The Mama Report Summer Days of Fun- $25 G.C. Giveaway


Summer vacation has officially arrived for The Mama Report.   What does this mean exactly?  For starters all three boys are home and have completed their respective grade/preschool level.  We have a summer planned with fun summer camps, swimming lessons, road trips, and extended family vacations.  But at the moment we have made our first getaway of the summer to one of our favorite destinations- Minnesota’s North Shore.   We have treated ourselves in royal fashion this year by staying a little over a week at the posh Larsmont Cottages.  We have tried a variety of options available in the area.  Throughout the years we have camped and stayed at a number of different hotels.  But we are definitely enjoying our two bedroom cottage the best.  With three kids in tow, it is much easier to have a kitchen and a normal house space from which to operate.

The weather has been rainy and we have already seen a number of storms glide over Lake Superior.  But with a cozy fireplace and large windows overlooking the lake we are riding out the storms in a cozy fashion.

My eldest is creating a dynamic rock collection and must study each new addition.

In celebration of the days of summer and all the fun they bring for children and adults alike, I thought it was only proper to rein in the season with a series of giveaways.  Look for a new one each week throughout the month of June!  But as summer is filled with much more important things to do than spending time on the computer I have created a long window of opportunity to win these prizes.  No pressure.  You have plenty of time to enter:)  But of course, tweeting everyday does increase your chances:)

So to kick off my Summer Days of Fun campaign my first giveaway is for the kiddos in your life.  Pick out a fun toy for them.  If your a parent like me, nothing brings me more joy than seeing the happiness on my children’s faces.

Look for another giveaway next week!  I’ll also keep you up to date with what’s taking place in our lives with each new giveaway.

To enter this giveaway please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. entries only.  Winner will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is fully funded by The Mama Report. I have not received any compensation from Larsmont Cottages or I’m just sharing the love;)


  1. My imagined one is the Bahamas.

  2. April Alvey says

    Our Vacation Is Real We Are Going To Gatlinburg Tn.

  3. Elizabeth says

    A real 3-day weekend vacation to FairieWorlds.

  4. Going to Orange Beach

  5. My imaginary trip would be to bermuda!

  6. Adrienne gordon says

    we go to st. croix later

  7. Hawaii but it’s imagined lol

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  8. Kristy thiel says

    I’d love to go to San Diego! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Ann Fantom says

    We are going to Myrtle Beach, SC

  10. imagined: Tahiti

  11. melina ramirez says

    imaginary vacation is Disney World.

  12. Debra Pauley says

    imaginery one is hawaii!

  13. Amy Orvin says

    I dream of going to Sea World!!

  14. Sylvia White says

    Washington state

  15. My vaca spot is Colorado!! A much needed and wanted vacation to see some special people!!

  16. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    Alabama to see my mom
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  17. We are going to Disney World.

  18. We will be beach bound this summer to our beach house.

  19. D Schmidt says

    We are going to Disneyland

  20. Micah Pearson says

    I would love to see Australia!

  21. We are going to the new jersey shore

  22. we cant afford vacations and to imagine one is just silly

  23. debbie jackson says

    alaska imagined

  24. Disney World

  25. Katherine says

    GOing to Williamsburg VA

  26. matthew b says

    wisconsin to see my family!

  27. Carolina Beach, NC

  28. Joyce Raymond says

    Just going to spend time with my daughter and granddaughter, unless I win something;)

  29. Imaginary – a nice beach with crystal clear water – ahhhhh : ]

  30. In the summer we stay home and enjoy ourselves after a rough winter. Thanks.

  31. Mary Casper says

    For the first time in years I will not bwe taking a vacation

  32. Jennifer says

    Puerto Rico or Scotland….imagined of course!

  33. My imaginary vacation would definitely be to Hawaii.

  34. We went to Myrtle Beach.

  35. The Mountains!

  36. real = anywhere not my house
    imagined = Tahiti!

