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My eldest son has nine days left of school.  He is eagerly awaiting the ability to sleep in, in the mornings.  He is also looking forward to no homework.  And while some time off is essential and important to recharge his interest in learning, it is also important to continue the learning process over the summer.  As a former teacher I understand that just because school is out of session doesn’t mean that learning should be discontinued.  You can be sure there will be plenty of book reading and a number of worksheets completed this summer.  As they say, use it or lose it!

According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, by ninth grade, the lack of summer learning can be blamed for roughly two-thirds of the achievement gap.

Carson-Dellosa is dedicated to helping children and parents continue the learning process at all times.

In an effort to help one lucky family continue the learning process this summer they will win the following prize pack

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

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  1. Christine says

    We will be homeschooling throughout the summer.

  2. We homeschool and we’re going to continue math and phonics through much of the summer (with a few one-week breaks for camp, etc).

  3. Debra Getsinger says

    We will plant a garden and learn about the outdoors.

  4. Brandi Gandy says

    We will continue to have school time throughout the summer… just with some interruptions for swim lessons and such 🙂

  5. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    We set aside time every day for reading and spend lots of time at the library!

  6. Learning is every day! We’ll have reading time, group learning, and lots of learning through play time.

  7. Brooke M Adametz says

    I’m going to try to use scenarios and activities to help my children continue to learn through play (they are both preschoolers). I have a plan of things I want them both to know before September!

  8. We do lots of hands on projects throughout the summer, including gardening, nature hikes, visits to animal & plant sanctuaries, state parks etc.

  9. Elizabeth K says

    We have weekly trips to the library planned! He’s already sad we have to return the books we borrow, but I told him we can get new ones or get the same ones again – whatever he wants!

  10. Keep their minds active.

  11. Emily R. says

    I plan to do the summer reading program at our local library, work on workbooks & educational computer games & our older son will be enrolled in a camp where they will work on his IEP goals (he’s in special education). Thanks for the chance!:)


  12. Kristi C says

    We will be doing a great deal of reading because that is the area my child struggles in.

  13. I plan on spending a lot of time reading, taking my child to museums and nature walks, and doing fun projects to foster his creative imagination.

  14. hands on activities, zoo, and library events

  15. Jennifer Brook says

    Homeschooling all summer and all year (with small breaks of course) for my 5 and 6 year old autistic children! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!


    They will spend time at the library program this summer

  17. Debra Pauley says

    reading and visiting the library

  18. Dianna Thomas says

    Our children are schooled so– reading, and devotional is an always–then practice the math,daily–and of course science –we also garden–so that gives them a practice of patiences, and work at church setting up the dinner tables for the soup kitchen as serve work.

  19. Lots of fun and educational outings as well as reading and exploring together!

  20. burgundy says

    Even if I don’t win this prize pack I plan to buy the summer bridge activities books for my boys. Also their summer camp will be doing school work one day a week.

  21. We homeschool our 13 year old and this summer she will be doing lots of work on Girl Scout Badges, some neighborhood babysitting and our goal is that 3 mornings a week she will do approximately 1 hour of math, English and science activities.

  22. Carrie Phelps says

    My grandson is graduating preschool next month & enter kindergarten in the Fall so I’ll spend the Summer concentrating on color, shape, letter, number, spelling games with him.

  23. Victoria G says

    I will help my siblings by reading to them

  24. i print off worksheet off the interenet and we keep praciticing
    tcogbill at live dot com

  25. Mayla Moore says

    We will play educational games and explore nature.

  26. Jennifer Rogers says

    Mostly Science in the Summer, The great outdoors!

  27. we play school

  28. Taking adventures and doing what we normally do.

  29. we buy summer bridge activity books

  30. brandy g. says

    We do the summer reading program at our local library.

  31. Candice Hull says

    My son is about to start kindergarten and he will have to be tested to get in to the school so we are really working on homeschooling him this summer. It’s just hard to know where to start.
    Thank you

  32. Susan Salerno says

    Lots of reading and hand on, practical life. Most moments have a teachable moment to them

  33. amy craft says

    I’m a pediatric SLP so my daughter is constantly learning…I turn most everyday activities into a learning langauge activity. This will be my first summer with her so I will also be taking her to the library, etc.

  34. Christine says

    We’ll have reading time, group learning, and lots of learning through play time.
    Thanks for the chance!

  35. Lots of reading!

  36. We like to do experiments and read

  37. matthew b says

    i dont have kids but i am going to do some fun demos with my nephew

  38. Meaghan F. says

    I don’t have kids of my own, but I babysit and tutor my nieces during the summer. We get books out from the library and I make them math worksheets. We also watch travel channel shows and learn about different places.

