Step-by-Step Tai Chi w/ Tiffany Chen DVD Review


Step-by-Step Tai Chi with Tiffany Chen

A daily ritual practiced by millions of people around the world, Tai Chi has many health benefits. The low-impact, flowing movements sharpen the mind, strengthen the body, reduce stress, and improve flexibility. Regular practice can lower blood pressure, relieve chronic pain, even help you sleep better. Martial arts champion Tiffany Chen leads you through a 60-movement Yan-form practice she learned from her father, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. A gentle but powerful workout for people of all ages and abilities. Approx. 88 min. on 1 DVD.


This was my first attempt at Tai Chi.  I have know about it for a long time, but just never got around to actually trying it.  My husband used a DVD many years ago and loved it, but it just never seemed like something I was interested in trying.  Fast forward another ten years and three children later, and I’m ready for some stress relieving movements.  Nana was the real catalyst to try this DVD.  She has been talking about Tai Chi quite a bit lately and how she wanted to get back into it.  So it was Nana and I who gave this Tai Chi video a shot.   Tiffany Chen’s credentials are amazing.  She is obviously a well trained athlete.  Let me start by stating that Nana and I are by nature klutz’s.  Don’t think I”m insulting Nana, she freely admits this, as do I.  Some women have grace.  We do not.  We like to think what we lack in grace we make up in intelligence.  Try to keep your snickering down.  That’s what we like to think anyway.

Back to the Tai Chi DVD.  We started to perform the Step 1 motions.  At first we were all confused.  Left, right, left, right……this would be the part were Nana and I were not so graceful.  It feels overwhelming at first.  Perhaps we’re too smart (don’t we wish), but Nana starting thinking about mirroring Tiffany instead of listening to her instructions.  My advice- don’t think too hard.  Just focus on the instructions.  Once I focused on the instructions I started to follow the pattern and things became a bit easier.  There are 16 different motions.  That being stated,  Nana and I felt it would be best to master one motion at a time rather than trying to move through all of them.  This will prevent us from getting overwhelmed especially since we have coordination problems.  The DVD easily allows us this option.  We can simply just play the motion that we wish.  I believe this is a great feature to the DVD.  It gives you options about how you want to use it.  You can choose each individual motion or you can play them all.  The choice is yours.

Here is Nana showing her moves:)

Nana plans on continuing her Tai Chi moves with Tiffany Chen.  Me?  I’m afraid not.  I think it is a great DVD about Tai Chi, but I’m more of a running kind of gal.  I like to burn iron the intense, rapid way.  I’m afraid I need to wait another ten years.  Maybe then I’ll be ready to slow down!

I received this DVD to review, however all opinions are my own.


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