  37. Brooke M Adametz says

    We’re going to Sandbridge and Maine!

  38. In my mind, I am in Fiji!!

  39. Monique Rizzo says

    Thanks for the chance.

  40. Michele Behlen says

    My dream vacation would be to Alaska.

  41. Real: nowhere
    Imagined: Italy

  42. My dream would be to spend a couple weeks at the beach.

  43. Northern Wisconsin

  44. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    We’re going to Washington, DC

  45. April Clark Trent says

    We are going to St. George Island for a week.

  46. Teh Doll says

    hopefully Disney

  47. grandparents house

  48. My real vacation destination this summer is the back yard, boring-I know.

  49. I’m dreaming of a week long tropical cruise… probably not gonna happen… but I can dream! 😉

  50. Candie L says

    My real vacation is 2 and a half weeks (Kansas City, Omaha, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma and returning to Arkansas. This is the 4th year we have gone on a crazy adventure. Thank you

  51. We just returned from a week trip in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We loved it! It was relaxing and beautiful near the Smokies.

  52. just the beach
    tcogbill at live dto com

  53. Michelle C says

    We are planning on taking a beach vacation, but haven’t decided on which beach yet. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  54. kindra baron says

    real- a week away in Kansas City with the hubs…he’ll be at a conference almost the entire time but hey, I’ll take what I can get 🙂

  55. Suzanne Rogers says

    spending 8 days at a lake resort, going golfing, fishing, visit train museum and much much more

  56. Carrie Phelps says

    I am self employed so I don’t vacation vacation but I do plan to camp out with my grandsons a few weekends.

  57. Julie C. says

    My little one likes to play with Thomas on his way to the Outerbanks.

  58. marjorie gray says

    I would love a yoga cruise with my family.

  59. I would love to go to Disney World

  60. I want to visit the Grand Canyon Deer Farm where my husband and I married 12 years ago. That’s not actually going to happen, but I wish we could swing it.

  61. Angela Williams says

    Myrtle beach, sc

  62. Pauline Milner says

    We are going on a two week vacation to Ontario, Canada in August.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  63. Our “imagined” vacation is to take a train excursion in Europe! Our true vacation will be a “staycation” right at home – we opted to get a pool instead of taking a vacation this year!

  64. Imagined vacation is the Gulf Coast!

  65. Mayla Moore says

    We get to go to Texas!

  66. Carrie Floyd says

    We don’t have a vacation planned for this summer because we are going to Disney World this fall!

  67. Mary Dailey says

    Utah to see the grandchildren

  68. Imagined is going to the mountains!

  69. imaginary vacation to Dollywood

  70. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I wish Hawaii!

  71. We’re going to Orlando

  72. amy marantino says

    imagined – the grand canyon

  73. We hit the beach already.

  74. We actually just got back from the beach in North Carolina!

  75. Priscilla Benavides says

    The San Antonio Zoo and Sea World, we enjoy educational vacations.

  76. I’d love to go to Hawaii

  77. We are looking forward to an old fashioned camping trip! Maybe we’ll sneak a night in at the nearest Great Wolf Lodge too!

  78. Christy Anderson says

    Ours will be imagined while enjoying the neighborhood pool.

  79. We’re going to Great America and Brookfield Zoo over the summer!

  80. Going to Destin, Florida. We haven’t been in two years!

  81. We are going to Lancaster to vist my sister. So that one is real. I wish we could go to Disney World this summer (imagined) but we will have to wait till next year.

  82. we plan to go to lake tahoe for a few days

  83. We are going to Cripple Creek Colorado for 3 days. Would love to go somewhere for 7 days but I will take what I can get, lol!

  84. Debbie Ellis says

    That Minnesota area looks great, maybe we could go there.

