritation,  it did not.  It is truly lightweight and even though it could move on my wrist it was still comfortable.

Here are some of the other styles available.

I believe the Mercer watch is the top seller and certainly is the most stylish of the bunch.  Here is the Mercer. 


Overall I am pleased with my Rumba Watch.  I believe it makes a great on-the-go watch!


I received a watch to review, however all opinions are my own.


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