Starting the Morning Off Right with Starbucks Coffee #CBias


How do you start your day?  For me, my day starts with a trip to the coffeemaker.   Thankfully my freshly brewed coffee is warmly waiting for me.  What a tragic world we lived in before the invention of coffee timers!  Let me be honest, I’m not a morning person.  As a mother of three I have no choice but to rise early and start my day before the sun.   As I lay in bed knowing I have to get up, I should get up, what actually gets me out of bed is knowing my warm, yummy coffee is ready.  Those few precious moments that I have alone, with my coffee, before anyone else talks to me, before people start buzzing around the house, is what I really love.

As a sugar fiend I must add some ready made creamer to my morning cup, give it a swirl and then I’m ready to truly wake up.  As Nana is living with us our coffee is currently decaffeinated, however my husband and I are ready to switch to the leaded variety.  But even without the added caffeine, there is something about the warmth of a cup of coffee that starts my day off right.  This very morning I made Starbucks Medium House Blend Decaf and it was delicious.

My husband likes to fill his thermos with coffee for the entire day.   He is my coffee thief!  One minute I have a pot of hot coffee, the next I have an empty container.  He has learned the hard way to ask if I”ve had a cup before he takes his:)

There are so many varieties of coffee available.   The options are literally mind boggling.  I recently made a coffee shopping trip to Walmart to restock our supply.  It is not a pleasant experience in our house when we run out of coffee.  Three adults get “out of whack” without their needed fix in the morning!

I actually had the opportunity to make a night time, kids free run to Walmart.   I almost never go shopping without one child so this was a real treat!

Remember how I mentioned there is so much coffee available?  Wow!  They all look so good!  So many different flavors, blends, roasts, etc….  Is it wrong that I want to try them all?  I am personally a fan of most hazelnut varieties and I am always game for any seasonal holiday blends.   Drinking only decaffeinated at the moment does truly limit our options.  I am excited to try some of  the other caffeinated blends.  After so many years of either being pregnant or nursing I can finally have “the real stuff”:)

Please give me some direction!  What flavor of coffee do you drink?

To view my entire Walmart shopping experience check out my Google + album.

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  1. Rebecca Shockley says

    I like Hazelnut myself!

  2. Michelle Hayden says

    My mother loves Dunkin’Donuts coffee. I myself just buy Folgers Dark…I like my coffee strong 🙂 I really like the Natural Bliss creamer like you have in your picture. If I run out, I use Evaporated Milk. I wish I liked skim milk in my coffee, but I need something “creamier”.

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