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Check out my reader’s tip at Money Saving Mom.  I’m so excited that this was posted there today!!  My article is about keeping kids entertained in the car with cheap books.

Money Saving Mom is an excellent blog dedicated to helping people save money in every aspect of their lives.


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  4. Hi, I just read your post on money saving mom & loved it. Although my children are older (9 & 12), I wanted to comment on your photo that you included. I like the crate idea however, I had a tote (I think by Fisher Price) that served the same purpose. It was blue & yellow with a large open bin, and 3 additional pockets – for the front & 2 sides. It also had a long carrying strap to take it out of the vehicle. It was great to sit in the middle of 2 kids. The other useful addition it had was the strap/loop that the seatbelt went through to keep it more stationary (it also had velcro so you could undo it that way w/out unbuckling the seat belt. The reason I mention it to you is because your photo doesn’t appear to have the crate strapped down. It would be easily done on a crate. I just wanted to share that so that you might consider looping the seatbelt through it. In an accident, it would be once less object that could become a dangeous weapon. Just thought I’d pass along since all us moms have to stick together & look after our precious little ones. God Bless.

    • Thanks for your comment Julia. I was hesitant to put the crate in my car for that reason, however necessity took hold over reason in this case and I did it anyway. I will look into some kind of strap/velcro contraption to secure the crate to the car. I never even thought of it. Thank you for looking out for my family. I really appreciate such a nice blogger. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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