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I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions my guys affinity for T-shirts.  From my grown husband to my littlest son they all love a fun T-shirt that reflexs their personality.  And actually I love them too.  I must be influenced by the strong male dominance in my household or it’s just become cool for women to wear them as well.

Whatever the reason, each member of my family has their own particular taste and style.  And with a quick visit to T-Shirts.com I discovered a plethora of options available for all the fellas in my life.  I find that T-Shirts make great stocking stuffers as you can literally stuff them in:)

My two oldest boys were outfitted with their top choices, but I’ve also included everyone else’s favorites.

This must be their model pose:)  They are going for the J.Crew look:)

My husband and my son loved this dragon inspired shirt named fittingly- Standoff.  I did notice that the shirts run a tad small.  Therefore you might want to consider a bit larger size.  I already washed the shirts and thankfully there was very little shrinking.

My five year old son, who also considers himself part dinosaur, obviously loved his shirt.  His Rex Collage shirt fiercely showcases his favorite savage beast.

But what about the rest of my family- my husband, my three year old son, and myself?  We have our favorites as well.

This Marvel Cluster shirt is my three year olds fav.  He can never get enough Super Heroes!

My husband has a wicked sense of humor, but he is also a self-proclaimed geek therefore not just any T-shirt is a fit for him.  But I know this Dungeons & Dragons shirt would be an instant favorite as it is a throw-back to his younger days.

But what about me?  I definitely am the most picky when it comes to fashion in my house, but then I am the only girl!

I had a Smurf shirt when I was little and I thought it was the BEST thing ever.  This Smurfette shirt reminds me of my youth!

Whatever your style or interests, check out the wide selection of T-shirts available at T-Shirts.com

If you plan on ordering you’ll want to take advantage for their current deals!

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One lucky Mama Report reader will win $40 of credit to select one or two t-shirts of their choice!

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. I would get the What’s Up t-shirt for myself.

  2. Michelle Dehowy says

    Womens Happy Go Lucky T-Shirt

  3. Shemp DeYoung says

    I would get “Dobby will always be there” shirt.

  4. debbie jackson says

    ghost busters logo shirt debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  5. I like the Ghostbusters shirt. Thank you

  6. Kids classic batman logo tshirt i’d gift to my son

  7. womens nerby bird tshirt for my teenage daughter

  8. I like the Womens Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty T-Shirt!

  9. Marti Parks says

    I would get the Bob Marley Reggae Music T-Shirt for my son.

  10. i like the rolling stones t-shirt

  11. My kids would like the Kids Phineas and Ferb Perry T-Shirt. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  12. I’d get the boys Star Wars The Force is Strong with this one t-shirt for my son
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  13. I like the Women’s voyage home design.

  14. i would get the star wars poster t-shirt for my husband

  15. Dwayne Berry says

    3D Monkey or the Da Vinci Rock Man

  16. I would get the Womens Smile Pass It On T-Shirt for myself.

  17. Five Finger Death Punch Warhead T-Shirt for my son

  18. Megan Parsons says

    Womens Beautiful Death T-Shirt

  19. Jennifer Rote says

    Kids Rex Collage T-Shirt for my son.

  20. This one made me laugh:

    Thanks for the chance!

  21. Nikkie Cossairt says

    I would give Kids Green Marines T-Shirt as a gift.

  22. courtney hennagir says

    i would get the cash and the king shirt for my hubby!

  23. I would get the Lego happy face shirt for my son.

  24. the spider man side glance t-shirt fo rmy son

  25. Gina Ferrell says

    I like the You Rock You Rule T-Shirt.

  26. i liked the lego happy face

  27. Brachiosaurus T-Shirt

  28. april yedinak says

    I like the women’s I love nerds shirt

  29. cindy caudle says

    Lakers EST 1948 T-Shirt is the one I would get or design one of my own

  30. Women’s Big Bang theory soft kitty shirt!

  31. Carrie Phelps says

    My grandson is a super hero so he would love the Kids Marvel Cluster T-Shirt.

