SentrySafe Combination Big Bolts Fire-Safe Review & Giveaway


Everyone has important irreplaceable items that need to be stored in a safe way.  Legal documents, passports, family heirlooms, and antique pictures.  There are some things in life that can not be replaced, and others that can only be replaced with difficulty.  There are two important reasons to have a fire-safe of substantial size.

1. Obviously, to protect your important items from fire.  The thought of a devastating fire destroying all your possessions is terrifying.  A fire-safe is the only way to potentially save any of your items.

2. Theft. The Combination Big Bolts Fire-Safe from SentrySafe is large enough to be difficult to carry, but small enough to fit comfortably in your home.

I am in the process of cleaning out my home.  Is it spring cleaning?  Nah, its garage sale assembling!  But I do enjoy cleaning out the old and organizing our possessions.  And this spring I’m carefully placing a number of my most prized possessions in our new Combination Big Bolts Fire-Safe SFW123CS.  As you can see,  I will have plenty of room!

With an adjustable shelf this safe can be made to fit individual needs.  Notice that I had a little someone who thought he should help adjust the shelves.  It’s that easy!

This safe is a rolling combination lock that I traditionally think of when it comes to safes.  My children were enthralled!

They kept begging me for the secret code!  But don’t share:)

I was slightly nervous at the prospect of opening this lock with a combination.  My only real experience with combinations was when I was in high school.  Everyone had a combination padlock on their locker.  I’m sorry to say that I had problems more than once getting my locker to open.  Those little locks just don’t seem to work quite right.

Luckily the combination part of this safe worked like a charm.  I have not had any problems opening it.  And believe me I’ve had some practice.  My children are fascinated by the safe.  One child will close it, while another child asks to have it opened.  It’s definitely time to load this baby and send it to the basement!  I guess this is one way to gain some practice!

Currently, as I previously mentioned, SentrySafe is hosting a Spring Clean Blogger Challenge.

Five bloggers- Delightful Chaos, Organizing Your Way, Buttoned Up, I Dream of Clean, and Organized Mom are competing to win up to $2,500 in donations to a charity of their choice through weekly cleaning/organization challenges. The challenge is housed on SentrySafe’s Facebook page. Each week, the blogger who generates the most comments will win a small donation to their charity and five of their fans who commented that week will be randomly selected to win a safe!

Simply head of the SentrySafe Facebook page and select the Blogger Challenge tab to begin.  But hurry as this challenge is in its final week!

The Combination Big Bolts Fire-Safe SFW123CS is available for purchase from Walmart for $146.97

Connect with Sentry-Safe online and via Facebook and Twitter to see full selection of safes available.

SentrySafe has kindly offered one lucky Mama Report reader a Combination Big Bolts Fire-Safe SFW123CS of their own!

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Shaunda Eppes says

    We need to protect birth certificates

  2. leah stobe says

    i need to protect legal documents. you really can’t get those back if they’re destroyed

  3. Heather Turner says

    photos and important documents

  4. Trasina McGahey says

    I need to protect birth certificates and SS cards for my kids and other documents of the sort.

  5. Kristi C says

    I need to protect photos, birth certificates, and passports.

  6. We need to protect our travel passports and birth certificates. This would be great!

  7. Jennifer Rogers says

    I need to protect Birth Certificates, Marriage License the most!

  8. Birth certificates, passports and photos.

  9. Margaret Smith says

    We need to protect our birth certificates and marriage license the most.
    Thanks so much.

  10. I need to keep our passports and insurance documents safe. I would love to keep my jewelry inside, too.

  11. Caitlin McClure says

    Coin collection and important documents

  12. Ann Fantom says

    I would hate to lose important documents like our passports, house deed, car titles etc.

  13. Rhonda Petersen says

    Legal documents and family photos

  14. anthonyciofani says

    all my important documents

  15. Kristen M says

    I need to protect birth certificates, passports, the deed to our house, soooo much stuff!

  16. Laura Miller says

    There is so much we need to protect! Birth Certs, Soc cards, Marriage Certs, Memory cards.

