The Fragile Looking Lampwork Beads


The lampwork beads will come in many different shapes. When these are made many of the bead
makers are not entirely sure of the shape that it will take. The bead artisans try to make them become
certain shapes but this does not always happen like they have planned. These are very pretty and make
lovely patterns for many different types of jewelry.

Most of the jewelry makers like to string these on a necklace like the pearls are strung. Many of these
can be place so that it will stand out similar to a pendant. They can be made from clear glass or colored
glass. Some of them are translucent meaning that they can be seen through. This gives the option of
putting a nice colorful piece of cord or colored leather through them for a very fashionable look.

Not all of them are like this though. Some of them are colored and are not see through. The colors of
these have a wide range. A necklace or a bracelet can be made with several different colors of beads.
Each bead will vary because they are hand-crafted with a gas torch and other tools. Sometimes they are
shaped with certain hand movements. These are very unique and special beads.

A jewelry maker that wants beads that are exactly the same will not like these beads because each one
varies and one bead will not be exactly like another. Sometimes these beads have a design painted on
them which makes them look like more of a special creation. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many
other pieces of jewelry are easily made with these. They are great treasures to have on hand. These
beads are sold in the form of strands. The number of beads on each strand will usually depend on the
size of the bead. You can choose from 200+ beads at up to 50% off at today.



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