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I knew I did not want to be a part of a military family.  When my husband and I were dating, engaged, and first married he was a part of the National Guard.  Luckily these were the days before 9/11 when the Guard was used mostly for it’s designed purpose.   But even at that time I knew that the military does not make its decisions based on your family.  When duty calls, there are no other options.  This combination does not make for an easy marriage.

With the The Art of Marriage Ops we all can help the men and women who have defended our country strengthen their marriages!

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In celebration of The Art of Marriage Ops one lucky Mama Report reader will win $20 Applebee’s Gift Card!

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  1. Unfortunately. My best friend and her hubs are in the Army and he is being deployed this week. He is going to miss his daughters first birthday and the birth of their next child.

  2. Kim Ripley says

    thankfully, no

  3. Richard Morris says

    During my first deployment, we had 12 guys in my detachment. The three guys who were married were fine but all seven of us who were dating or engaged had our relationships end during the deployment or or shortly after returning. unfortunately, not one non-married relationship lasted

  4. I don’t know anyone in the military

  5. yeah actually. My husband is in the airforce.

  6. My husband isn’t in the military, but a close friend of mine is.

  7. Susan Wernle says

    I haven’t been affected by anyone in the military

  8. I have a good friend who’s husband is in Afghanistan. It is hard..she has yet in 2 years of Marriage had a Valentines or her Bday with him! This last trip, she got a dog so she could be protected and have a living creature in the home for her!

  9. April Brenay says

    My husband is active duty army, he’s deployed twice. Only 1 out of every 3 marriages last in the military…we didn’t know this was true until we saw it happen over and over.

  10. Tammy Doiel says

    Mine hasn’t, but I’ve heard stories from aunts and uncles of how their marriages were during the Vietnam War period.

  11. Susan Smith says

    I don’t know anyone in the military

  12. Stephanie Phelps says

    When my nephew was deployed it was very stranded between him and his wife for that year and now they are together again in Germany!

  13. Sorry, I don’t have any stories 🙁

  14. Stephanie says

    i have a cousin in the army

  15. Kelly Nicholson says

    no….and im glad,and sad for those who have

  16. No, I haven’t been affected.

  17. Chavonne H says

    am not married and don’t know anyone in the military.

  18. Jennifer Haile says

    No, luckily not me or anyone I know.

  19. marci hurst says

    My neighbor James is in the ARMY and it has affected his marriage–He’s now divored and barely sees his daughter Mia.

  20. My town lost 4 young men in this latest war.

  21. Cynthia C says

    No, I don’t know anyone in the military now.

  22. Two uncles who were Navy ended up divorced because their wives found someone else. One I don’t think would have worked out anyway. She was a gold-digger.

  23. EMMA L HORTON says


  24. I have several friends who’s husbands are in Iraq and it is hard on their marriage.

  25. Christina Oddy says

    not me, I got out of the Army before I got married!

  26. no, I don’t know anyone in the military at this time

  27. We have not been affected by the military, but my heart goes out to all those in the military.

  28. Paula Tavernie says

    I am so fortunate to say no!

  29. Although most of the men in my family have served in years past, none of my family or friends are currently in the military. Marriages were never affected by their service.

  30. Barbara Montag says

    Currently I don’t have anyone in the military.
    Thank you.

  31. Ashley Hatten says

    No, thank goodness thanks for the giveaway

  32. Matthew B says

    not really

  33. Carmen S. says

    My best friends brother served in Iraq, and thankfully his marriage survived.

  34. It’s funny, because my father is a now-retired Air Force colonel, and whenever I ask where he wants to go out for dinner he picks Applebee’s, because he feels they are very supportive of military families!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    My brother-in-law is retired Air Force. My nephew is in the Air Force.

  36. Don’t anyone but I always the people in service and their families in my prayers.

  37. tracy davis says

    No thank goodness

  38. Nope


  39. Allison (Allie Lanc on RC) says

    No, not a marriage, but my sister’s boyfriend is a marine currently in Afghanistan.