  17. Elaine Lund says

    We need to protect legal documents

  18. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    birth certificates, marriage license, photos, allergy files, house papers,ect

  19. We need to protect all of our valuable documents, not just a single one. It would bring us great peace of mind.

  20. important documents

  21. D Schmidt says

    Passports, birth certificates, family photographs I think

  22. Ashley C says

    All of our important documents that are a pain (or impossible) to replace


  23. tam childers says

    Legal docuements

  24. The most important thing is birth certificates, social security cards, family pictures, etc.

  25. Debra Pauley says

    all of our important documents

  26. Birth Certificates, passports, house documents, our will, photos, etc.

  27. Holly S. says

    Important papers & family photos.

  28. My social security card, passport, and old taxes.

  29. I’d like to think my coupons are a prized posession, but that’s not why I need to have a security lock up. I would use the Safe to secure baby pictures ( mine, my husbands & my dogs) and wedding certificates. ( don’t want to go through that again just to get another certificate)

  30. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    Birth certificates and titles and such
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  31. Photos, Birth Certificates, pink slips, ….

  32. Diane Sallans says

    the usual things like passport, stock certificates; but also old family papers that are irreplacable

  33. personal documents like birth certificates, ss cards, insurance papers, etc.

  34. Kristin sawatzke says

    Important documents and pictures!

  35. Linda Lansford says


  36. Important documents-birth certificate, SS card, etc., photos-basically anything I wouldn’t want destroyed!

  37. My will and passport.

  38. legal documents and photo dvds

  39. Mary Casper says

    my passport aand other important papers

  40. Sandy VanHoey says

    birth certificates, important documents and movies of my grandson

  41. legal documents
    mtmomo09 at gmail dot com

  42. Micah Pearson says

    documents and old photos

  43. Important doc, cash, my discs with my novels and family photos

  44. Carrie Phelps says

    Bills of sales, birth certificates, back documents my will.

  45. Important documents

  46. Mindy Mue says

    Documents and Pictures

  47. birth certificates, marriage license and the like

  48. Besides having birth certificates ect. I have a lot of photos that would break my heart if they were ruined by fire and my grandmothers rings ect.. Thats why I would love to have this safe

  49. Passports, birth certificates, etc and our backup drives

  50. Jaque R. says

    Important documents and jewelry. 🙂 Thank you.

  51. Jacob LaFountaine says

    Financial documents and some photos

  52. Important legal papers, family documents & photos would go in the safe. 🙂

  53. Suzanne K says

    Lots of important legal papers, family photos and PC restore discs!

  54. I want to protect papers such as birth certificates.

  55. My photo books.

  56. kara locke says

    We actually have a small sentry safe but this bigger one would be better for pica jewerly bonds and our coins!

  57. Angie S. says

    Important documents, photos,etc.

  58. Paper documents…will, birth certificates, etc.

  59. Tari Lawson says

    Birth certificates and our marriage license for starters.

  60. I would think pictures would be the most important thing to protect, followed by house and car info.

  61. Housed deed, birth certificates, car titles and of course our pets records!

  62. Pauline Milner says

    This safe would be a great place for me to store my picture cd’s. One thing that is irreplacable after a fire are pictures. It is important to keep these wonderful memories safe.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  63. ELIZABETH C. says

    I need to keep some valuables. Coins and some other things.

  64. Rebecca Graham says

    Deeds and birth certificates

  65. i want to win because we do not have a place to store our important documents, birth certificates, SSN cards, etc

  66. Birth certificates, insurance policy, car title, jewelry

  67. Tara Liebing says

    I need to protect our social security cards and birth certs also family pictures and important docs

  68. Anastasia says

    Paperwork! Birth certificates, social security cards, etc! The things that are a pain to replace 🙂

  69. Candice Hull says

    Birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards, car titles, etc. Also, we need a place to store extra bullets for our handgun. thanks!

  70. Pauline M says

    Personal paperwork for me, birth certificates, social security numbers etc.

  71. We really need to protect all our important documents, as well as our heirloom jewelry. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  72. we need to protect our wills, birth certificates. photos

  73. Jill Daniel says

    Legal documents of course but also copies of irreplaceable pictures or little momentos.

