The Silk Road Review- A Homeschooling Must Have


From Roman times until the Age of Exploration, the Silk Road carried goods and ideas between two major centers of civilization, the Mediterranean Sea and China. In Nomad Press’s newest title, The Silk Road: Discover the World’s Most Famous Trade Route, readers ages 9-12 will have the chance to discover this amazing trade route, and the crafts, technology, and traditions that it spread across the world. They’ll learn about the merchants, explorers, conquerors, pilgrims and diplomats who traveled along the Silk Road in search of wealth and power, the challenges they faced along the way, and the prizes they received for their efforts. Most importantly, they’ll also see how ideas in math, science, religion, and art made their way along the Silk Road, and were transformed in the process.

The Silk Road: Discover the World’s Most Famous Trade Route is filled with creative, hands-on activities designed to reinforce core concepts. The Silk Road is written in a friendly, accessible, and appealing way, and punctuated with fun facts, “words to know,” and creative illustrations.

The Silk Road: Discover the World’s Most Famous Trade Route, is a perfect way to introduce young readers to the geography, history, and culture of the Silk Road. It transports them to little-known parts of Europe and Asia, and encourages them to make connections between the different parts of the region.

My family enjoyed exploring our copy of The Silk Road.  The book is geared for high school students, but my six year old was still able to enjoy and learn from this Build it Yourself Series book.  The book is FULL of information.  I have no doubt that the book is a through breakdown of the Silk Road.  There are side boxes full of information scattered throughout the book.  Fascinating Fact, Words to Know, and of course hands on activities make this book a great choice for anyone that is homeschooling.  My boys attempted a hands on learning assignment from the book.  Here they are below learning about science (water freezing points) with my husband.

This book provided a great stepping stone into learning.  My boys had fun with their father while performing an experiment.  The Silk Road provides the right about of classic structural information along with hands on activities.  I am looking forward to using this book more in the years to come.   It is definitely a book they can grow into.

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I was provided the book The Silk Road to review, however my opinions are my own.

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