Shopping for the Kids – No Longer an Expensive Pursuit to Buy Something Cute


I have received consideration for this post as it was not written by The Mama Report. 

Are you sometimes jealous of your children? And I don’t just mean because they get all their meals cooked for them and can eat candy without instant regret, calorie counting and gym session promises. Although these are both valid reasons for jealousy, I was thinking more in the realms of stuff. And to be more specific, the stuff they can get away with having as room decor.

That’s right ladies, I hate to admit it, by I’m a closet kids decor-a-holic. Look, I know it sounds weird – but kids get to have super cool things to decorate their rooms with (and our literal expense!) and I wish I could too!

Let’s take the website for Pottery Barn Kids promo code, for example. I first stumbled onto their site when I heard that they had Star Wars bedding for kids. That’s right – Star. Wars. Bedding. It’s still there and I’m was green with envy. Don’t even get me started on when they introduced the Batman and Spiderman ranges. I can’t talk about it, it still hurts.

Putting my nerdiness aside for a second, they also have beautiful things for the little princesses in your life too, and I’m willing to bet that the more feminine readers out there will be wishing that they made most of the stuff they have in adult sizes.

The worst part about amazing sites like Pottery Barn Kids is that they often have insanely good promo code and coupon deals. In fact, at the time of writing this article they were having a massive sale that was almost enough to bring this little nerd to tears. Reduced prices AND amazing decore? What’s not to love? And yes, I’m aware that I said “worst part” at the beginning of this paragraph. This is only because I can’t indulge in the awesome sale prices. However, for the mothers out there that want to get some fantastic and cost effective goodies for the kids – this is definitely the best part about the site.

Even when sites like Pottery Barn Kids aren’t having sales directly through the website, I often find that it’s still worth looking for discounts. You may ask how this is possible, particularly if they’re not indiscreetly advertising mark downs on the homepage of their site. That’s where sites like Nerd Wallet come in.

Coupon sites are becoming more popular with every passing year. And some are of course better than others. Nerd Wallet is a coupon site that specializes in….well, everything! And I really do mean everything. They’ve got your standard categories covered, including favorites such as food, travel, entertainment and home & garden. It doesn’t stop there though – they get super specific. Let’s just say that if you want discounts on military shopping, they’ve got you covered. The best news here is that they’re super simple to redeem too. All you need to do is find a coupon deal that you like (p.s. you’ll find hundreds) and click the ‘redeem’ button. Voila!

So if you’re a fan of online shopping like my good self, but also love a good bargain, I highly recommend checking out coupon sites like Nerd Wallet. There’s no reason why you can’t buy awesome things, especially for your kids, even when you’re on a budget. Not only will not regret it, you won’t be settling on paying full price again.

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