  40. Susan Ladd says

    My husband is retired from the Navy is hard on families if they are away and hard on the family member that is away. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope more people understand the hardship military families. I hope to win 🙂

  41. Mine hasn’t but my neigbor’s husband is in the Army, and they have 2 kids, 3 and 9 months.

  42. Rita Corey says

    No, but there are too many that have sadly.

  43. Rebecca Graham says

    No family members are in the military so we haven;’t been affected.

  44. Lisa Cal says

    my marriage, no, my family yes. and i’m just going to leave it there.

  45. no it hasn’t

  46. brandy g. says

    I haven’t been affected by anyone in the military.
    I am glad to be an american and I pray for thoes that are over seas and their families.

  47. christi baham willie says

    not me but someone i know and i pray for EVERY military family!!

  48. Sarah Hirsch says

    we haven’t been affected by the military but we have a friend who is married to a marine and it is very hard for her when he is deployed

  49. Mary Casper says

    in a way my husband suffers from ptsd from the military..however we were not married when he was serving

  50. I don’t know of anyone in the military.

  51. My marriage has not been affected by the military, but several family members marriages have been.

  52. kristi p says

    It affects a good friend of mine.

  53. No, it hasn’t.

  54. Yes, my cousin was killed in action in 2009 on the Afghan border.

  55. My cousin is currently serving in Afghan and his marriage just ended.

  56. Luckily I haven’t been affected, but a co-workers son-in-law was killed in Afghanistan last year. He left behind a wife and young child. 🙁

  57. Denise Blados says

    No, mine hasn’t been affected.

  58. Mary Calabrese says

    No, my husband isn’t in the military.

  59. Not in my Marriage. My dad was a Vietnam vet and was really unstable so I was affected in that way.

  60. Debra Hall says

    a young friend of the family

  61. no it hasnt

  62. No it hasn’t.

  63. My brother-in-law was in the military and it was very hard on his marriage.

  64. I don’t know anyone who is in the Military so no.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  65. Suzanne K says

    Not married and don’t know anyone currently in the service, but my heart goes out to the families.

  66. No it hasn’t

  67. I have many friends who are military spouses.

  68. no

  69. My hubby was in the military for 8 years (7 of those we were married and we were engaged when he joined), so yes, it did/has affected it, but for the better mostly!

  70. Adrienne gordon says

    Mine has not

  71. My marriage has not been affected but many of my family members are in this situation.

  72. My neice’s hubby is a navy man…I know it’s tough on her and the kids when he is out to sea.

  73. Elizabeth Owens says

    Someone I know. A friend just had a a baby and the husband has to go overseas for a year. That must be so tough. I cannot even imagine what all the family members will have to go through

  74. debbie johnson says

    i have 2 daughters married to marines and my son is in the air force. my 1st husband was navy, 2nd was marines and the 3rd is a marine brat. my mom’s side of the family were navy and my dad’s was air force.

  75. A friend I know has been impacted. Luckily her husband is home from being overseas.

  76. Thankfully NO

  77. Lorna England says

    Regardless of having friends or relatives in the military, I think the entire USA is affected by the military. We can go about our days with much less fear than any other nation in the world. God Bless our Troops 🙂

  78. Holly S. says


  79. My dad was in the army and my cousin just got deployed after being married for a week. They sacrifice so much for us.

  80. no it has not

  81. Kyl Neusch says

    made it stressful

  82. Kelly Marceau says

    Thankfully no.

  83. NO

  84. No one in the military now

  85. Corey Olomon says

    Neither I nor my ex-wife were ever in the military, but my sister was a Navy wife for nearly 20 years, but the last year or two he was stationed across the country and they decided that my sister had to stay at the old place because their kids couldn’t move, but need her help in various ways and it was less than 2 years before his planned retirement. After a year or so her husband become too lonely and had an affair and then left her just months before his 20 year retirement when he was to return to her. Very sad situation.

