Summer Isn’t Over Yet with Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook


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 Back to school shopping is on my agenda and I’ve even spotted Halloween decorations in some stores, but summer isn’t over yet! I live in Minnesota.  Let’s be realistic, snow isn’t too far off on the horizon.  Thankfully we have a few more weeks to enjoy summer fun. Inspired by Popsicle® Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook my little fellas have embraced the “Get Wet Rule”.  They recently completed swimming lessons, but any form of water fun is their favorite.  This weekend we visited the Minnesota Zoo and nestled within the park is a splash area.  Most times when we visit the zoo we are focused on the animals, but this time our focus was on water fun….plus a few animals of course, it is the zoo! 


 I don’t recall having ever visited a splash park when I was a child…..did they even exist? Or maybe it was because I’m from North Dakota and my options were very limited? Who knows?! But my little guys can have water fun at a moments notice these days.  Of course any child can fun with water.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, all you need is a garden hose!


Have you had a chance to check out the Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook?  This funny and simple book will help you evaluate how successful your summer has been from a kid perspective. Obviously we’ve conquered the Get Wet rule within the summer theme. But we’ve also accomplished the Roller Coaster rule and the Forts Rule.  Actually it seems like I’m dismantling random forts on a fairly regular basis.  I guess the putting all the pillows and blankets back on the appropriate beds falls under my responsibility! 


While we have had a lot of fun this summer we’ve managed to miss the following quintessential rules provided by the guidebook- Rolling Rule (roll down as many hills as you can) and the Good Sport Rule (no organized sports for us this summer).  And of course the Tutu Rule (one must have a tutu in every color) certainly doesn’t apply to my house!  With basketball on the horizon for my eldest, I’m sure we will be conquering almost all the rules soon. 





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  1. Looks like so much fun, my kids would love this. We have been to the water park so much this summer, they love the water, especially when we go to the lake. My kids are both into sports, my son plays soccer, and my daughter loves softball.

  2. We have a park in town that shoots water out like that. my son loves it!

  3. Doris Calvert says

    Awe to be a kid and know pure joy before life ruins you, priceless!

  4. yes, weather is still warm, good time to get wet 🙂

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