Seasoned Selects & $50 Visa Giftcard Winner


I had so much fun reading about your dinner drama.  Some of them sounded very familiar to me and some of you are so creative in your stressful moments.  Some of your stories were hilarious.  I could totally relate to Kim Griffin and her stressful situation. “My last minute dinner drama- Office dinner of 14, standing rib roast had been cooked according to directions and everyone was starving. Started cutting it and it was raw in the center. Thank goodness a dear friend sliced it and seared it on the stove while hubby and I stalled the guests!”

I also like Terry Reichel’s response of basically just screw the whole thing, let’s eat ice cream! (my words) here are Terry’s “every night is a last minute dinner drama at our house :) With four kids, who wants what, a migraine to boot…we had ice cream sundaes for dinner !!”

And now the winner of Seasoned Selects AND a $50 Visa gift card is…………..(insert drum roll……………did I mention this is my biggest giveaway to date?……..he, he, he,……….#1129 Melissa

Thanks so much for to all those who entered!  This was an awesome giveaway!  Thanks to Barber Foods!

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