  32. I like the kramer shirt

  33. I would get a Mariners MLB shirt for my son. He saw his first MLB game a couple of years ago and it was the Mariners so I think he would like that as a memento.

  34. the bazinga tshirt

  35. Colleen Boudreau says

    The Womens Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty T-Shirt.

  36. I like the Girls I’m the Big Sister T-Shirt.

  37. I like the Womens Batman Logo Tee and the Spongebob Geek of the Week one.

  38. sharon gullikson says

    SOFT KITTY from Big Bang Theory!

  39. Elizabeth J. says

    I would get the Doctor Who Linear TARDIS T-shirt for me. 🙂

  40. I like the Forrest Gump Cross Country Team T-Shirt.

  41. I would get the Womens Talk Nerdy To Me Domo T-Shirt 😀 So many cute shirts to choose from!

  42. I would get the Womens Star Wars Poster T-Shirt.

  43. Robin Quick says

    I would get the mens Metallica Pushead Boris T-shirt for my son

  44. I would LOVE to give OR GET the Big bang Theory Soft Kitty shirt!!!

  45. I would give the Sanford and Son Big Dummy T shirt to my oldest son. He’d really get a kick out of it!

  46. Joyce Raymond says

    My granddaughter would just loooove the Marilyn Monroe Roses T-shirt!

  47. I would get the Toddler Duck Duck Goose Champ T-Shirt. That’s funny.

  48. Jennifer Miller says

    I would get the women’s big bang theory soft kitty t-shirt.

  49. sarah cooper says

    i like the boys superman logo tee for my son

  50. I would like to do a custom shirt for my daughters first birthday

  51. allyson tice says

    i would get the Forrest Gump Cross Country Team T-Shirt for my son and get the Zombie Repellent shirt for my hubby!

  52. Kim Burnett says

    Womens Happy Go Lucky T-Shirt

  53. jessica edwards says

    ghostbusters shirt

  54. I like the boys shirt that says ladies man and all the spiderman tees they have for little boys for my grandsons

  55. Kids justice league tshirt!

  56. ryan minton says

    i would choose the “come to the dark side” t shirt


  57. I think my hubby would like the Rush Moving Pictures T-Shirt.

  58. Monique Rizzo says

    I like the I love “I love nerds” shirt.
    Thanks for the chance.

  59. The pink army shirt for myself:)

  60. Ghostbusters shirt.

  61. Stephanie Larison says

    I like the Girls Tom & Jerry Best Friends Forever T-Shirt

  62. I like the classic batman shirt

  63. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says

    http://www.t-shirts.com/big-bang-theory-soft-kitty-tshirt.html Haha Soft kittty warmmmm kittyyyy =D I love it!

  64. smile pass it on for me or batman for my son

  65. I like the You Are Here shirt for myself or a friend

  66. kimberly holly says

    Wreck it Ralph for my son

  67. They have a great selection of Batman-themed tees, would definitely keep one for me and gift one to my boyfriend. They have a tee with the incubus logo, which my best friend would LOVE and is kind of rare! The tees with the classic Detroit logo would be a favorite for my dad.

  68. I’d get the girls’ Tinkerbell T-shirt, and maybe the Elmo t-shirt, too!

  69. the Rolling Stones t-shirt

  70. Wookiee Cookies Ice Vanilla T-Shirt

  71. I would definitely pick a Dinosaur shirt for my nephew!

  72. I love all the star wars t-shits!!

  73. kindra baron says

    I might get the Saved By The Bell ‘Bayside Pride’ t-shirt for myself & one for my sister!

  74. I would love to get my hubby the “Sunday Funday” shirt.

  75. A Sunday Funday shirt!

  76. ET Moon T-Shirt. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep. Thanks !!!!

  77. My son would love the Angry Birds blacke bomber bird t-shirt.

  78. Nikki Strong says

    My husband is in the Air Force, so I would like to get the Air Force t-shirt.