  74. Birth certificates and family photos

  75. melina ramirez says

    I need to protect birth certificates, ss cards, passports, titles

  76. birth certificates, deed, titles etc,

  77. Kimberly Bauer says

    Bill of Sales, Birth Certificates and SS Cards

  78. Marriage license, birth certificate and savings bonds

  79. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    This would be good for our photo albums and important papers!

  80. Passports and credit cards!

  81. kyl neusch says

    passport and legal copies

  82. Legal documents and certificates, some precious photos too

  83. our financial records.

  84. Sarah Brown says

    I will be protecting photos and legal documents

  85. I need to protect our birth certificates, passports and bonds.

  86. Alex Liz Robinson says

    Important documents like birth certificates and finances.

  87. Birdie Skolfield says

    I need to protect Auto titles for our vehicles and Mothers jewelery

  88. matthew b says

    mostly for personal and legal documents

  89. I need to protect passports and birth certificates

  90. Hard to replace original documents, tax forms, past year receipts and photographs

  91. Seyma Shabbir says

    Passports, birth certificates and photo albums

  92. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says

    I need to protect pictures and legal docs

  93. Kimberly Schotz says

    This would be a good place for my husband to put his pain medication

  94. susan varney says

    family documents and keepsakes

  95. Wanda McHenry says

    Life insurance policies, passports, birth certificates, marriage license, etc.

  96. Shannon R says

    Documents like birth certificates and passports

  97. Denise B. says

    I need to protect our personal records.

  98. Monique Rizzo says

    Family will and documents!
    Thanks for the chance.

  99. david basile says

    lots of personal papers

  100. Jennifer H says


  101. Amanda R. says

    Our safe is filled. We keep all important documents and other valuable items in it. Ours is just a small lock box type.

  102. Important papers

  103. Harmony B says

    Birth certificates, passports. and jewelry

  104. Kelly Commerford says

    Family Pictures…..

  105. heather abbe says

    I would use this to store my husbands pistol collection.

    heatherwhitford at ymail dot com

    heather abbe

  106. Kristina Best says

    Legal Documents.

  107. important papers pictures and scrapbooks is what I need to pratect

  108. We need to protect documents like birth certificates.

  109. Joyce Raymond says

    My family pictures! I lost all of them once in a flood about eight years ago. I never want that to happen again.

  110. birth certificates and other important papers

  111. Legal documents and some cash.

  112. business documents!

  113. liberty boblett says

    Baby pictures, birth certificates, high school diplomas, marriage certificate.

  114. Charlene S says

    Important documents.

  115. I need to protect all of my documents.

  116. Colleen M. says

    Personal documents like birth certificates, passports, etc but also family photos and small keepsakes!

  117. April Brenay says

    Important docs, my husbands PoAs and our wills for the kids.


  119. I have a few pieces of nice, sentimental jewelry that I would like to keep in the safe. I would also like to keep some important papers in it.

  120. Brandi Gandy says

    important documents

  121. Social security cards, birth certificates and savings bonds.

  122. Definitely all of our important documents

  123. We need to protect birth certificates, social security cards, the titles to our cars and deed to our house

  124. birth certificates and social security cards

  125. Marti Parks says

    I need to protect vehicle titles, birth certificates and insurance policies.

  126. Cindy Ray says

    I need to protect important documents!!

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  127. Legal documents

  128. my legal documents

  129. important documents

  130. Traci Lynn Butler says

    Documents such as birth certificates and a few of our favorite photos

  131. Important documents, financial records, pictures.

  132. Alycia M says

    Important documents, passports and photo negatives.

  133. I need to protect birth certificates, photo negatives from my wedding, Passports and other important documents.

  134. Laura Jacobson says

    I would keep the normal important papers like car titles, social security info, wills….but also some pictures I have of my grandmother from the early 1900’s! So precious to me!!!

  135. photos,birth certificates and other important papers..thanks!

  136. Cynthia W says

    I need to protect insurance papers

  137. important papers

  138. Birth certificates, Social Security cards, and passports.

  139. Ashley Hughes says

    I have family passed down jewelry, legal paperwork, and my passport.

  140. christine jessamine says

    i need to protect our birth certificates

  141. My husbands guns and important papers.

  142. Carolyn Colley says

    to store important papers in
    thanks for the giveaway

  143. documents!

