Say Thank You to the Teachers in Your Life with Merci Chocolates & a Giveaway (#merciTeachers)


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The end of the school year is at hand.  In fact my two younger son’s have already had their last day of preschool for the season.  They are officially on summer vacation.  And my oldest son will be finished with the 2nd grade this coming Friday.  A summer full of swimming lessons, vacations, and summer camps lay in front of us, but before we begin this season of summer fun we need to properly thank our teachers.  My son’s learned so much during this school year.  My 2nd grader is a proficient reader, my five year old is ready for kindergarten next year, and my three year old loves school, as a mom I consider this success.

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As a former teacher myself, I understand how important it is to say ‘thank you’ to teachers.  Often educators don’t receive the level of recognition that they deserve.  Countless hours of work and planning are involved to make sure students are successful.  A simple gift acknowledging teachers as caring individuals is a must for every student, well at least in my house.

Each of my boys will be giving their teacher a gift card to Target, Walmart, or a restaurant as a little extra something special to brighten the end of their school year.  But an equally nice touch is to give a box of Merci chocolates with this thank you note and gift card.  Merci, French for ‘thank you’, is a sweet way of celebrating the teachers in your life.  Available at Walmart these chocolate treats are tasty and the box includes a selection of different flavors to suit every taste.

My eight year old has his box ready for delivery this Friday.  The third grade is next, but before we advance we will make sure proper recognition is given to the one who guided him through this recent year of learning.

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  1. We thanked them and tried to do special things for them.

  2. I’ll send thank you cards and include a gift card.

  3. mrsshukra says

    A gift card is always appreciated!

  4. Give them anything but an apple and that came from a teacher. I agree with everyone else that said a gift card.

    • I just wanted to add that I think that the Teacher would appreciate that the student made the thank you card instead of purchasing it. It shows more effort on the students part.

  5. Kathy L. says

    I’m sure any teacher would appreciate a gift card!

  6. A card of thanks to the teacher and the school board.

  7. D SCHMIDT says

    I will show thanks with nice handwritten letter and gift card

  8. Thank-you cards and end-of-the-year gifts.

  9. Dorothy Teel says

    The teachers in our life include Sunday School and Homeschool mothers and we thank theym for all they have done for our grandchildren..

  10. Constance zimmer says

    I got a super deal on Groupon for massages… I bought 4 deals… and that’s what the teachers will get…. an hours worth of pampering!!!!

  11. Megan Parsons says

    I would make a handmade card with scrapbooking supplies!

  12. Michelle H. says

    I am thinking of having my kids make each of their teachers a card.

  13. Make sure my kids behave.

  14. I try to send little gifts throughout the year when I know teachers might really need it, days like the day after halloween, the first day back after xmas break and the first day back after we had 4 consecutive snow days this year. Of course, I spoil them during teacher appreciate week also.

  15. Kristie F. says

    Handmade cards, and gift cards to buy books and lunch for themselves.

  16. Kathy Davis says

    As a retired teacher, don’t wait until Christmas or the end of the year to show appreciation to your teacher. The best Thank You is a note of appreciation sent at random. These little notes really make a teacher’s day!

  17. Seyma Shabbir says

    Gift at the end of the year

  18. Make her a sweet little tea cup.

  19. Jen Haile says

    I like my child to make a little handmade gift to give to his teachers.

  20. I taught mine to write thank you letters to teachers to thank them for their influence in his life. That’s how I was raised, and it’s a wonderful thing to get your kids into the habit of doing.

  21. Hello, We usually thank our teachers with a Visa or Starbucks gift card. Thank you. Vicki

  22. Jennifer Rogers says

    We say thank You and do special things for them, we bake and send goodies!

  23. susan smoaks says

    I will send them a nice treat. I think this year it will be a caramel apple!

  24. Carrie Phelps says

    I sweet treat with a picture my grandson has drawn.

  25. Debra Hall says

    i would buy a nice plant

  26. Well, my boyfriend is a high school teacher and I’m sure I show him more appreciation than his students do… 😉 but really, I know he would be touched and appreciative of any gift a student would give. I would gift something to help enjoy the summer, maybe a starbucks gift card or a travel water bottle.

  27. I usually bake cookies or other sweet treats for teachers! 🙂

  28. Mary Mac says

    My sister is a teacher and she loves gift cert.

  29. Michelle S says

    Thank you notes

  30. we made homemade cocoa mix

  31. jamie braun says

    we usually buy my teacher a plant at the end of the year

  32. Angela Nichols says

    We give them gift cards to supply stores so they don’t have to spend their own money.

  33. Maybe a gift card? Don’t know yet :/

  34. I thanked them.

  35. sharon gullikson says

    I am giving them kitcheny gifts.

  36. Brittany says

    I thank them and this year will be contributing to the group class gifts.

  37. Working with your school aged children to write their own thank you card is a great way to show their teacher(s) how much they are appreciated. We like to do this in addition to the class gift.

  38. Cynthia R says

    thank them, send cards, and small token gifts

  39. Maggie Wallace says

    Thank them with some small yet useful gifts.