  39. Karen Gonyea says

    We do alot of outdoor nature things and turn them into life lessons 🙂

  40. Jeni Monroe says

    I plan on doing a lot of reading and spending a lot of time at the library.

  41. Mayra - Estilo Familiar says

    We are homeschool and we will continue math, math drills, handwriting and fun science.

  42. we work on workbooks to continue the learning!

  43. Sandy VanHoey says

    we do lots of reading and use flash cards

  44. susan varney says

    through crafts and nature walks for a few ways

  45. Gail Panacci says

    Library every wk! BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!

  46. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I sign my kids up for a summer reading program every summer.

  47. Debra Pauley says

    we play school.

  48. We read all summer !

  49. Mary Happymommy says

    I plan to do a lot of reading with them.

  50. Amanda R. says

    We are doing a reading program at the library and we have access to iXL on the computer for the kids to play math games.

  51. Les Johnson says

    We “play” school and I am able to teach her new things.

  52. Take them to museums and interactive venues with children’s programs.

  53. I try to keep the kids reading all summer.

  54. Christy Anderson says

    Take them to the library, sign up for the summer program, and get them to read and read to them.

  55. Sue Hull says

    I watch my 4 yr old neice who will start pre-school in sept. so I read to her a lot and I buy work books for her age group at the dollar store. She loves doing them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. We plan on going on field trips and continuing reading through the summer.

  57. sarah rainwater says

    by having them read everyday!

  58. NW Homesteader says

    lots of exploring and talking about what we see

  59. kathy brower says

    My younger son and younger daughter are learning to read. My older two have summer school programs.

  60. april yedinak says

    Lots of reading.

  61. we will be working with dry erase markers in a book learning letters, shapes and numbers
    (he is three)

  62. Brittani says

    We plan to do lots of math practice!

  63. lots of reading!

  64. We are going to start on learning the next grades since I home school

  65. Learn as we go along. We learn something new daily.

  66. Audrey Griffis says

    lots of hands on learning and exploring we just planted our garden and htey will be big helpers in growing and collecting all the yummy veggies and fruits

  67. Joliene D. says

    We usually do a few “field trips” with a follow-up quiz contest. I like to do one BIG project, which I make seem like an excuse to do some cool crafty things. My boys are older, so they’re alittle harder to think of things for, but I always challenge them to find a series that they enjoy – then finish it! Actually, they’re the ones who turned me onto Hunger Games series. It’s great to challenge them with something that they LOVE!

  68. Doing flashcards, reading and field trips.

  69. Maggie M. says

    We have workbooks we will be using, coloring, scavenger hunts outside to make finding insects fun!

  70. Ashley Hatten says

    my son is doing a reading camp we also will be doing workbooks, going to the library and other stuff!!! thanks

  71. We will be going through workbooks together and visiting the library to let my oldest daughter read so she stays on track with her reading skills.

  72. beth marhefka says

    just through daily activities and outings

  73. ericka coello says

    at church, the day care group doesn’t stop teaching

  74. Melissa Belle says

    Read daily!

  75. We are going to read a town, explore new towns and adventures, play at the beach, and practice math.

  76. Teresa Thompson says

    We all love to read together and we also love going to local museums and parks. Nature walks are a common occurance for us.

  77. Stephanie O says

    We will read, read and work with counting and letters. shuttermom77atgmaildotcom

  78. Virginia Rowell says

    Lots of reading and going to the library for fun activities.

  79. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Lots of reading together time!

  80. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Lots of reading together time!

  81. Corey Olomon says

    Make sure my two oldest read, a LOT!, and keep reading to my youngest and going through his sounds and letters.

  82. My girls will be doing a lot of reading. I think that is the most important skill to keep up with over the summer.

  83. reading with them and cooking

  84. I plan on helping my grandchildren learn by buying them lots of books and reading to them.

  85. Nikki Muroski says

    I plan to read with him on a daily basis, as well as create a chart so he can work on math too.

  86. lacey demaire says

    Brain Quest and incorporating fun learning activities into the things we will be doing all summer.

  87. by doing lessons at home

  88. Lots of reading!

  89. Joyce Raymond says

    I will be giving a little Grandson some great books to read. I did this with my daughter and she saw the books as presents and by 4th grade she had a ninth grade vocabulary.

  90. kindra baron says

    We’ll do an hour to two hours of school work each morning. I see a lot of flashcards in our future!

  91. We homeschool and will be doing occasional topics. We will also be participating in a couple of summer reading programs.

  92. Teresa Moore says

    I plan to have her keep up on her reading and writing and math with workbooks.