  144. I need to protect the usual important papers but I also like to keep some photos in there as well.

    On a side note, I use to work here! I started out in the welding department when I was 19 years old. I left 13 years later when I had my first son. I was in Material Management when I left. Good times…..good times 🙂

  145. Tabathia B says

    photographs, important documents

  146. I would like to protect legal documents, birth certificates, and savings bonds

  147. I need it for photos and legal documents

  148. Nicole Sender says

    I want to protect some personal documents.

  149. s riches says

    I need to protect passports, birth certificates and my will.

  150. Denise C says

    For all of our important paperwork. It’s not all in a safe place right now.

  151. Documents and photos, definitely!
    joy filled living
    joyfilled.bryn at gmail dot com

  152. There are many items I can’t replace which I keep at home. One thing I would put into which I haven’t seen mentioned is the family cook book. Many years ago I bought a large leather bound book and had it passed around the family capturing recipes from my great grandmother, grandmothers, mom and dad in their original handwriting. The book is big enough that I can add my own recipes and pass it to my children later. I have copied them into my own binder so I can protect the original cook book, but it sits in a dresser drawer. Safe from most things, but in a fire or a break in that won’t protect it the way I would like to.

  153. Joliene D. says

    My biggest concern would be our passports, SS Cards, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Temple marriage certificates etc. All our important papers, AND the papers we have declaring that we are now US Citizens!! (yipppeeee!!)

  154. Our wedding license, ss cards, birth certificates, etc!

  155. important paperwork and money!

  156. john mains says

    tax documents

  157. twitted this, 13/6, to store will and house papers

  158. My husband and I have been looking to get a safe so we can store important documents, like our marriage certificate and social security cards.

  159. Ellen C. says

    I definitely need to protect our ssn cards, birth certificates and deeds. Thanks for the chance.

  160. Claire D says

    I would keep birth certificates and passports in it!

  161. Ellen Levickis says

    backup disks of photos, scans, etc

  162. I would keep documents, Ins Policies, SS cards, car titles, house inventory pics, jewelry, etc., etc. in it

  163. wendy wallach says

    probably documents and some mementos

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  164. dani marie says

    old pictures, birth certificate, and important documents. and a few electronics.

  165. important documents and media 🙂

  166. Christy Anderson says

    I would protect photos and important documents.

  167. hand guns- so my kids cant reach them and their birth certificates
    tcogbill at live dot com

  168. Christal says

    We have tons of important documents that need to be safe

  169. We need to protect birth certificates

  170. We have some legal papers

  171. Denise Taylor says

    We have all of our legal documents in a plastic file box, we really need a safe for them.

  172. All the important documents like birth certificate, house documents, passports etc.

  173. birth certificates and other important info

  174. JD Blosser says

    My important documents and photos

  175. Rae Higgins says

    Important papers

  176. Heather Garcia says

    Personel papers and house papers

  177. pictures

  178. Important documents and pictures

  179. Jen Whitten says

    Baby pictures, birth certificates, and such! 🙂

  180. Wendy S Pesce says

    All those personal papers,

  181. birth certificates and other important papers

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  182. We need to protect things like our passports, our will, plus some other important documents, & extra cash we try to keep on hand for emergencies

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway

  183. I would like a safe place to store money and important paperwork

  184. amy marantino says

    the deed to my house

  185. Social security cards, birth certificates, and other important documents.

  186. john redding says

    My wife and my tax paperwork & passports

  187. I have some high end jewelry that I would put in this safe.

  188. suu14625 says

    I need to protect photos, birth certificates, legal documents

  189. Birth certificates, wedding license, and passports

  190. Candie L says

    We need to protect our insurance papers, marriage license, and other important documents. Thank you

  191. I need to protect our documents, birth certificates and all.

  192. Juana Esparza says

    We need to protect important documents and pictures (albums).


  193. joanne major says

    important documents,photos and jewerly

  194. Holly Thomas says

    Original Documents, Jewelry & Pictures!!

