Sustainable Omega-3 NutraSea DHA and NutraVege Review and Giveaway CLOSED


Ascenta’s Sustainable Omega-3 Nutra DHA and NutraVege

Nature provides us with an abundance of ingredients that heal and balance the body.  For instance, omega 3 fatty acids are essential, but not able to be produced by the body, so we need to get them from sources found in nature.

On Earth Day we are reminded that as we look to nature for these amazing ingredients, we also need to be mindful of depleting resources.

With this in mind, Ascenta, maker of high quality omega 3 supplements, offers more sustainable options from diversified resources:

  • NutraSea DHA, which was just launched, comes from the most eco-friendly and sustainable marine source: wild squid, which is caught for calamari.  Much of the squid is not used for this, and has been regarded as waste, but actually contains 35% more omega-3 than wild salmon and 100% more than krill.  Unlike most fish species, Pacific Squid has dramatically increased in numbers over the last 30 years, and is naturally resistant to overfishing due to an early reproductive age and a very short lifespan.  NutraSea DHA is an ideal choice for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as seniors and individuals with cardiovascular and eye conditions.



  • NutraVege utilizes plant sources to further diversify.   Echium and algal oil  – used as sources for EPA and DHA, respectively – fill a void in the market of vegetarian omega 3 supplements, as echium, a common plant found in many parts of the world, contains the omega-3 SDA (stearidonic acid), which readily and efficiently converts to EPA in our bodies.  Studies have demonstrated that SDA from echium coverts to EPA at a rate of approximately 20 percent, compared with just 3.28 percent for flax.


Ascenta provides unique transparency and superior quality.  Each lot of product is third-party tested for quality, purity and label claims and the test results are posted online with their Pure Check program, something that no other omega-3 supplement manufacturer offers.


My thoughts?

On a daily basis I take a  fish oil supplement with omega-3 in order receive my daily dose of this valuable fatty acid.   The pill I take is HUGE.  Before I attempt to swallow this enormous pill I have to mentally prepare myself.  It’s that big.  We like to call them “horse pills” in my family.  I know nothing about horses.  Do they take pills?  If so how in the heck do you get a horse to swallow a pill, especially one so BIG?  I digress.

Want a way to get your omega-3 without a pill form?  Hello,  Ascenta’s  Nutra Sea DHA and NutraVege liquid supplements and goodbye frickin huge horse pill.    Ascenta has two varieties in liquid form.  By liquid I do mean oil.  If you are not a fan of oils this probably isn’t for you as it can be weird to drink oil, but hey, at least you’re not gagging on a pill.  NutraVege is a vegetarian supplement.  I am not a vegetarian, but I would imagine it can be hard to find an omega 3 supplement that is still vegetarian friendly.  NutraSea DHA is made from calamari (squid).  My husband’s first reaction was that they must stink- meaning smell like the sea.  Let me assure you they do NOT stink.  Each supplement has a citrus flavor and actually smells very pleasant.  As I smell it I am reminded of orange flavor- I guess that is the citrus part.  I am not accustomed to drinking oil, so I found the experience somewhat difficult the first time.   Ultimately I’m conflicted horse pills or oil?  Hmmmmmm….

My children were also excited to try this supplement.  My eldest was not so impressed, but my middle (easy going) son was smitten.  He loves it!  If your child doesn’t like taking medicine this probably isn’t going to be for them, but if your child is fairly easy going, like my 3 year old,  it is an easy way to give them an omega-3 boost.   My son is using the two samples we received NutraSea DHA and NutraVege (they are good for adults & kids), but they also have a supplement just for children. 


One lucky Mama Report reader will win their own bottle of NutraSea DHA!  Now you too can throw away the horse pills:)

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, however all opinions are my own.


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