  86. Christine says

    I am fortunate, but my cousin’s marriage didn’t survive his tours of Afghanistan.

  87. Jennifer C says

    I grew up a military brat and got to see how it affects a family, but neither myself or my husband are in the military.

  88. sarah shult says

    Yes my cousin is in the military

  89. Danielle Papsis says

    I am thankful for our servicemen and women…. but thankfully, no.

  90. I don’t know anyone who’s marriage has been affected by the war or military, and I can only imagine the strain it can have. I’m thankful everyday for the sacrifice these military families make for our freedoms.

  91. amy miller says

    No it hasnt!!

  92. Yes, my marriage has been greatly affected. My husband and I are both Army. I was retired out a couple years ago due to injuries and he is still in. After his last tour to Afghanistan we decided to divorce. With my injuries and his deployment we just couldn’t fix things because we both had issues.

  93. Our mairrage has not been affected

  94. nope not mine but i know it was hard for my cousin and his wife and kids.


  95. s riches says

    No affect at all.

  96. My sisters husband is in the military. He goes away quite often. I know its hard on them, but they’re still going strong!

  97. I have a friend who is a military chaplain. He and his family are definitely affected.

  98. Yes, I have a friend and family member in the military.

  99. Nicole Korson says

    My heart breaks for those separated from their loved ones:(

  100. Christine Jessamine says

    i am a military spouse, i am very lucky my husband has not had to be deployed overseas

  101. My son was in the Marines for 4 yrs 2 deployments in Iraq Not only is your child in danger every day but you are on pins and needles every day, every phone call it is horrible. My heart goes out to all the parents who are deployed who leave behind their children and spouses I know what I went thru it must be unbearable for them!

  102. Amy Zachek says

    I’m not married so I can’t answer this, but I know some military couples who have had their struggles due to this.

  103. Mary Michaud says

    no, but my dad was

  104. No. Thanks for the chance.

  105. Lynette Story says

    Nephew just finished his time in National Guard

  106. My cousin is in the military and he hasn’t got to see his family in months.

  107. With my cousin being in Afghanistan for three years I’ve noticed that him and his wife have grown closer together. It’s amazing.

  108. Crystal F says

    No, it hasn’t. Thank you!

  109. several clients of mine are military families – you think military and marriage is hard try military and adoption!

  110. Rebecca Orr says

    My aunt and uncle are both in the Army. Thankfully, for their children when one was deployed, the other was home with the kids. But it really puts a strain in their relationship as husband and wife. Being apart is hard enough, then adding kids to the mix makes it even harder for them. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  111. i don’t know anyone in the military

    annae07 at aol dot com

  112. It has greatly affected their lives and it’s tearing families apart!

  113. Not me personally, but friends of ours are both in the Army.

  114. 1955nurse says

    Not mine, but several friends have – being a military spouse is NOT easy — the serve our Country along w/the Serviceperson!!!

  115. I have a nephew in the military and he is a newlywed.

  116. katklaw777 says

    I was a military spouse years ago…it does have it’s ups and downs on a marriage.

  117. Thankfully no. My husband was in the Army when we first got married but he got out 3 months after our wedding, the year before 9/11. I have never been so grateful.

  118. My friends husband is in the Army and is away alot.

  119. I was in the ANG before I was married, but it did not affect our relationship at all.

  120. Sheila K. says

    No, it has not.

  121. Nobody I know has been affected

  122. yes my marriage has been affected by the military and the multiple deployments that keep us apart for long periods.

  123. Thankfully no.

  124. My nephew’s marriage was affected from being in the military because of the stress from being away from his young children and wife and worrying about coming home. Thankfully he is home now for good.

  125. Danielle T says

    not in the military, not even married yet, but me and my boyfriend dont let anyone come between us!

  126. Joyce Raymond says

    Yes, I have.