  79. classic batman shirt for my nephew

  80. Great giveaway! My favorite two are “Smile pass it on” and “I love nerds”!

  81. my son would love the Boys Spinjitzu Ninjago Lego T-Shirt

  82. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    Boys Spider-Man Red Logo T-Shirt! 🙂
    Thank you!

  83. AC/DC Highway to Hell T-Shirt would be perfect for my youngest..he is a huge fan!!!

  84. I’d get the Photo of My Ass T-Shirt 🙂

  85. Star Wars Acid Dawn T-Shirt is awesome!

  86. I love the Womens Marilyn Monroe Roses T-Shirt

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  87. I would love to get my nephew the Ladies Man toddler t shirt.

  88. Betsy Barnes says

    I would get my son, who will be twenty next week, the “Let’s Drink and Make Bad Choices” T-Shirt 🙂

  89. I would get my husband the Superman Super Steel T-Shirt

  90. my daughter would love the strawberry shortcake

  91. I like the classic Beatles tshirt!

  92. My son is obsessed with SUPERMAN! So Superman T shirt all the way.

  93. I’ve always wanted a Womens Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty T-Shirt.

  94. wendy rozema says

    my son would love the Angry Birds so angry t-shirt!!

  95. I like the Men’s Texas Rangers T-shirt.

  96. Chandi Isom says

    Wheres my water for my husband!

  97. Ashley turicik says

    I would love to get my husband the men’s dark knight rises grey t shirt

  98. my son would like Boys Cluster of Marvel Heroes T-Shirt

  99. shelby brigham says

    bob marley live tshirt

  100. I like the Goonies shirt.

  101. Christy Anderson says

    I would get the The Office That’s What She Said T-Shirt for my hubby!

  102. I would choose Beatles for my youngun who is obsedded with them

  103. Cara James says


    I’d get my husband one or two star wars shirts!:)

  104. I’d love to give the boys Black Angry Birds Bomber tshirt to my middle son.

  105. Gryffindor tuxedo shirt!

  106. I’d gift the Big Bang Theory Couch Reserved T-Shirt.

  107. Girls Mario T-Shirt.

  108. I would probably go with something plain, like the women’s scarlet T-shirt.

  109. Christina Burrell says

    Batman for my son

  110. My daughters would love the Batman Glitter Logo shirts.

  111. I would get my daughter the Kids DC Comics Girls Rule T-Shirt

  112. think i might have to get dh the reagan for president shirt!

  113. My son would love the Annoying Orange tee!

  114. Jennifer Brown says

    I like the Womens I Vote Republican T-Shirt.

  115. I’d get the Bayside pride shirts for my sis in law and myself. We both used to love Saved by the Bell!

  116. I love the “Eat Veggies Not Friends” shirt!

  117. My husband only wears Thundercat tees so I’d get him a new one

  118. Kendal Barriere says

    The boys lego star wars force is strong t shirt for my son

  119. Holly Adams says

    I would totally get the big bang theory, soft kitty shirt. I love that show!!!

  120. I’d buy either a green bay packers shirt for one of my boys, or a strawberry shortcake shirt for my little girl.

  121. I’d get either the Super Mario one or the Strawberry Shortcake for the children.

  122. Erica Dodge says

    I couldn’t find it, but it’s the one your older son is wearing with the dragon and the knight COOL!

  123. Melissa Moritz says

    I would take the Dungeons & Dragons shirt for myself 🙂

  124. They have some really cool band t-shirts – LOVE the Green Day one!

  125. I like the Duck, Duck,Goose girl’s t-shirt

  126. Any of the Star Wars shirts for my family.

  127. I like the Womens The Beatles Standing Group T-Shirt

  128. Vintage Superman Shield T-Shirt

  129. I would get the Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate T-Shirt for mah man.

  130. Christina ALbertson says

    I would get the South Park Whatever shirt. I love Cartman 🙂

  131. Nicole Larsen says

    I would totally get the Big Lebowski Mark It Zero T-Shirt for my hubby!

  132. I would love getting the Kids Batman Glitter Logo T-Shirt for my daughter!

  133. I want that totally 80’s smurfette tshirt! I loved the Smurfs back in the eighties, and now my 11 yr old daughter thinks they are cute. 🙂 Thanks!