  85. we’re just staying at home

  86. We plan on camping in the Mt Hood National Forest this summer.

  87. Virginia Beach!

  88. we’d love a trip to europe but Disneyland is more likely 🙂

  89. Anastasia says

    I’ve always dreamed of going to England 🙂 It’ll have to be imagined, but maybe someday it’ll be real!!

  90. Mackinac Island. Always.

  91. this summer we will not be taking a summer vacation we will be moving to Va from Mi so that will be our vacation!

  92. Gail Panacci says

    we hope to visit a few cottages at some of the GA State Parks!

  93. definitely imagined but i’ll be in italy soon!


  95. Seyma Shabbir says

    Maldivez Islands, Imagined 🙂

  96. heather abbe says

    I guess ours is imagined, as we’ll be having beauty pagents in the backyard, lol.

    heatherwhitford at ymail dot com

    heather abbe

  97. Heather Augenstein says

    Memphis Zoo so daughter can see real Pandas!

  98. Amanda R. says

    We are going to Ohio to visit family.

  99. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    Siesta Key, FL

  100. Leslie Galloway says

    Ruidoso, New Mexico… to see the grandparents!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  101. Kristina Best says

    Imagined. I would love to go up to the mountains.

  102. Les Johnson says

    We are going to Houston, TX this summer and plan to catch an Astros game.

  103. We don’t do long vacations but I’m sure we’ll do a couple day trips to the zoo!

  104. liberty boblett says

    New Orleans in July, Orlando in September!

  105. We’re doing a staycation this year because we’re saving for Disney World for next summer!


  106. I would a house right on the beach on LBI

  107. Total staycation! My goal is to find one free thing to do a week. Oh, and I’m requiring the free thing to be within 20 miles so I’m not spending too much on gas. Fun!

  108. We’ll be heading to Myrtle Beach, SC, for a wedding.

  109. Staying home for the summer….the NW is the best in the summer! However in Sept we hope to take a trip to MO to visit family.

  110. Jersey shore

  111. Melissa Belle says

    Idaho theme park

  112. Jessica Cox says

    My dream vacation would be to Hawaii.

  113. We are going to St. Simons Island, GA.

  114. california!

  115. I live in San Diego so we’re staying here & going to the beach 🙂

  116. We just got back from our honeymoon in Savannah, GA!

  117. Maggie M. says

    We are going to the beach next week! Can’t wait!

  118. My real vacation is going to Montana.

  119. Claire D says

    I would love to go to Ireland for a week or so!

  120. Ellen Levickis says

    a resort in the wis northwoods

  121. My health issues won’t let us go on a vacation this year but I would love to go to the Ehlers Danlos conference in Cincinatti if I could.

  122. I would love to go to vegas

  123. Staying home and saving for the cruies in November–but we’ll drive down to Galveston for a weekend too!

  124. My imaginary trip would be to bermuda!

  125. Real: Nada
    Imaginary: Ireland;)

  126. I would love to go to Maine this summer.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  127. Naomi S. says

    We are going to Utah to visit The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon.

  128. a nice warm sunny beach

  129. Wendy S Pesce says

    Myrtle beach

  130. I’d love to go on a cruise again, but we won’t be this summer, so it’s definitely imagined.

  131. Carolina Beach!!!!!!!!!!!! September baby!!!!!!

  132. Sue Hull says

    My imaginary one is in Tennessee and Paris. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. I would really love to go to Texas to visit my sister

  134. My imagined vacation would be to Hawaii!

  135. VEGAS!

  136. We are heading to Disney

  137. We are heading out to West Texas camping!

  138. We have several smaller trips planned for this summer, as we have a really big one planned for the end of the year. However, we are looking forward to our “weekend vacations” this summer. Canoeing at a nearby state park, visiting the dunes, fountains runs on a nearby campus, etc.

