Skintrium Fair & Flawless- Creme De Laser Review


I have an ugly brown spot on my face.  I’m just going to share that bit of information with you.  I don’t know if it appeared from long term exposure to the sun or from my pregnancies (or both), but it’s there and it isn’t showing any sign of going away.  That being said- in the summer this brown age spot is not as noticeable.  Why?  Because inevitably my face is tan during the summer.  That normally super fair skin I have, actually manages to gain a little color during the summer months.  And I go from death-like whiteness to a dusty shade of white instead:)

But as soon as the furious rays of the summer sun have diminished, my skin returns to it’s ubber white tone.  It has taken a couple seasons for me to determine that each fall my brown spots isn’t becoming more prominent, as it seemly becomes more intense overnight, but is in fact my face changing shades in tune with the seasons.

Currently, it is prominent on the side of my face.  My only consolation is that I have to turn my head to see it.  As you can imagine, I try not to look on that side!

I am willing to give any product a chance.  What do I have to lose?  I don’t any product is going to make it worse, therefore I can only stand to improve it, right?

It was with this thought in mind that I tried Skintrium‘s Fair & Flawless line.  Specifically I had the opportunity to try the Creme De Laser.

This product is a gentle way to lightly enhance the youthful glow of your skin.  Here is the official description of the product-

As we age, skin becomes thinner, more fragile. The years show in fine lines, wrinkles, spots, dark circles, and other damage. Crème De Laser helps firm and tone while dramatically diminishing the appearance of skin discoloration, deep lines, and wrinkles. Gentle but powerful Sepi-White MSH™ gently reduces pigmentation while helping prevent additional melanin from forming. Deluxe hydration from natural botanical oils and soothing ingredients including oat protein all combine to nourish and restore your youthful glow. This is an ideal product to progressively achieve an overall youthful glow, or to maintain your new tone after more dramatic lightening with the concentrated power of Enhance Facial Lighten Cream and FX15 Exquisite Corrective Gel. Sunscreen is essential when using this product.

I have been applying this product to my face once almost everyday for a couple of weeks.  I have not been applying twice a day as suggested.  I just want to state that clearly.  It’s not that I am opposed to applying the creme to my face twice a day, its that I can never remember to do so.  I’m just happy I can get out the door with my pants on some days:)  Hey!  Life with three boys is crazy!

Unfortunately as I begin using this product my skin was naturally lightening due to the seasonal time of year.  Therefore since I have started to use the product my spot has become more pronounced as my entire skin has become lighter.  That isn’t to say that the product isn’t working.  I can feel a light tingle when I apply it to my face (not painful) hinting that something is at work.  I’m no chemist, but obviously some kind of chemical is causing this feeling.  I plan to continue my usage throughout the winter months, hopefully ultimately creating a lightening of my dark spot.

Connect with Skintrium online to find out more about their entire Fair & Flawless line.  They have a wide selection of product within this specific line to address a wide variety of skin care issues.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.



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