The Smart Bunch Animated Educational Digital Book Review


Children are by nature curious about the world around them.   I should know, I have three little fellas who are constantly riddling me with a wide selection of questions.  The simple things that grown-ups understand and probably don’t even think about are new and exciting to little children.   My two year old is constantly asking me, “What was that noise?”.  His world is a series of sounds that need to be deciphered.

Soon I will be carting my children off to school again, but my husband and I believe that learning at home is vital.  We like to have a multitude of ways that they can learn about the world around them from the comfort of our own home. And for all those parents that homeschool their children, finding new quality educational material is a must.

I recently had the opportunity to view an episode of The Smart Bunch, an animated educational digital book.  Short child-friendly media is a great way to teach without lecturing.  Sometimes if parents rattle on for too long, little children will have a tendency to zone out.  Unfortunately, I have first hand knowledge:)  The Smart Bunch makes science, math, and vocabulary entertaining.

The first episode is centered on electricity- a basic and important necessity that typical adults probably don’t spend too much time thinking about.   The Smart family triggered by a thunderstorm investigates a variety of ways electricity is created.    A simple thunderstorm can spark a series of questions from children, therefore the story that develops in The Smart Bunch is easy to imagine.

The storyline is simple and the information provided is not in-depth.  The recommended grades for The Smart Bunch is K-5th, however I believe it is best suited to the younger portion of that range.  It was a perfect fit for my five year old, providing just enough information without losing him in the process.  And while my 8 year old also enjoyed the story, the information was a bit too general for his knowledge base.  However it did provide an excellent springboard into a much more in-depth conversation.

Check out the short clip below for a preview.

Whether you’re looking for quality animation to keep your children entertained, or searching for purposeful teaching tools, The Smart Bunch is a great source for teaching children about the world around them.

Purchase the newest Smart Bunch episode- Electricity Adventure for $4.99.

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