  139. Going to see family in Louisiana

  140. susan hartman says

    My imagined one is cruising in the Caribbean

  141. We plan on going to Great America in California — only 10 minutes from our house for a staycation!

  142. Ital!!!

  143. Italy – I mean of course!

  144. The Keys!

  145. Ronnie B. says

    My dream vacation would be Barcelona. 🙂

  146. Carla Garcia says

    no vacation here, so my imagined vacation would be to italy. I’ve been to several European countries, but never Italy!

  147. My summer vacation is in Vermont. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. I need an island getaway!

  149. Renee Richardson says

    We are going to my hometown in Connecticut. Haven’t been home in nearly 5 years. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  150. I would love to go to Italy! But no vacation plans for me!

  151. Trena Cortez says

    We will probably head to Tennessee for a little vacation this Summer 🙂

  152. Sherry Compton says

    My real vacation this year is swimming in our pool. It’ll be great if my son and grandkids get to come up.

  153. Jennifer says

    To the beach

  154. Staycation – lots of local camping this summer

    dull2000 at cox dot net

  155. sara pulliam says

    Our vacation consists of camping at the lake on the weekends!!

  156. tracy webb says

    Ireland in my mind, camping with grandkids

  157. Heading to Illinois to visit family. There may be a weekend of camping later his summer….

  158. Alexandra Roach says

    Hawaii pleasseee

  159. My dream vacation would be Hawaii!

  160. Itasca State Park, Park Rapids MN 🙂

  161. Jessica H. says

    I would love to go on an all expense-paid trip somewhere where it’s not too hot. Maybe up to Seattle or at the Oregon coast (I live in Southern Oregon).

  162. My imaginary would be TN and visit family.

  163. A local river and a riverside campground for an anniversary getaway 🙂

  164. Jeremy S says

    We would like to go to the coast of NC this summer.
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com

  165. amanda whitley says

    san antonio texas

  166. Janice Brewer says

    Would love to go to a lake. Fishing, boating, swimming and the kid running around outside

  167. serena ames says

    the beach, everyother weekend

  168. Natalia Gonzalez says

    My dream vacation Italy!

  169. Joanna Nilson says

    We are going to Cumberland Ky. Not the beach, but we will still have fun!

  170. Christle W says

    Yellowstone National Park

  171. Imagined: Disneyworld 🙂

  172. My only vacation is to Imagination-Land 🙂

  173. We will be going to our local water park.

  174. Jen Whitten says

    A water park/amusement park and across country road trip to see family!

  175. We just got back from Disney World!

  176. We would love to go on a Disney cruise / Disneyworld combined vacation but it’s just not going to happen this year for us. Maybe next year!

  177. Seattle later this summer

  178. Carla Pullum says

    The beach! San Diego!

  179. Michele Henneman says

    This year we are staying home. We will spend time at the zoo and maybe a beach that is close.

  180. camping we luv to camping

  181. I would love to go to bermuda….

  182. new hampshire

  183. Rachael Giallongo says

    Disney (imagined, of course)

  184. colleen t says

    Ireland, which is imagined.

  185. Disney World!

  186. We went to Chicago.

  187. Natalie F says

    We are camping on the North Shore of Duluth. It’s gorgeous!

  188. Charlene S says

    We are going to Santa Cruz.

  189. Alicia H. says

    Destin for a week!

  190. I’m imagining going to Seattle…

  191. I wish we could go to Disneyworld!

  192. Heather McDonough says

    We’re headed to Myrtle Beach at the end of the summer!

  193. Trixie Dotson says

    I can’t go anywhere this summer, but I’ll just imagine that I’m at Yellowstone admiring the view from a mountaintop. LOL.

    retic14 at gmAIL DOT COM

  194. I would love to visit Alaska.

  195. Leah Shumack says

    this is the first year that I am not heading down to the beach so that would be my choice!

  196. my children love imagining disney land holiday….

  197. We’re going to Lakeville, Indiana to camp at the state park.

  198. amy marantino says

    australia and tasmania

  199. we’re having a staycation at home. but my imagined vacation is Ocean City, MD. Ah, beach!

