The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack Review


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The Little Mermaid is classic Disney.  I was twelve years old when this movie debuted and beyond the target age, but I was entranced nonetheless.  I have a confession to make.  I haven’t always been a Disney fan.  Some of the early Disney animated films didn’t resonate with me.  Pocahontas irks this history teacher.   But there is no denying my affinity for The Little Mermaid. 

Now (as of October 1st) The Little Mermaid is available on Blu-ray.  I remember being completely dazzled as a child, I knew my youngest son was going to be amazed.  The music, colors, and lively & funny characters are part of what makes Disney great.  My youngest son, almost four years old, had never seen this movie.  He was intrigued by the box art alone.


Let’s watch it Mom!


The songs are catchy, the characters are lovable, and the scenes are hilarious.  My boys loved it.  I forgot how deliciously evil Ursula is, I must admit she had my youngest hiding:)  Her evilness is apparent and made my older sons cheer for her demise.

The colors of this Blu-ray version were fabulous.  Simply put, if you have kids you need to own this classic movie.  It’s a staple to any film collection.

What is particularly awesome about this Diamond Edition is that it almost includes a digital copy!  You gotta love the ability take Disney on the go!

If you need a little refresher of the movie check out the clips below:)

Check out these awesome Little Mermaid activities! Great items to do with your little one on a rainy day inside!

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