Sustainable & American Made- Tree Hopper Toys Review & Giveaway


My kids have an assortment of flashy, noise creating toys.  And to be fair these toys have their time and place.  But more often than not, I find that toys that have less noise, less flashy buttons, and overall less, are really MORE.  A seemingly contradiction, right?  But a toy that does not clearly definite the limits for a child can then become whatever a child wants and that is infinite.

My children took the simple game of memory and with these well built wooden tokens created a brand new imaginative world.

Sure, they played the traditional game of memory first, sort of.  As in almost everything he does, my five year old likes to make it original:)

The delight on his face when he discovered a match was priceless.

Once his memory game was over, he rounded up these zoo animals for an epic game in the living room.  I saw these Match Stacks on the floor and seemingly out of nowhere he would grab an animal and say,” transform into rhino!”.  His little three year old brother quickly followed suit.

I’m not entirely sure that my boys will play memory again any time soon.  But I know they they will play with these matching stacks to their own creation.

We actually own several memory games at our home, but these are the definitely the best.  The simple reason being that they are made out of wood.  Our other memory games are made out of cardboard or cards.  They certainly don’t have the durability and versatility that these well constructed sets do.  Check out the full selection of Match Stacks available at Tree Hopper Toys. your probably asking what is Tree Hopper Toys?  This Chicago based company believes in using sustainable Midwestern hardwoods to create beautiful and long-lasting children’s toys.

Take for instance this Hopper Horse.

This traditional ride-on horse is not glamorous or flashy, but it is beautiful and well built.  This horse will create the kind of memories children will remember potentially for the rest of their lives. It looks like my guys are well on their way:)

Ride’ Em Cowboy!

If you are looking for toy that is 100% kid and earth friendly, safe, and of course fun, I highly recommend checking out Tree Hopper Toys.  The selection is not vast, but instead of quantity this family owned and operated business has focused on quality.  And I would say they have succeeded, as I expect our Tree Hopper Toys to last through my children’s childhood rather than ending up in the garbage like so many of their plastic toys.

Tree Hopper Toys has graciously offered one lucky Mama Report reader a set of Match Stacks and a Hopper Horse!!

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