  200. Indonesia, visiting my hometown 🙂

  201. Ashley Lyle says

    Disney world with the kiddo’s

  202. sharon gullikson says

    Camping at Big Sur. LOVE it.

  203. only day trips to beach this year but planning our Disney trip for next year. thanks

  204. Christine says

    Greece & Peru (in my imagination anyway!)

  205. Alexia Miller says

    Wildwood, NJ

  206. terri moore says

    Wisconsin to see my parents, Minnesota to see our daughter and her husband in their new apartment. Imaginary would be southern Italy – ah to paint and eat pasta.

  207. mrsshukra says


  208. definitely the beach

  209. Brittany Poole says

    Heading to Gatlinburg, TN!

  210. MajaAlic Alc says

    My summer vacation is to Indy to enjoy some shopping.

  211. JULIE TARDI says

    don’t know yet but any place that I don’t have to go to work, cook, or clean lol

  212. julie cutshaw says

    My real one that happened last month as promised was taking my grandson to the beach and his other granny came too, we stayed for a week we loved it & wished it did not have to end. That may I say is a beautiful breathing view in your photo, it would surely do the trick to relax & rejuvinate you. Thanks great giveaway, my grandson breaks my bank wanting me to treat him to toys, he woud love this one..have a great weekend

  213. Michelle H. says

    I would love to go to New York and see some broadway shows.

  214. Imagined being able to see my mom in another state with my daughter & granddaughter so she could meet her granddaughter for the first time. Due to her health issues she can no longer travel long distances by any means. Thanks for giving your readers this opportunity!

  215. Florida keys for the lobster

  216. We went to the Outer Banks…it was awesome!

  217. My summer getaway is to New York in a couple weeks for Blogher’12.

  218. we are going to Gatlinburg

  219. Real, we are spending 3 days at my aunt’s cabin in WI!

  220. Julie O'Brien says

    In my dreams I would go on a cruise with my husband and kids.

  221. the poconos!

  222. Christina Burrell says


  223. My imagined dream would be going to Tokyo, Japan

  224. stephanie gregory says

    We are taking the kids on a weekend trip to San Antonio next weekend!

  225. Dawn Sollitto says

    We are going to Lancaster, PA

  226. No paid time off to use so no vacation this year. We hope to be able to at least go camping over a weekend.

  227. Serena Powell says

    I would love to go to anywhere in Europe.

  228. Northern Wisconsin.

  229. Ellen C. says

    I’d like to go to Australia. Thanks for the chance.

  230. kathy pease says

    imagined hawaii would be my plans really though 🙁

  231. hawaii!

  232. brittney says

    pigeon forge, tn (real)
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  233. My dream vacation is Hawaii

  234. We’re doing a stay-cation but if we could afford it we’d like to go to Orlando

  235. Nicole Larsen says

    My dream (imaginary) vaca is Egypt!

  236. Jessica Norris says

    We’re going to Disney World in September! 🙂

  237. Jessica A. says

    We went to Texas to see family this past weekend. We had a wonderful time.

  238. Disney! Any Disney.

  239. We are headed to Branson next week. 😀

  240. beth marhefka says

    anywhere with a nice beach

  241. Alas, no vacation this year.

  242. Amy miller says

    We went to Cancun, Mexico and it was fun!

  243. Anywhere in Europe.

  244. Kathy Davis says

    South Carolina to visit our son.

  245. Aimee Sanborn says

    Would love to vacation to jamaica !

  246. The only vacation we might get this year is maybe a couple of days in Amish country in Ohio

  247. Elaine Lund says

    My imagined vacation is the Bahamas with my husband and daughters

  248. We are going to Saratoga!

  249. Virginia Rowell says

    I imagine myself going to the Keys!

  250. The beach is our summer destination.

  251. Keisa Rogers says

    Due to me possibly having back surgery we will be staying home this yr. 🙁

  252. Tina Bartunek says

    Any beach is great!

