The Jungle Book The Movie: Rumble in the Jungle Movie Night!


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As you can see, we are a wild bunch!:)  Our family, including Nana (pictured above), decided to spend a cozy winter evening watching the new The Jungle Book The Movie:  Rumble in the Jungle DVD.  This film will be available on February 12th exclusively at Walmart stores in a special limited edition set with a collectible toy and will be available just as a DVD nationwide in May 2013.

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Plot synopsis:  There’s trouble in the jungle, and as usual, Mowgli and Mani are at the center of it all!  While they enjoy their time drumming away at logs in the jungle, Shere Khan plots to put an end to the noise.  Meanwhile, Tabaqui is stuck in a well, Appu gets lost, and there’s something fishy going on at the Cold Lair…Will Mowgli escape the clutches of the evil Shere Khan, and manage to still have time to join his friends in the jungle rhythm?  This action packed feature length film promises to bring you the best of The Jungle Book.

Run time- 62 minutes (perfect time span for our young family!)

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Those of you who watch Disney XD will already be familiar with this new take on The Jungle Book.  But for antenna users like me, DVD’s are our preferred method of entertainment.  I can’t say that I grew up with The Jungle Book.  I am one of those rare people who never really watched a classic Disney movie until I was older.  Luckily, this is not the case for my children.  Prior to watching this new movie they were quite familiar with the classic and they even listen to the story at night as they fall asleep via a CD we have on loan from the library.

Ultimately my guys decided to get super comfy to watch the movie.  Notice all the pajamas and robes? Don’t they make for a cute bunch?!

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As I mentioned this movie was a great length for my family.  Obviously my older two boys can handle a show much longer, but my youngest- only three- will lose interest in TV after while.  Mowgli is such a great character he didn’t have any problems making it to the end of the film with his older brothers. 

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We just love getting cozy together as a family for a movie and this new updated Jungle Book movie is a great feature for families with little children.

Remember this movie will be available for sell exclusively from Walmart starting February 12th!

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