Silk Plants Direct Makes Decorating Easy! Basil Potted Plant Review


Some people have green thumbs.  Plants just seem to naturally thrive under their attention.  Is this skill inherent or learned?  Perhaps it is a bit of both.  I do not have a green thumb, however I like to believe that with a little hard work I could achieve this title.  But at this time in my life, I just don’t care.  Sure, I have a few random plants around the house.  But with a precocious two year old on the loose I have to set them in very selective places.   Silk plants are just easier.  No watering involved, no actual dirt to potentially make a mess around the house, and no need to worry about poisonous varieties.  Some day I might decide to have a vibrant living  plant collection in my home, until then artificial plants are best.

I recently received a 15″ Basil Plant in a Green Paper Mache Pot.  This item is not currently for sale online, however a similar basil plant in a clay pot is currently available.

My plant looks extremely life like.  Some artificial plants look horribly artificial, but this arrangement is high quality.  Check it out!

My plant arrived exactly like this.  I think the green paper mache pot looks great, however it can easily slip into a larger ceramic pot.  I just happened to have one available.

No work required.  I know have a great looking plant with no maintenance!

I am impressed at how life-like it looks!

Now I just needed to decide where to place my new arrangement!  I opted at placing it in our living room near the fireplace.  I can’t put too many things in that spot as it is a high traffic area and my youngest son has complete access to the area.  A lovely and life-like artificial plant is perfect!

While I preferred the simple basil plant Silk Plants Direct has a wide variety of plants and trees available.  Check out some of my other favorites!

Ficus Tree

Bougainvillea Hanging Bush 

Boxwood Ball Topiary

With over 500 different varieties Silk Plants Directs is sure to have an artificial plant to fulfill your needs, but just case they don’t have what you’re looking for you can propose exactly what you want.   They even have a 1-800 phone number to help assist you with your purchase!

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