  127. Heather S says

    Havent been affected personally but I know how hard it is on friends to not see their spouse for solong

  128. Ariel Henry says

    I don’t know anyone in the military.

  129. Christina says

    My girlfriend’s life has really been affected by the military; it sounds like a very difficult life!

  130. No. But when I was younger I dated a man in the military and it did affect us

  131. No I don’t know anyone in the military

  132. My husband enlisted in the Navy soon after we were married. It was a challenge to keep our marriage growing during the years he was gone so much, but I believe it made our commitment to each other even stronger.

  133. Thankfully it hasn’t

  134. kindra baron says

    My marriage hasn’t been affected no, but we have several friends with a spouse in the service & it can bring some hardships.


  135. Janet Vickers says

    Nope, thankfully

  136. susan varney says

    no it never has been we’re truly soulmates

  137. Katharina says

    No problems fortunately for military families I know… both in my family
    and my circle of friends. I truly hope that it stays that way.
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  138. One of my son’s best friends is in the Army, and came home briefly at Christmas. Very sobering and worrisome.

  139. Jennifer Hiles says

    Thankfullly, it has not

  140. Thankfully no.

  141. Robyn Galloway says

    No me personally, but many people I know have had their martial struggles due to the military and being deployed!

  142. I have not had a family member in the military, but I do have many former students who are currently serving

  143. Sarah Carroll says

    My brother in law is in the army. His family has greatly been affected through his service.

  144. sharynmac says

    It has not affected our marriage. We have a nephew serving his third tour in Afghanistan and it has affected his marriage.

  145. carol lewis says

    No, not at this time, though a relative is in Afghanistan, he is not married.

  146. Dawn Valentine says

    My brother’s marriage, divorce, and a subsequent engagement were affected by the military. He has PTSD.

  147. Marthalynn says

    My parents separated when I was young and my dad was stationed in Guam.

  148. Not affected

  149. AubreyLaine says

    My cousin was in the military

  150. Thankfully no it has not.

  151. Melanie Morin says

    My marriage hasn’t been affected by the military.

  152. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I know my nephew was sold out by his fiancee while he was serving
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  153. Hasn’t effected my family but we have had some friends move away.

  154. Alisha L. says

    We are a Navy family but haven’t had our marriage effected in any negative way because of the Military. We try to actively avoid the Military rut though, to us it’s just like any other job one does. We avoided living on base housing and try to remain as much a normal family as we can and I really think that helps.

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  155. Mindy Muellenborn says

    No, it hasn’t been

  156. Christine says

    It has not affected our marriage but my uncle die in the recently war.
    Thanks for the chance!

  157. Ashley Morrissey says

    I, fortunately, have not. I think that would be an awful thing to go through amiss serving your country.

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  158. my brother in law is deployed!
    Fab giveaway! thanks again! Janna Johnson
    janna @ feedyourpig on gfc

  159. no, but my first “adult” boyfriend was deployed shortly after we broke up

  160. My first marriage was affected by the military and it ultimately split us up.

  161. Desiree Dunbar says

    Not my marriage but my brother-in-laws was.

  162. My marriage directly has not been affected, but we live next to a military base, and the vast majority of my friends have married into the military, and many of their husbands are currently on leave.

  163. I’m very thankful that my marriage hasn’t been affected.

  164. Not me personally but I’ve seen a lot of my friends’ marriages destroyed by deployment 🙁

  165. Angela Winesburg says

    No, I haven’t been affected.

  166. david basile says

    Yes our nephew in the navy

  167. Bonnigene says

    My husband was in the Navy for the first three years we were married. It is not an easy life, but there are good reasons to have it. I love him for his dedication to the country he loves. He still works for the Army and loves supporting his country

  168. No, we know no one in the military.

  169. Ashley Hess says

    no, we are not currently dealing with the military for either of us. my heart breaks for everyone that is.