  40. Michelle L says

    I will show appreciation by telling them how much I appreciate them

  41. Evie Sells says

    with hand made cards

  42. we donate money to a teacher fund

  43. I will give them these chocolates! 😀

  44. Tweet didn’t post in the rafflecopter:

  45. soha molina says

    a gift at the end of the year

  46. A cup of Starbucks.

  47. A cup of Starbucks it would be.

  48. Barbara Montag says

    I like making bath salts for them if they’re women.
    And gift cards for the male teachers.
    Thank you.

  49. Will send a card thanking them for all they did during the year plus a gift card

  50. Saver Sara says

    Thank you card

  51. Allison Downes says

    I will send a thank you card with some gift cards along with it!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  52. melina r says

    I send them thank you notes with a gift

  53. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    A Thank- You Note With A Gift Card! We Love Our Teachers!

  54. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    A heartfelt note and a small gift!

  55. sandra davis says

    a nice card and a small gift

  56. jeri boss says

    i will send a thank you card and gift card

  57. by helping in the classroom

  58. Calshondra Williams says

    Handmade card and gift card is nice.

  59. Betsy Barnes says

    We show appreciation to my son’s teachers with a gift card 🙂

  60. I gave my daughter’s teachers gift cards to our local grocery store and my son’s teacher got baby gifts because she left on maternity leave. I will give his substitute something small soon too.

  61. Lucy Nguyen says

    A homemade cake

  62. By making her a “Enjoy your summer” basket

  63. Gift certificates or chocolate!

  64. Christy Anderson says

    Give them a card.

  65. We always prepare special gift baskets to thank teachers at the end of the year. Teachers are so important!

  66. Jenny Stanek says

    My family actually owns a chocolate shop so we always send a good box if mixed chocolates!

  67. michelle r says

    I usually go the easy gift card route

  68. Shelley P says

    We make a card and buy a gift to show our appreciation.

  69. Tracy Robertson says

    Chocolate, it’s a wonderful gift for almost everyone!

  70. Diane Sallans says

    A sincere compliment and Thank You can go a long way, but some chocolate never hurts!

  71. making a card for them

  72. Say “Thank You.” We have also giving gift cards, volunteered, and made tissue paper flowers.

  73. Say “thanks” when I meet them

  74. Nichol Tone says

    I give them a thank you gift

  75. We gave them flowers this year and made food for teacher appreciation lunch.

  76. Lenora D says

    Gift cards seem to be the most appreciated.

  77. Gift cards are always a good choice.

  78. Courtney W. says

    We’ll it depends on the teacher. One of the teachers this year requested corn dip, and well, she got corn dip. 🙂

  79. Ellen Anderson says

    We always gave out baked goods (the teachers all loved my pumpkin bread!)

  80. Charlotte says

    I give flowers.

  81. Bonnie p says

    I will write them a letter telling them how much I appreciate them and how they have helped my daughter. I will tuck a gc into the envelope

  82. I had a little gift box from 1800baskets delivered to my boys’ paras on the last day of school.

  83. Lethea B says

    A gift certificate for a manicure=)

  84. Kimberly Schotz says

    Gift cards usually

  85. Michelle Tucker says

    I usually make sure I let them know how much their hard work and dedication means to the children and parents.

  86. Karen Propes says

    Gift cards and some Body Shop goodies is what we gave to the daycare teachers. It is so important to show how much you appreciate them they take the time to teach your kids in their life patch. We also give to our kid’s sunday school teachers, they too are teaching for the soul and heart.
    I remember when my daughter was in middle school on Teacher Appreciation Day we had lunch catered and I went to the local restaurants and stores and got donations for the teachers. Once we accumulated‎ everything, we put all the teacher’s names in a bowl and picked up a prize and put that teacher’s name on it. During the day, some students and myself went to each room, with balloons and ringing a bell. It’s was amazing how just a little something made them light up. Some of the gcards were $50 for restaurants. it was the luck of the draw and they were all happy that the day was such a delightful change. How important are our teachers, they teach our future leaders and they will be in charge one day. So glad we had great teachers that taught my daughter to be the woman she is today.
    Thank you for the chance. – sorry for the rambling

  87. Teresa Thompson says

    We got her a personalized mug.

  88. Jessica To says

    We always get the teachers a gift during Teacher Appreciation Week.

  89. A gift card is always appreciated.

  90. Thomas Murphy says

    I will give my kids teachers flowers and a card to show I appreciation them

  91. Tabathia B says

    I gave her a thank you card

  92. Kim Reid says

    Thank you cards with a gift card included!

  93. I am a teacher & it is so nice to feel appreciated. This year, I got the sweetest card from a parent & it was so much better than gift. Although, to be fair, I sure do love Starbucks gift cards! 🙂

  94. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I thank them and usually bake for them

  95. Stacey B says

    i made her a super cute teacher specific floral arrangement, and a bunch of hershey bars because my son said she loves them, lol

  96. Wanda McHenry says

    I would give them a nice ceramic apple to put on their desk!

  97. Becky Cole says

    I give them a thank-you card

  98. aimee mcpherson says

    Thank you notes for sure!

  99. we usually get gift certificastes

  100. Amy Truluck says

    A heartful card and things to pamper themselves with – we don’t pamper ourselves enough.

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