The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall Movie Night & Giveaway


This past Saturday night I hosted a movie party.  Not just any movie party, a Phantom of the Opera party!  It was so much fun to set the “stage” for my guests.  I immediately knew mirrors and candlelight would be a must.

Our movie night was not exactly a movie as The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall is a videotaping of a special performance.  There was a mix of familiarity with the story amongst my guests.  Within the six of us, some have most of the soundtrack memorized while others (like myself) had seen the play at some point, but many years earlier.

After sampling some iced coffee and snacking on appetizers we were ready for the show to begin.

Can you spot the die hard Phantom of the Opera fan?

Its hard to say if it was the ambiance of the evening or the performance itself, but we were completely mesmerized.

To have seen the musical live would have been an experience of a lifetime, but I don’t know that we would have been able to enjoy the story as well as we did.  The Royal Albert Hall is magnificent and stately, but we would not have been able to see the actors faces had we actually been there.  It was wonderful to watch the performance from the comfort of my family room and be able to see the details.  The costumes were amazing and the masquerade scene was spellbinding.

We had a selection of masks to help us inspire the mood!

We even had our own personal mini chandelier!

I have to admit as the story started I had no idea what exactly I was in for.  Yes, I had seen The Phantom of the Opera before, but nothing like this.  It was truly amazing.  My guests and myself were transfixed by the acting and singing.  And even though the movie is almost three hours long we even watched the extras.  We were left wanting to know more about the actors themselves.  The lead who plays Christine (Sierra Boggess) was phenomenal.  I haven’t seen acting on a stage that good in ages.  We had the hardest time pinpointing the Phantom’s nationality.  We were split between him being British, Irish, or Indian.  It turns out he’s Iranian/Canadian.  (There was no way we were going to figure that out!).

It was not until the movie was over that I began to understand just how pulled into the story I truly was.  Yep, I went to sleep that night with the Phantom in my head, but it lasted into the next day as well.  I kept thinking about the story, performance, and actors.   And then there is the matter of the music.  I could NOT get it out of my head for days.  So much so that my seven year old son who has never seen the show was singing the music around the house.  How did he learn the lyrics?  From me!  My poor family had to listen to me sing it all day!

It is clear from watching The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall that this 25th anniversary celebratory performance was created with the utmost degree of perfectionism and excellence.  What a great way to spend a cold winter evening!

I feel like I could go on and on about this performance.  And a few days later I learned that I was not the only one mesmerized.  It turns out that several of my guests had the exact same experience as I did.  I highly recommend seeing this performance on blu ray or DVD, but be forewarned that you will become completely immersed in the Phantom’s world.  But it’s fun to step out of reality for a little bit, no?

Check out this short video for a little glimpse of the production.

To learn more about this Andrew Lloyd Webber production connect online or via Facebook and Twitter.

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall is available TODAY, February 7th!

Purchase the Blu-ray verision for $19.99 or the DVD verision for $16.99.

I have an extra blu ray version of the performance to share with one of YOU! I’m so excited!

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  1. How fun~! What a great idea. Love the mask. I like how you set the scene with the candles and all.

  2. Oh, you guys should have invited!
    I LOVE The Phantom of the Opera!
    I’ve read the book and seen the movie, but, unluckily, I yet have to see the musical!
    Ah, I’m really jealous…
    The irony of this is that I was reading one of your posts until I came across this giveaway link WHILE I was listening to Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman sing the Finale…
    THANK YOU! So ever much for the chance to win!

  3. By the way, I love your mini Chandelier! I should really get one.
    And I must say, this has been the easiest giveaway to enter, ever! I already followed you and the POTO. (:

  4. I love the Phantom of the Opera! What a great giveaway!

  5. April bever says

    I LoVe the Phantom of the Opera!! would love to win..


  6. Lori Carlisle says

    I have never seen it live but i had to watch it in like 7th grade and i havent got to see it since i would love to own it. It is an amazing play

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