  170. Jennifer McKay says

    I has in the past. My husband was in the Navy for 15 years and i spent half the year as a single mom.

  171. i work on an air force base so i see things daily that affect their marriages

  172. Jennifer says

    I haven’t been affected thankfully, at least not yet!

  173. melissa Resnick says

    no effect on us

  174. I am thankful my marriage has not been impacted directly by the military.

  175. I haven’t been affected by anyone in the military.

    Jenn from How to Make a Bow

  176. It has affected a family member who served

  177. Hubby was in the Navy reserves for 19 of the years we’ve been married, separations were hard.

    nblexp ( at ) gmail (dot) com

  178. Not really. My husband is retired military but it never affected our marriage.

  179. Victoria Russell says

    Yes! My best friend’s – I’m glad we’re close for support!

  180. Mine personally has not, but those ideas in the app are great for everyone’s marriage to keep it healthy and strong.

  181. we have been lucky and it has not affected us.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  182. Yess, my husband’s on a sub so when he’s (constantly) gone we can only email. The sub has to surface to actually download our emails and send out theirs. The last time I got an email was 3 weeks ago… it sucks!

  183. My dad just retired from the military this would be a much needed gift for he and my mom!

  184. Ashley Tucker says


  185. I am grateful to say that no it has not affected us.

  186. My grandparents were both Marines, veterans of WWII. They actually met in the Corp and were married for over 65 years. So I guessso, but in a good way. Thanks for the giveaway.

  187. My 1st husband was in the Navy and my father retired from the Army with 31 years of service!

  188. Yes! My husband is Active Duty Army….we have a very strong marriage and the key is COMMUNICATION!

  189. It hasn’t affected our marriage

  190. I have seen many marriages ruined by the military

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  191. kathy pease says

    no i dont know anyone in this situation

  192. Ross Hassel says

    My wife has 2 nephews and a niece in the miltary.

  193. My husband is currently in the USMC and it can be rough at time and I’m not talking about just the deployments either.

  194. Belinda Shaw says

    The military caused a divorce to my first husband.

  195. Andrea Anderson says

    It’s affected a friend of mine’s. It was just too much time apart.

  196. I do know a couple who did not make it. Very sad that this affected their marriage.

  197. Brittney House says

    My best friend has a hard time everytime her husband leaves

  198. No, but we have friends who are serving.

  199. Kate Strycker says

    My friend is married to someone in the military and unfortunately infidelity is rampant. Her marriage is a bit rocky right now :/
    Sorry this is such a downer! It’s just my experience.

  200. My husband almost joined the military when we were dating but backed out at the very last minute.

  201. Actually, I can’t think of anyone I know who is involved in the military who is married, so no.

  202. amy deeter says


  203. My step sons marriage was affected by all of his deployments and they ended up divorcing

  204. Pauline M says

    I had a brother in the military in the past, but that was many years ago and it helped him get through school!

  205. My brothers are in the military and they have difficulty dating due to being away so often in service.

  206. Morgan L.E. says

    Yes, my brother is in the military and has had trouble leaving his wife behind.

  207. Kate O'Brien says

    My brother-in-law is in the Marines. He has been previously deployed to Afghanistan but is thankfully home now and getting married in May!

  208. no

  209. Krystalynn Hernandez says

    My friend does miss her hubby being around for some holidays but she makes it work and they’ll just celebrate early!

  210. i dont know any military families that are divorced

  211. Cheri Anne says

    I have family members who have been involved in the military, but thankful they have all come out of it safely.

  212. Tabathia B says

    No I am not in the military and I don’t know anyone currently in the military

  213. My friend’s son and his wife moved to another country for the military.

  214. Kelly Britton says

    Not affected. God bless those who serve.

  215. Huston Smith says

    I was issued an ex-wife in the military along 42% of the rest of the soldiers.

  216. I’m not married, but I have family members who are currently serving

  217. lucas nelson says

    My brother-in-law was deployed to Iraq

  218. Deborah Wallin says

    My husband’s nephew has been away from his wife twice, each time for a year.