  134. Heather Garcia says

    Womens Real Spectacular T-Shirt

  135. vintage superman shirt

  136. Misfits Skeleton hands t shirt

  137. christine jessamine says

    i love the womens batman logo t shirt

  138. I’d get matching “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” Doctor Who Shirts for my husband and I.

  139. My teenage son loves all the retro t shirts! I know he would love the ghostbusters one! 🙂

  140. I would get the Grumposaur shirt for my mother.

  141. I WOULD GET THE Kids Iconic Superman Logo T-Shirt FOR MY SON 🙂


  142. Tammy funk says

    Womens Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty T-Shirt!

  143. My husband would love this one http://www.t-shirts.com/pub-shamrock-tshirt.html

  144. I like the Womens I Am TMNT Costume T-shirt.

  145. I would like to get a Big Bang Theory tshirt for my Dad. He loves that show!

  146. Kate Strycker says

    The classic batman shirt would be PERFECT for my friend for xmas!

  147. I’d get the 10 Kittens T-Shirt for myself

  148. Lori Walker says

    I would give the Spider Man Spida-Spot T-Shirt to my dad.

  149. Michelle W says

    I would love the Womens Kelloggs Cereal Breakfast Club T-Shirt for myself

  150. Derek Timm says

    I would like the Bob Marley Face T-Shirt for myself.

  151. rochelle johnson says

    Boys Lightning T-Rex T-Shirt for my son

  152. Angela Cisco says

    I’d get Brightest Day Green Lantern T-Shirt as a gift

  153. Dee Hadley says

    I like the Pink Floyd any colour you like T-shirt

  154. I love the grumposaur shirt for my son!

  155. Alison Wood says

    I’d get the Oregon Trail Dysentery shirt for myself.

  156. I would get the Sonic the Hedgehog Posse T-shirt for my son.

  157. I love the women’s shirt that says ‘They’re real and they’re spectacular’!

  158. I would design a custom tshirt for my mom about an event she hosts.

  159. Tracy Allen says

    I love the Star Wars Movie Scene shirt – Thanks!

  160. Angela Williams says

    I would gift the Green Bay Packer’s to my brother

  161. I would get Boys Star Wars Storm Hawk T-Shirt for my older son.. he loves storm troopers and mohawks! what could be more perfect!! as a matter of fact.. its on my list to get if we dont win 🙂

  162. I really like the rolling stones t-shirt

  163. I would get the Womens Spongebob Geek of the Week T-Shirt for my sister, she loves Spongebob

  164. Jennifer J says

    I would get theLionel Richie All Night Long T-Shirt
    for me. Thanks!

  165. Misfits t-shirt for my son. His is so full of holes yet he still wears it (over another shirt). I’d love to replace it.

  166. I would get a t-shirt for my husband – anything Star Trek related!

  167. Leslie L. Stanziani says

    I would love to get the Nirvana Smile T-Shirt for my husband.

  168. Kari Flores says

    For myself, I like “My Vote Cancels Yours” T-Shirt

  169. Shirley Hicks says

    Mario and Luigi Players T-Shirt

  170. I like the Vintage Army Air Corp. women’s shirt.

  171. Rita Meadows says

    Simpsons Homer in space is funny

  172. My son would love the Zelda t-shirt 🙂

  173. full force star wars shirt for my son!

  174. Jmstrunk (Sybille) says

    I’d get the The Who Pinball Wizard shirt for by boyfriend.

  175. Padma Miller says

    Save Ferris for me!!

  176. Lisa Garner says

    I would love to get my teenage daughter the Womens Green Day Nail Heart T-Shirt as a gift.

  177. brenda Elsner says

    I would get my son the Boys Awesome T-Rex Collage T-Shirt

  178. Carolyn Daley says

    I would get my boyfriend the Sheldon I’m Immune to Sarcasm T-Shirt

  179. Linda Ellis says

    I like the Flash T-shirt.

