I received the three pack multiple size GRIPSTIC to review.  The premise of the product is pretty simple and I found an additional benefit as they are smaller than traditional chip clips.  The ease of use is okay, but you have to have the bag folded just so or it does not want to slide over the bag.  I like the fact that they are smaller and you don’t have to fold the bag in three different directions like you do with other chip clip holders.  The medium and large sizes are good for most bags,  but the small one is a little bit too small and I had problems finding a bag that it would actually fit.  In the end,  I did manage to get it to work fairly well on a bun bag, however.  The GRIPSTIC does work as advertised,  but can be a little difficult to get on,  as the bag and the material have to be aligned perfectly.  A child with not a lot of hand/eye dexterity would probably not be able to attach them on a chip bag, however most adults will be able to figure it out.

Here is a picture of the three clips in use.

I like these new bag sealers because they go across the entire bag and are more secure than normal clips. The irritating part is that you have to be very exact when putting them on or the clip will not work.   But all in all I will continue to use these clips as it seals the entire bag.

The GRIPSTIC is available from Amazon for $5.99.

This review comes from my other new contributor to The Mama Report, Melissa.  Look for more information about Melissa soon!


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.



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