  219. Penny Kathleen says

    Luckily no one I know has a marriage affected by the military.

  220. My son’s marriage was ffected

  221. shirley pebbles says

    A friend of mine actually separated recently because of it.

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
    twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  222. My husband had already served in the military before we met.

  223. I know several couples with at least one military member, but their relationships/marriages are strong at this time

  224. I don’t know anyone in the military

  225. No one currently..but my Dad is a vet, as is my Uncle, numberous cousins, and my two nephews.

  226. Jennifer J says

    My husband nor myself are in the military. But we are thankful for those who do serve. Thank you!!

  227. mary gardner says

    we know 2 couples that are now separated

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  228. Barbara Hunt says

    Thanks for the great contest!

  229. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    My first marriage was affected. Definitely adds stress… My deepest respect and admiration to all who can make it work.

  230. Jennifer J says

    i am divorced from someone in the military. It was not a good experience.

  231. No!

  232. annette campbell says

    No it has not been effected

  233. My son is in the military and there is always the looming considerations of him getting sent overseas…they stem from whether or not to buy a house, have a baby, etc.

  234. my husband is not in the military, but i watch several of my friends struggle.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  235. mrsshukra says

    The marriage of my friend whose hubby is in the military did not end well.

  236. Virginia Rowell says

    No, I am very fortunate.

  237. My marriage hasn’t been affected by the military

  238. I have not personally been affected by the military but I do have friends that have struggled in their marriage due to deployment issues.
    reejen5 at gmail dot com

  239. Leah Shumack says

    No it hasn’t affected me but I often pray for those who have it on their mind and are worried daily!

  240. Amy DeLong says

    yes,my dad is in the military

  241. No, not really at all.

  242. Rhonda Clemens says

    Yes, 10 years ago my Hubby was a USMC and I found out I was pregnant, I returned back to my home state, because my hubby was going to be heading over seas (Iraq). My hubby is now a Disabled Vet, a loving hubby and dad!

  243. My husband was in the Vietnam War. That was a long time ago, and it was before we got married, so we weren’t impacted by that. There is a woman at my work whose brother was killed by a roadside bomb. Thst is very tragic.

  244. I don’t know anyone in the military.

  245. my husband and I were both in the military. I know a great many friends and coworkers who managed to cope with both military and family responsibilities. Deployment is never easy but fortunately military service is a choice

  246. My boyfriend’s brother is in the army and his wife and son had to move to Texas a few months ago. I really miss them.

  247. Nicole Larsen says

    No, luckily I have not been affected or anyone else I know

  248. Michelle H. says

    My marriage isn’t affected by the mlitary. But, I know of at least one couple that are both serving and have been separated early in their marriage.

  249. Tonya Dean says

    Nope, a couple of ex-boyfriends but that’s it.


  250. My parents actually met in the Navy. Luckily my mom was able to transfer to the same base as my father and by the time I was three my dad was able to retire, so it didn’t affect them too much.

  251. not personally

  252. My spouse’s family is in the military

  253. Yes, given that I live in a military town and have several family members in the military.

  254. No, it hasn’t. But when my cousin was killed in Iraq, it sure brought us closer together.

  255. Melanie Johnson says

    Mine hasn’t but I have a friend whose husband has been deployed for so long. It breaks my heart how much she misses him.

  256. Deidra Bigham says

    I’m a Navy wife for over 21 years. The military life is not for everyone. It is tough and has a lot of challenges that a lot of ‘civilian’ marriages don’t have to deal with. Either way, any couple has their own issues/challenges to make their way thru…..

  257. Gina Ferrell says

    Unfortunately No!!!

  258. I was a military wife for 15 years. Sadly it ended in divorce.

  259. Veronica Garrett says

    No one in my family or any one I know has been affected by military service.

  260. yes i can use a good meal

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