Super Animal Genius for LeapPad™ Review


super animal genius game

Children love video games.  This is a simple truth.  I come from the generation that saw the emergence of these games  As a child I never owned a video game console, but I distinctly remember when they became popular.  Everybody had one, and I sure wanted one too.

My children are growing up in a different time.  Video games are a way of life.  Everyone has access to them in one form or another.  Within our own family we have a multitude of options regarding video game play.  I’m not a luddite.  I have no desire to prevent my children from partaking in this fun entertaining pastime.  But as a mom, it is my job to select the games my children play.  Fun, educational games are a must for my family.  Yes, my boys like mindless fun, but I prefer games that teach something along the way, even if my son doesn’t realize it.

SUPER ANIMAL GENIUS captures the exploratory and fact-based gameplay of the original with nearly double the animals and games. Designed for children ages 5-9, Super Animal Genius features nine highly replayable minigames and 40 Animal Challenge quizzes that introduce young gamers to hundreds of fascinating facts about 12 different animal habitats and 40 different reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals. By playing the minigames and completing the Animal Challenge quizzes, players can earn animals for each habitat while learning about the animals’ physical attributes, eating habits, predators, and more.

super animal genius leappad animal facts

Case in point- Scholastic’s new Super Animal Genius.  While I am annoyed with the extreme use of batteries via my children’s LeapPad, I am very happy with our new animal based game.  Hint, hint- an app like this game would be brilliant!

super animal genius leappad

My five year old son loves animals.  I call him my scientist, a title he is proud to hold.  You should have seen his excitement when the game mentions a cheetah.  The look on his face was priceless.  I love that he finds such joy from learning about animals.  I consider it my job to help foster this love and this new game is a great way to do so.

super animal genius leapfrog

Determining animal environments, geographic locations, and a multitude of other animal facts this game is a great way to challenge and inspire little ones.  My five year old has had a marvelous time this new game.

super animal genius leappad explorer

I am not surprised in the least that this game was developed by Scholastic.  Throughout the  years I have come to trust Scholastic has an excellent source of enrichment material for my growing boys.  Purchasing Scholastic is a safe bet and this new Super Animal Genius game is a great addition to any LeapPad or Leapster Explorer system.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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