  195. Micah Pearson says

    Important documents and pictures

  196. our birth certs and the like could really use a safe place

  197. for my insurance records

  198. Saundra M says

    important documents, cash and nice jewelry

  199. Gina Ferrell says

    I really need to protect important documents.

  200. Sue Hull says

    My pink slip to my truck.birth certificate and other important papers. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  201. Suzanne B. says

    Vital information like insurance, passports, certificates, proof of ownership and stuff like that.

  202. I need to protect Documents, Birth Certificates, Social Security.

  203. I’d like to have a safe to keep birth certificates, titles, will, etc. Just to make sure my family could keep going with minimal government paperwork!

  204. I’d like it to put my birth cert, SS card, titles.

  205. Les Johnson says

    I need to keep important documents safe (birth certificates, military papers, etc.).

  206. Important docs like birth certificates, house info.

  207. susan hartman says

    I have a couple of family charms bracelets and papers

  208. Kate Strycker says

    All of those papers that are hard to replace- birth certificates, deeds, etc!

  209. Jennifer E. says

    birth certificates and other legal documents.

  210. Jill Brown says

    protect legal documents and photos

  211. Some of the most precious pictures, my daughter who passed away.

  212. Carla Garcia says

    birth certificates, ss cards, ect

  213. passport and title to car

  214. I need to protect cash and important papers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  215. We need to keep safe important documents, CDs with photos, account passwords and that sort of thing.

  216. heather c says

    Some really cool movie props!

  217. I need to protect important documents. Thanks for the giveaway!

  218. Debbie C says

    I need to protect insurance documents, wills, family photos and more in a reliable safe.

  219. Deborah M says

    This would be great for safeguarding birth certificates, passports, and anything else we want to keep safe and private.

  220. Miz Vickik says

    Important papers like wills and insurance info.

  221. kathy pease says

    id protect jewelry and important paper and birth certificates and social security cards,titles to vehicles

  222. christine weideman says

    all my important papers

  223. all our important documents. There are six of us and birth certificates need to be sent out to get from 4 different places!

  224. micheal grim says

    all my familys personal info birth certs. bonds !!

  225. We need to protect our documents and heirlooms that have been left to us.

  226. Marty Harris says

    My coin collection

  227. mostly important paperwork, don’t have much else of value

  228. Christina Brundick says

    all paperwork for us,and copies of pictures

  229. Paula Tavernie says

    Jewlry and Coin Collection!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  230. Kelly Britton says

    Birth/Death Certificates, Vehicle information, Photos, Insurance policies, etc.

  231. Our personal stuff like social security cards and birth certificates


  232. Documents (birth certificate, etc.)

  233. my external hard drive

  234. I’d use it to protect our important documents and photos.

  235. I would love this to keep all my cash in!

  236. Alexandra C. says

    I would most need to protect, legal documents and family pictures =)

  237. Legal documents and coin collection

  238. Jennifer M says

    Birth certificates and passports.

  239. want to protect deeds, titles and kids documents, financial etc.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  240. I need to protect items that were my father in laws!

  241. Kim Reid says

    Important documents 🙂

  242. Mainly I want to protect birth certificates and important papers.

  243. I need to protect our birth certificates, passports, and diplomas.

  244. Family papers and money

  245. Photos and important personal document like birth certificates, etc.

  246. family papers and pictures, lost them all once to an overflowing toilet while we were on vacation, never want to go through that again

  247. Tom Shewbridge says

    Some Vintage Baseball Cards, Some rare coins, and most of all our original wedding picture proofs, those are so important to me. Would protect my wife in there if I could, but she would be able to breath…so that is out…

  248. Birth certificates and legal paperwork!

  249. Angela Winesburg says

    Photos and important documents

  250. Birth Certificates, Insurance papers, legal documents, jewelry, etc.!

  251. Caroline B says

    Family pics and important documents!

  252. DAMIAN JARREAU says

    I need to protect legal documents and other valuable things

  253. We need to protect our important documents, some jewelry, and some photos.

  254. Erica C. says

    I need to protect our documents and photos.

  255. amy deeter says

    birth certificates,ss cards,etc

  256. Christy Weller says

    I would like to protect my photo albums

  257. Passwords, life insurance, House, SSC, Basically all our important papers!

  258. Brenda Elsner says

    I need to protect legal documents.

