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As I mentioned in a previous post I no longer have the face of a twenty year old.  It turns out I no longer have the body of a twenty year old either.   Gravity’s a bitch.  Sorry, if that offended my more sensitive readers, but it really is.   I refuse to sugarcoat it.   After thirty-* years on this Earth and having given birth to three healthy sons I’ve noticed that my body isn’t as firm or taught as it once was.  Okay, don’t get me wrong I was never a buff, perfectly toned woman, but still- I wasn’t too shabby.  A little help wouldn’t hurt.

There are many forms of bodywear/shapewear that are available these days.  Visit any department store and you’re sure to see a wide selection.  I”m a fairly low maintenance kind of gal.   If I can’t figure out how I’m going to get into it, you can bet I’m not going to wear it.  I recently tried some high waisted footless tights from ShaToBu.  This is probably as simple as shapewear can be.  Durable tights, with no feet, that are highwaisted.

Did I mention I hate panty hose?  Much to the chagrin of older generations I have never wanted to wear them.  I’ve been going bare legged for years, even before it was popular.  Not that I’m cool like that, but rather I would always, always put a run in them.   Putting these tights on felt like putting on panty hose, except for one very important part- you would have to dig a knife into them to make them run.  Whew!  At least I didn’t have to worry about that!  Also I loved the footless part.  I certainly don’t need my toes covered.  They are shapely and toned without the added support:)

Getting them on was a pain, especially the first time, but once I DID get them on I felt great.  I felt “pull-in”.  I guess that is the entire point of shapewear.  Nothing is left to (I hate this word) jiggle.  These tights cover all the important areas.  For this this is especially my thighs, but it is also nice to have the butt and stomach covered as well.  I wore these tights over my jeans (that’s almost all I wear especially this time of year).  One unfortunate problem I had that is more than likely fairly unique to me, is that my jeans would slide down and I wasn’t able to feel it.  You might be thinking my jeans probably don’t fit me very well and that would not be an entirely wrong assumption.  I have a heck of a time finding jeans that fit perfectly.  I have large hips, but a relatively skinny waist.  If you have large hips they assume you have a certain size waist and that has never been true for me.  Therefore my jeans always “fall down” to a certain extent.  Was this a deal breaker?  Nope, my jeans were not falling down to my knees!  But it was odd not to feel them slide down a bit.

Obviously this isn’t me:)

These tights are specially designed to burn more calories, tone muscles, and make you feel great.  Well, as I already stated I did indeed feel great, however what about the rest?  Did I burn more calories?  I have no way of knowing.  The tights have been tasted and proven to do so, so I will take them at their word.  They also claim to tone muscles by providing resistance in key areas (this also attributes to the increased calories).  I can’t say that I felt that I was toning my muscles while wearing these tights.  Were they helping tone my muscles? Maybe.  But don’t expect to wear them and lose weight and gain muscle.  Obviously like anything in life you need to work for it.

I would not purchase these tights to burn calories or tone my muscles, but I WOULD purchase them as excellent shapewear that does keep everything looking slim and shapely.

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I received the above mentioned product for review, purposes, all opinions are my own.


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