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I sure didn’t think it was possible, but little girls are something of a mystery to me.  Yes, of course I was once a little girl, but unfortunately that was some time ago.  I knew I was out of the little girl mindset when I saw my friend’s daughter pretend a doll was her baby.  My first thought, that’s weird.  No, that’s not weird, that is what little girls like to play.  Or at least many of them.  It truly creeped me out.  That’s when it occurred to me that while I was once a little girl, I am now something of a little boy expert.  Well, at least a mom expert to my three little guys.

For those of you with children of both genders, you receive a perspective of both worlds.  For me, it’s all boy all the time:) And while each of my son’s has his own interests, likes/dislikes, and preferences they undoubtedly share similarities as brothers and as little boys.  As a mom I seek those things in life that I know will bring them joy.  I play those games that they enjoy.  This means we don’t play house, babies, Barbies, or dolls.  Instead they want to wrestle, tickle, smash, crash, build, and wrestle some more.

Each of my boys likes to have some free time on our Galaxy, obviously my nine and six year old are capable of different things than my almost four year old.  But not surprisingly their favorite apps are typically the same.  My nine year old, being the age that he is, is particularly keen on some tablet time.  Incidentally he named our Galaxy- The Tom.  I have no idea why.  It is the oddest thing.  But he asks me almost everyday, “Mom, can I do The Tom“.  And of course, now that’s what I call it as well.  Have you named your tablet device?:)

Based on our experiences with The Tom, I’ve included our favorite/best apps for boys ten and younger. You’ll quickly figure out my boys have a preference for anything LEGO, but what six or seven year old boy doesn’t?!
hero-factory-app-for-boysMy nine year old is currently obsessed with this new faction of Hero Factory.  Not only is it his favorite app, but the toys are high on his Christmas wishlist as well.  Plus the basic app is free, how awesome is that?!


What kid isn’t obsessed with this game?  Enough said.


Another Lego love from my guys.  The basic part of this app is also free, woot!


 You gotta include some books, even if they are the digital variety.  Wreck It Ralph is a favorite.


Of course, you have to have the service in order for this app to work, but Netflix essentially where ever you want it? This could be a parental lifesaver in some situations:)

What are you favorite apps for your kids?

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