  93. lynda T. says

    Lots of flashcards!

  94. Julia Reffner says

    Daily reading, math games, nature studies, lots of library time, etc.

  95. I plan on using real life to teach what they will really use (like baking to teach fractions).

  96. Kimberly says

    Alot of reading, flashcards and fieldtrips!!

  97. extra reading and math

  98. I hope to teach her to recognize her letters. She knows the abc song but needs to learn what each letter is. Flash cards

  99. Jenna Osborne says

    Museum and zoo visits, library programs and summer reading

  100. Kristina Best says

    We homeschool so we will cont. to do that through the summer and take breaks when we want.

  101. We will continue to work on our tot school activities through the summer.

  102. michealgrim says

    we will learn together out doors in the great wilderness

  103. I am planning on starting flashcards with my little guy.

  104. My daughter will be going to Pre-K in the fall so we’ll be working on her alphabet and numbers. I love researching fun ways to teach her new things.

  105. We’ll be going ti the library & doing a lot of reading.

  106. Danielle C says

    We’ll have reading time, group learning, and lots of learning through play time.

  107. Tim Stephens says

    My daughter is two and we’ll take her to the zoo this summer and put her in lots of other learning experiences like this…

  108. Donna Timmerman says

    I plan to help them learn by traveling, visiting museums and lots of reading

  109. Pauline M says

    I plan on visiting some fun spots with my kids! We have a local aviary, the zoo, and the children’s museums!

  110. Fun interactive activities outdoors!

  111. christine weideman says

    we are going to do reading and math and art projects this summer. thanks for the giveaway!

  112. books, exploratory trips, brain quest

  113. jessica schueler says

    reading and little history lessons on our outings

  114. amy deeter says

    reading to them and getting them workbooks they can do from the store

  115. Kendra W says

    I’m a homsechooling mama and we have plenty little field trips and fun things planned for this summer.

  116. We normally buy the summer workbooks, and do the library reading program. We’re also going to write letters to people to keep up their penmanship.

  117. We plan on going to the library often and picking up some workbooks.

  118. cynthia layton says

    we do alot of day trips like the zoo and hiking and musiums

  119. I’ve planned a few trips this summer to the zoo and museum to help keep it interesting but I also plan on doing a bug aquarium to help them learn about insects this year!

  120. lots of reading, starfall and printable worksheets

  121. Kim Reid says

    Weekly trips to the library and using workbooks!
    Thanks 🙂

  122. sara pulliam says

    We sign up for reading programs and play games that incorporate math in them!

  123. We’re going to do some flashcards and worksheets.

  124. Laurie Brown says

    lots of reading time,library activities and math worksheets

  125. They’ll do lots of reading & I try to just naturally add in learning while doing activities like exploring in nature or going to museums.

  126. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  127. Paula Tavernie says

    We play school and they take turns being the teacher! They love it!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  128. Jodi Kershuk says

    We are going to spend a lot of time playing outdoors.

  129. Huston Smith says

    Reading exercises and other educational activities

  130. I plan on keeping my sons busy reading books over the summer.

  131. melina r says

    buying learning activity books and reading.

  132. risi idiokitas says

    My little one loves learning

  133. I have them read during the summer.

  134. Lisa Fonseca says

    We will also be homeschooling this summer.

  135. Candie L says

    I was going to let my children do some online math work. Thank you

  136. We will be reading, camping, enjoying nature, and checking out some new websites for the kids to learn a little more on over the summer vacation.

  137. Amber Carter says

    I frequently go over shapes and colors with him

  138. We will continue reading everyday and visit the library alot in summer and a few workbooks as well

  139. Suzanne Rogers says

    reading each day, practice math skills daily.. everyday is about learning and having fun.. leg camps

  140. We are going to work on our writing letters and letter sounds.

  141. We have some great workbooks I would like to work on each day but more than that I want to find some fun things to do that will teach them more about the world around them.

  142. Brenda Elsner says

    We set aside a little time everyday that we call learning time, and the kids work on learning activities.

  143. Roxann Clark says

    We join the book club at the local library. They have special guest twice a week.

  144. marjorie gray says

    We home school all year.

  145. shirley zolenski says

    We always do free programs at the library.

  146. we make regular trips to the library and spend alot of time reading

  147. My kids will be doing a lot of reading

  148. carol lewis says

    Day trips and book reading-me to them.

  149. I plan to take them on many educational day trips!

  150. Jessica Hays says

    We are planning on learning how to swim and learning 1-10, basic colors and the alphabet!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  151. I plan to help my children learn over the summer with workbooks


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