Scott’s Turf Builder Review


Fertilizing Your Lawn Just Got Easier!


Scotts Turf Builder takes the guess work out of caring for your lawn. This product is a big step forward making lawn care simpler and easier for consumers in the following ways:

  • Kid and Pet Friendly allowing them to reenter the lawn for playtime right after application
  • Nourishes and Strengthens your grass to protect against future problems like weeds, heat, drought & family activity
  • Apply any season to any type of grass – no guess work!
  • All Food, No Filler! Scotts Turf Builder is made using a patented All-In-One particle technology that combines key lawn nutrients into a single small particle. Bargain brands can contain as much as 40% filler, but with Scotts Turf Builder there is 100% pure nutrition in every granule!

Scotts Turf Builder all-in-one technology is so easy to use and you don’t have to be a lawn care guru to have a beautiful lawn!

About Scotts Turf Builder All-In-One Technology

  • 100% pure nutrition in every granule.   Bargain brands can contain as much as 40% filler.
  • Tiny, so you achieve MORE even feeding and greening over every square inch of your lawn. Bargain brands mix together separate larger particles that can result in hit or miss feeding/greening.
  • Formulated with slow release nitrogen so you’ll get a beautiful, green lawn – without burning, even if you apply too much

Product Info

Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer is available in 5000 sq. feet bags and 15000 sq. feet bags

Southern Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer – specially formulated for Southern lawns – is available in 5000 sq. feet bags, 10000 sq. feet bags and 15000 sq. feet bags

Scotts Turf Builder is available for sale at various retailers including Home Depot, Target and Walmart.


Our lawn is massive.  Mowing it is no small task and obviously, neither is fertilizer application.  We have been content in the last couple of years to have a service company take care of the spraying and fertilizing.   After moving into our house there were so many things to do that it relieved my husband to know he didn’t have to worry about the health of our lawn.   My ten year wedding anniversary present to him (the year we moved into our current house) was a riding lawn mower.  How romantic:)

Here is a small section of grass before any application.

This year I thought we would take care of our own fertilization.  I was pretty confident that it was cheaper to do it ourselves.  Isn’t it almost always cheaper to do it yourself?  Hmmmm….I thought so.   And that is why I was delighted to review Scott’s Turf Builder.  I knew it was top of the line fertilizer and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  That is when I really started looking into the price of lawn fertilizer and how much it would cost to fertilizer our entire yard.  Yikes!   Boy, did I underestimate the number of bags we would need and the price per bag.   I decided to give our lawn service a call.  The results?  It is much cheaper for us to have a lawn service fertilize our yard and spray for weeds than it is to do it ourselves.   I almost can’t believe it.  It is cheaper and we physically don’t have to do it.  My husband was delighted as you can imagine.  He will just stick to his mowing job.   The lawn company fertilized our yard last week, but I kept a small area to test out Scott’s Turf Builder for myself.  This will be an interesting comparison.  Scott’s Turf Builder vs. my lawn company.   It is too early for results, but I am curious as to the outcome.   I like the ease of use of Scott’s.  The kids can play right after and it can work on any type of grass.  Simple and easy.  Here is Scott’s feeding routine recommendations.

Early Spring – Help grass recover from winter
An early spring feeding helps grass green-up after the winter

Late Spring – Grow a Lawn Ready for Summer
A feeding now prepares grass for summer stress by thickening the blades on top and building deep roots below.

Early Fall – Replenish nutrients
An early fall feeding replenishes the nutrients lost in the harsh summer months for quicker recovery. Well-fed grass grows thick and strong to avoid weeds from taking hold.

Late Fall – Get a Thicker, Greener Lawn Next Spring
Late fall is the best time to feed to build strong, deep roots to get your grass through the winter months.


Here is a portion of our front yard.

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I received the Turf Builder for review from One2One Network, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ricky Castle says

    About a month ago I fertilized my yard with scotts green max . This was my first time using scotts fertilizer I usually use slow release granular pellets. Now my yard looks like it’s dieing with brown spots everywhere . I followed the instructions to a tee. Everybody says it looks like I burnt it up? Any ideas on what the problem might be and is there any way to stop it. The spots range from the size of a baseball to a basketball

    • Hi Ricky,
      Sorry to hear are experiencing that problem Unfortunately I can’t assist you. But did you try calling Scott’s or looking at their recommendations online?

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