  180. Ruben Ramos says

    Its Always Sunny Paddy’s Irish Pub T-Shirt

  181. I’de a the Thor T-Shirt for me 🙂

  182. I would get some of the boys shirts for my son like the Boys Dragon Standoff T-Shirt or the Lion’s Pride shirt.

  183. I would like to get the Kids Lion Pride T-Shirt for my niece

  184. Corey Olomon says

    I Vote Democrat Shirt

  185. Cassandra McCann says


    I would gift to my children to share

  186. I would get the Womens Superman Logo T-Shirt for myself! 🙂

  187. I would keep the “Doctor Who Distressed Tardis Vortex T-Shirt.”

  188. I’d probably get The Beatles Inner Light ’68 T-Shirt for my granddaughter.

  189. Barbara Stenby says

    i wish you were beer shirt

  190. I get the Batman logo t for a gift to my son

  191. Retro Pittsburgh Steelers tee shirt is awesome. I love finding new places to shop. Thanks!

  192. Candace Butler says

    Womens Edward Scissorhands T-Shirt–LOVE this movie.

  193. kathy pease says

    id get the The Boston Celtics EST 1946 T-Shirt

  194. I would buy myself the 1972 Europe Grateful Dead T-Shirt.

  195. David Manzer says

    I love the military shirts

  196. The Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.

  197. candace swoveland says

    My son loves Spider man

  198. claudette flanigan says

    I would pick Tinkerbelle for my little Cameron!

  199. Heather Swarthout says

    I would get one of the Star Wars shirts.

  200. Kortney Picker says

    I love the Kids Elmo Face T-Shirt, my daughter would love it!

  201. I would like the Challenge Accepted T-Shirt for myself. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  202. Jay Daugherty says

    I like photo of my ass shirt for my self

  203. I like the Womens Handlebar Mustache T-Shirt…but dang! It’s on sale for $25!

  204. Zane Porter says

    Cool shirts….I would love one.

  205. I would keep the women’s OLE for myself. I’d wear it next time I go out for a Mexican meal. Plus, I’d get some plain colored t-shirts for myself, which I desperately need.

  206. Darlene Webb says

    I would gift the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash T-Shirt to my daughter.

  207. My kids would love the angry birds and the sonic for my boys.

  208. Sarah Hall says

    I would give the Respect My Authority to my grandson.

  209. Tricia Antosh says
  210. susan smoaks says

    i absolutely love t shirts i would love to get the women’s painted wonder woman shirt

  211. Fish Out of Water T-Shirt

  212. shirley zolenski says

    The mountain dew tee to my hubby

  213. I would like the Womens Bob Marley Tie Dye T-Shirt for myself.

  214. Michelle Tucker says

    I would probably get the Darth Vader We Have Bacon T-Shirt.

  215. I’d like to gift my daughter the girls go yoshi t-shirt.

  216. Beverly Metcalf says

    I like the wonder woman one. Thanks for the contest!

  217. I like the little girl’s Tinkerbell t-shirt.

  218. My son would love to get the Boys Bat Belt Batman T-Shirt

  219. Richard Hicks says

    want the Combat Stryker T-Shirt
    Product # MN103242

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  220. Christian Alejandro N. says

    I Loved the Official Wordmark Texas Rangers T-Shirt! I and really liked the great pictures you posted!

  221. Miz Vickik says

    I’d like the Guiness t-shirt for my hubby =)

  222. I’d get the Transformers t-shirt!

  223. w omens harry potter shirt

  224. shanta spradlin says

    I would give the Superman Super Steel T-Shirt to my husband

  225. sheryl cullum says

    I might get this one:Breakthrough Wolf T-Shirt

  226. jennifer shaw says

    I’m the Big Sister for my daughter

  227. I’d get the Boys Annoying Orange Whats Up T-Shirt for my son!

  228. Sons of Anarchy Samcro T-Shirt

  229. Sons of Anarchy Samcro T-Shirt for myself…sorry i goofed up

  230. the Red Sox shirt for my husband

  231. My son would love the angry birds black bomber shirt


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