  253. laurie brown says

    was hoping to go to Memphis but we wont be able to this summer

  254. Jess McCarthy says

    Maine, a cottage on the lake!

  255. Jessica Snow says

    I love Myrtle Beach, SC.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! =)

  256. My vaca destination: my backyard…it’s a staycation for us this year.

  257. Kathleen Greenwell says

    Road trip to Canada. Yahoo.

  258. My real summer vacation is home. My imagined summer vacation is a cabin in the woods with a beautiful mountain overlook and screened porch with a hot tub, bbq pit, and lounging seats. Oh…and beautiful 75 degree weather.

  259. we went to gatlinburg but i want to go to the beach

  260. I would love to visit Fiji! 🙂

  261. Brooke R. says

    San Diego!

  262. Tara Liebing says

    My son really wants to go to Las Vegas to meet his fathers side of the family

  263. moonsword says

    Destination Curacao! Cheers!

  264. Natosha Zachary says

    My back yard sitting with my hubby watching our 2 year old play in the sprinkler. Add some sweet iced tea and watermelon and that’s my idea of relaxation.

  265. Jennifer Nixon says

    Imagined: Ireland

  266. My dream destination is Chattanooga, TN. I’m just hoping to make it to my sister’s wedding as smoothly as possible.

  267. I AM hoping to go to a tropical island somewhere!!!!! maybe bahamas?

  268. Alecia H. says

    The Meramec river

  269. Jl Johnson says

    Newport Beach Oregon
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  270. I wish we could take the family to beautiful Hawaii.

  271. We are going to Disney World

  272. Solducky says

    The Indiana Dunes hopefully!

  273. Myrtle Beach

  274. I wish I was going to london for the olympics on my vacation

  275. Carolsue says

    My imagined summer getaway is a cruise to Alaska!

  276. Angela Qcrazy says

    Well I wish HI… but in reality it was a 1 week staycation.

  277. Heather Garcia says

    Mexico to see the family

  278. our vacation destination is a farm in iowa

  279. christine jessamine says

    my vacation is going to colorado this year!

  280. Disney World

  281. Mary Williams says

    My imagined vacation spot is Hawaii but my real vacation spot is my backyard 🙂

  282. Great vacation is vegas

  283. Teresa Moore says

    My vacation is imagined this year…hoping for a real one next summer!

  284. I’m staying “home, sweet home’ this summer! Maybe next year!

  285. tls simms says

    I wish we could go to France…but I will take Virginia from Texas..thanks,

  286. kyl neusch says

    go to japan

  287. Alicia Zirjacks says

    I am dreaaming of Hawaii

  288. I’m dreaming of going to Italy

  289. I’m dreaming of a Cruise to the Carribean

  290. i love taking a drive to NH with the family.

  291. Giveaway Gal says

    Going to Europe ( Imaginary)

  292. Imagined Australia, reality OH Amish Country

  293. Went to Italy for work and stayed a couple extra days for fun.

  294. This is awesome…thank you!

  295. I want to go to the country.

  296. Jenny Sims says

    We had a fun weekend with family at a lake in Wisconsin!

  297. Christine says

    We are going to Connecticut.
    Thanks for the chance!

  298. Dawn Reid says

    Going to San Diego

  299. Wisconsin. Thankyou, Pam

  300. We have already taken a couple of mini vacations, but I still want to take the girls to Saugatuck and Illinois Beach.

  301. Kim Reid says

    Someday I would love to go to Hawaii – Thanks!

  302. Tonya Froemel says

    Staying home and relaxing with my kids would be a great vacation destination.

  303. My imagined vacation is Scotland and England

  304. The beaches of California.

  305. London

  306. Kathy Davis says

    FB fan as Kathy Newsom Davis

  307. Paul T/Pauline T says

    we are heading to rockland, maine next month – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  308. Russell Moore says

    We rent a cabin in the Ozarks. No traffic, no cell phone, but it does have a huge hot tub… bliss.