  259. Wills, important papers and photos.

  260. documents

  261. sheryl cullum says

    Need to protect ss cards,birth cert and important papers.

  262. My important documents such as my passport and birth cerftificate

  263. Brittney House says

    Important documents such as s.s. cards, birth certificates ect..

  264. Jessica A says

    I have some coin proof sets and some jewelery that could use protection.

  265. I need to protect important documents

  266. Important papers.

  267. Social Security cards, birth cert., insurance papers photos.

  268. important documents

  269. renee walters says

    We need to protect birth certificates, legal documents and photo’s.

  270. Old family photos, passport, life insurance paperwork, tax info, money

  271. candace swoveland says

    I live in a rough neighborhood and just recently had to purchase a gun so this would be great to keep away from kids

  272. christal c says

    I would like to protect my pictures and car titles and home titles

  273. Roxann Clark says

    I need to protect birth certificates and titles in a safe.

  274. Sandie Workman says

    Medications, birth certificates, and photos

  275. Michelle Tucker says

    My documents, such as car titles and tax info.

  276. We need to protect our birth certificates, passports and savings bonds. This would be great!

  277. We would protect important documents like passports and car titles.

  278. I recently lost my desktop computer and laptop due to crashes and one being destroyed. In essence I lost all of my photographs, including the first 4 years of my daughters life and the first year of my sons. I now have all of my photos backed up but do not have anywhere safe to store them in case of a fire or robbery. Aside from precious photographs I would also include all of our important documents etc.

  279. So my roommate can lock his pistol up during parties

  280. Renee Richardson says

    I would love to protect birth certificates, social security cards, and photo cards. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  281. Jessie Cody says

    Birth Certiticates,SS Cards, titles…everything i put in my hubbys special beer cooler stuffed in the back of a closest. This would be much better and safer

  282. Important personal documents such as mortgage & life insurance.

  283. Beverly M says

    This would be nice to keep important papers and nice jewelry in. Thanks!

  284. paige jagan says

    birth certificates

  285. My important personal papers need protection

  286. Nicholas Luna says

    Home-owning family, 2 adults, 3 kids. Lots of documents that we need to keep safe.

  287. Vicki D. says

    My precious papers, such as my birth certificate, our marriage certificate, my husband’s military papers, the deed to our house, etc.

  288. I need to protect important family documents

  289. Lisa Fonseca says

    Important papers such as ss cards, birth cert’s, car titles, etc.

  290. I need to protect our passports and financial documents!

  291. Charlene says

    Photos, Birth Certificates, Important Documents

  292. Old family photos

  293. Our will, important papers

  294. Most important: Family pictures

  295. I have a lot of family heirlooms that I want preserved. This safe would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  296. i would like to protect some heirloom jewelery and old paper money and coins i collect.

  297. Christle W says

    Paper documents

  298. Zachary Moore says

    I need to protect papers and antique items.

  299. Just would like to keep the basics safe, birth certificates, etc. We backup our photos occasionally onto a hard drive, so I would keep that in there as well!!

  300. Mattie Cradduck says

    I need to protect important documents.

  301. Tara Woods says

    personal documents, photos and my old basketball cards collection

  302. Thomas Chappell says

    USB drive of possessions and insurance papers

  303. Chrystal Jones says

    I need to protect important papers and photos.

  304. shirley zolenski says

    Alot of legal docs and some family momentos

  305. carol lewis says

    Birth certificates and passport.

  306. Jessica Hays says

    Birth certificates and pass ports!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  307. I would put all my important papers like birth certificates, wills, old licenses, etc. I would also put in some special momentos.

  308. I would put the kids’ savings bonds in there.

  309. Charlene Kuser says

    We have some old coins and paper money we would like to protect

  310. Ashley Tucker says

    All our important documents

  311. Katie Murry says

    We need to protect our passports and savings bonds

  312. Cindy Bowling says

    Important documents and old pictures

  313. Erin Coughlan says

    We need to protect important documents.

  314. Penny B W says

    I mostly need to protect personal documents.

  315. Our passport and documents.

  316. Buddy Garrett says

    I need to protect my financial papers.


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