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ScanDigital is the world’s premier, photo digitization service. We provide high quality scans and provide them to you both on DVD or CD and through our online gallery. Using our fully interactive online gallery, you can share your photos with friends and family, upload additional digital images to complete your digital gallery and order reprints; as well as numerous other print products (i.e. mugs, key chains, t-shirts) through our print partner Qoop. Simply put, ScanDigital provides the most user-friendly experience available. We place the customer at the center of everything we do throughout the entire order process.

Photo Scanning

  • Manual Processing
    All photos scanned and edited by hand

  • Strict Quality Assurance
    Each image reviewed by 3 technicians
  • Safe & Secure
    All work is done in the United States of America

  • Online Gallery
    Archive pictures and share them forever

Film & Video Transfers
  • Video Preparation
    Inspected and repaired if needed prior to transfer
  • Variety of Formats
    Includes VHS, MiniDV and BetaMax
  • Scene Detection
    Easily locate events with chapter points
  • Strict Quality Assurance
    Each video reviewed by 3 technicians



My photos both new and old are very important to me.  I have a massive amount of them, as I am a collector of family  history.  It is easy to digitally preserve my childrens memories as they are already digital.   Since my eldest son was born digital media including cameras and video cameras have become the norm.  But then there is everything that exists before the time of digital media.  Like many families, I have tons of pictures that have no digital footprint.  And to make it even more complicated I inherited a bunch of negatives- some of which I have photographs of, but some that I do not, and have not ever seen!  Whew!  This is where ScanDigital can help.  I could personally scan these pictures into digital form.  I have scanned quite a few and it is a time consuming process.  S-L-O-W!  But when it comes to my negatives scanning isn’t even an option.

I decided to send a bunch of negatives to ScanDigital for “digitalization”.  Is that a word?  My spell check doesn’t seem to think so, but I think it should be.  Anyway, as you can imagine I was nervous sending my precious negatives.  I can assure you that ScanDigital does not take this matter lightly.  The company really understands that you are sending away something irreplaceable and takes precautions to insure success.

Here are the steps involved.

  1. Generate a UPS label directly from the ScanDigital website.  (I did not use this option- I just mailed the package myself)  This alerts the company that they should be expecting a package from you and you  in turn will receive an email once the package as arrived.  (Whew!  That is the scariest part!  Placing faith in the postal service can be scary sometimes- especially with such important items)
  2. They will scan or transfer your pictures/negatives/videos.  I received another email when they actually started working on my order.
  3. And finally another email alert signaling the return of your original package plus the new CD or DVD.

I think it is important and pleasing that ScanDigital notified me with every step of the way.  Again as I have stated before, when you are sending away such important items you want to be assured that they are alright.

You can also view the scanned pictures online and share them with family and friends.  No need to upload to another photo sharing site, just use ScanDigital!

Here is my newly discovered picture from my mass of negatives.

I suppose it doesn’t look like much, but to me it is the best place in the world and will forever be home.  And now I have a new undiscovered photo that is in digital form.

This service is not inexpensive, but ensuring the life of important family photos or documents is important and essentially an investment for future generations.

I would highly recommend ScanDigital to help anyone preserve their family treasures.


I received the above mentioned service for review purposes, all opinions are my own.



  1. I have been needing to find something like this. All of our pictures now are digital, and I would hate to lost them. Thanks for this information!! Hope that you have a great weekend!

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