  309. Corey Olomon says

    Victoria, BC

  310. Miz Vickik says


  311. Jen Harriman says

    There is a town in my state, Greenville, it is my favorite place in the world. I usually go once a month for the day anyway, I havent gone at all this year. I need to go!

  312. Idaho to visit my daughter.

  313. Our real trip is to the Boundary Waters of Northern MN

  314. I have been dreaming of Hawaii!

  315. Angela Neynaber says

    I would love to go back to Maui.

  316. Charity L. says

    This summer we went to the Bahamas.

  317. Having recently given birth to #5, there are no plans for a real vacation this year, but every night I go to some secluded island, alone 🙂

  318. brenda Elsner says

    We would love to go to disney world

  319. Tiffany Thomas says

    Imagined Vacation: South Dakota. I know it is a little crazy but my best friend moved there in February and I really miss her.

  320. London for the Olympics!

  321. Marty Harris says

    Fishing at the lake

  322. amy deeter says

    friday we leave for myrtle beach

  323. Pauline M says

    We wanted to visit Disneyland but reality has just been a staycation 🙁

  324. Mary Cloud says

    Houston TX

  325. Lindsay B says

    Staycationed this year. Just hung out as a family. Maybe finances will allow for a fall vacation ( we homeschool). Thank you for the giveaway!!

  326. Brittney House says

    Wisconsin dells

  327. I would love to imagine that I am taking a second honeymoon to my wedding destination- Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

  328. Colorado to have fun with family and friends.

  329. Carolyn Daley says

    Key West

  330. Sarah Yurga says

    my real vacation destination is Lake Erie…relaxing.

  331. the beach, any beach!

  332. Lisa Fonseca says

    I would love to go to San Antonio, TX to visit Fiesta Texas.

  333. mary gardner says

    the beach!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  334. Imagined only, but would like to visit Williamsburg again

  335. Nicole C. says

    My imagined one was to London.

  336. Stephanie says

    My imagined destination would be somewhere deep in the mountains!

  337. Montana, Our family loves the Mountains and cold. Thats were we travel every summer 🙂

  338. Sunny Florida

  339. micheal dale grim says

    we decided to just stay home this year because of our fianances!!!

  340. Stephanie Adkins says

    I want to visit Miami.

  341. susan smoaks says

    we are going to st george island

  342. We plan on going to Orlando for the end of August.

  343. MIne was the CMA festival in Nashville in June.

  344. Erica C. says

    We already had our vacation and went to our local beach.

  345. Going to Florida to spent time with family. I can’t wait!

  346. heather c says

    Tybee Island. Real.

  347. Terri Menke says

    I have no real vacation plans but if I did it would be going to Germany!

  348. Teresa Thompson says

    Fripp Island SC

  349. Ann Council says

    We are going to the beautiful outer banks of North Carolina.

  350. Dream vacation: New Zealand

  351. Japan (imagined)

  352. Shelley P says

    My vacation destination this summer (imagined) is Africa.

  353. I’d love to go to the Grand Canyon

  354. Denise S says

    I went to Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO.

  355. javaid iftikhar says

    wanna go to texas

  356. Richard Hicks says

    we went to myrtle beach SC

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  357. Sue Skifter says

    Headed to Tennessee soon to meet up with family. Would love a Mattel G.C. to pick up a few fun things to bring on the trip!

  358. Chel Pay says

    My ideal vacation would be Hawaii or a cruise but my real vacation will be changing diapers and putting in a lawn!!

  359. Leslie Luke Stanziani says

    My imagined place is Ireland but my real place is my own back yard.

  360. michelle colon says

    real it has been cocoa beach! imagined i would love to go to the keys!

  361. paige jagan says

    hawaii! though it’s not happening

  362. A few road trips.

  363. jessica schueler says

    Pittsburgh Carniege science center, I want to take my son there


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